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  1. Fun n Games

    Cheers Progressing steadily another kg down, and strength and flexibility returning, benched 120kg for 1 today, deads at 140 for 2. Hadn't been able to set probably with back squats - so had been doing fronts and leg press etc. Grabbed my inov8s and looked at the heel height, so tried 5kg plates under my heels with trainers last week - and good to go on the back squats, started with just the bar and went up 10kg each time. Finished with 100kg for 1. So happy with progress
  2. Fun n Games

    I'm Back, had nearly 3 years off - life, work, operations...... and now a lot of excess to undo. can't train in the evening anymore, so used the daylight savings change to break back into going to the gym. So about 6/7weeks in now and 4+ kgs down...... Started with full body every secound day, now legs, push, pull, day off ... happy with progress But got a long road to go to get back to where i was
  3. Fun n Games

    legs n deads this morning row stretch air squats 20 front squats bar 15, 30 - 12, 40 - 10, 50 - 8, 60 - 6 back squats 60 - 10, 80 - 4x2, 100 - 2x2 stiffs bar - 20 deads 70 - 10, 110 - 6, 150 - 2 walk
  4. Fun n Games

    legs came right sunday/monday trained again this morning row incline press flat bench press peck deck pull over machine bent over bb rows front pull downs tri push downs s/s alt db curls db side laterals s/s db press walk
  5. Fun n Games

    Back to it Wed 21st row stretch air squats. front squats, rear squats deadlifts incline press, flat bench press front pull downs tri push downs alt db curls db flys, db press walk reality check - gained a notch on weight belt over christmas/ new years and 3.5 kgs since beginning of december. But back to it, going to do a few days of total body over the next week, then split to legs/shoulders, push, pull days for a few weeks to break back into it. nice doms on legs today, rest of body feels like i did the right amount of work.
  6. The selfie topic.

    I would call it typical bodybuilding - maybe old school typical. Have a read of my journal. I wouldn't say I'm in the powerlifting league, but do like the challenge of Pb goals will be back to it next week - looking forward to the doms
  7. The selfie topic.

    selfie's, are something I don't think Ill ever be good at. But the other two shots definitely show progress, with the fat shot april, so 3 months in. the bad selfie dec 20, and in the sand hills last week. prob looked my best early december at 98kg, now up a few with holidays and being slack
  8. What's the goal for 2015?

    last year was a fantastic transformation for me, if I achieve 25% or more of last year this year I will be more than happy
  9. Fun n Games

    been enjoying life trained saturday Row stretch air squats, front squats, rear squats deadlifts incline press front pull downs tri push downs ezy bar curls standing arnie db press abbs walk
  10. Fun n Games

    finished the work back log yesterday, haven't been to the gym since the 17th. Did have a half hour row on christmas day... Went in for a full body deload/reload row - 2000mtrs stretch deadlifts bar-20, 70-10, 110-6, 150 - 2x2 had to add straps bit sweaty on grip first time deadlifting in lifting shoes, liked the flat platform, didn't really notice a difference with the raised heels front squats bar-20, 30-12, 40-10, 50-8,60-6 barbell rows bar-20, 40-12 wide grip pull downs 120-12, 180-10 flat bench bb press bar-20, 30-15, 40-10, 60-10, 80-4x2, 105-2x2 t bar push downs 100lb-15,150lb-10, 180-10 ezybar curls 40lb-15, 50-12, 60-12 seated arnie db press 25lb db - 20 leg raises 10x4 walk dog probably go back tues or wed and do a leg based day
  11. Fun n Games

    Wednesday Chest - shoulders row flat Bb bench, bar -20, 29kg - 15 42.6 - 10, 60.8 - 8, 83.4 - 6, 101.6 - 2x2 hit stops on way up, so reset my position, 124.2 - 1x2, 101.6 - 4, 60.8 - 14 pretty happy with the two singles at 124.2 - pb is a single at 125 incline press machine, 11.3kg a side - 12, 22.6 - 10, 33.9 - 8, 45.2 - 3+2 cable crossovers 85lb - 12x5 pecdeck 90lb - 10x4 db pullovers 45lb = 12x4 Token shoulders - db side flys 20lb - 10, 25 - 10, 30 - 8, 35 - 6 Abbs Walk
  12. Fun n Games

    Monday Back Row Stretch Deadlifts - warm up set bar - 20, 70kg - 10 110kg - 6, 150 - 4, 180 - 2 with belt n straps 190 - 1, 200 - 0, 150 - 4 wide grip lat pull downs 120lb - 12, 150 - 10, 180 - 8, 210 - 6, 240 - 4 Bo BB rows 40kg - 12, 60 - 10, 80 - 7, 100 - 4, 60 - 10 narrow grip high pulls 120lb - 12, 150 - 10, 180 - 8, 210 - 6, 240 - 4 Oarsum pump Abbs Walk
  13. Wrist wraps?

    certainly makes it easy
  14. Wrist wraps?

    was having the same sort of issues - brought some when I got the knee sleeves very impressed at how well they work, got schiek black line 12'' with the thumb loop they seemed to be in the upper middle of what was available at fitshop, but priced well
  15. RPE ? What is it ? perhaps i'm getting to old for all this mumbo Google to the rescue How hard was that? Probably the single most important auto-regulatory tool you can use is RPE. RPE stands for “Rate of Perceived Exertion” (a term that comes from endurance research). It basically just means, “How hard did it feel?” In most cases, you probably use a primitive version of this already. If you note a set as having felt particularly hard or easy, that is in essence RPE. But we can refine it a bit more and it becomes much more useful. Consider the following chart: RPE Description 10 Maximum effort. No reps left in the tank. 9 Could have done one more rep. 8 Could have done two or three more reps 7 More than 3 reps left. Bar speed was fast if maximum effort was applied. 6 Bar speed was fast with only moderate effort *RPE’s below 6 aren’t important for strength training purposes. **We use a 1-10 scale (clearly focusing on 6+) because there was a precedent for it and a 1-10 scale is intuitively understood. So now when you finish a set of squats, you say to yourself, “Yeah, that was hard but I could have done 1 more rep.” Great. You would annotate that as “@9” (meaning a 9 RPE). This is very easy to compare to other work that you’ve done in the past. If I write, “That felt heavy,” two weeks later I will have forgotten what exactly that means. And if I repeat the same or similar work, it will be very difficult to see if I improved or not. On the other hand, if I say that set was “@9”, then that communicates a more precise level of effort. And if next week’s work is “@8”, then I know without a doubt I’m progressing.