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  1. Sounds good, that's pretty much what I do. Squat, chin, bench, deadlift, for sets of 3-5x1-10 depending on the day and the week. I treat everything else as an accessory, so far it's going well, I've been doing this for most of this year and my deadlift and bench have both increased 20kg in the past 6 months.
  2. The problem with auto-regulation

    Any good program for advanced lifters will have some form of auto-reg. I believe it originated in olympic lifting programming though, in those cray high frequency programs.
  3. The problem with auto-regulation

    Yeah I think he kind of misses the point of auto regulation a little bit. It doesn't mean "just go in and train how you feel is best". You should have a specific plan, where some variable like volume or load is auto regulated, within a specified range. For example using the RPE scale you may work your way up to a set of 5 at 140kg at a 9RPE on squat, and then reduce the weight 7% (known as using 7% fatigue) and keep doing sets of 5 until you reach a 9RPE again. What this means is that in reality you might get 5 sets on a great day and 3 sets on a terible day, not 5 sets on a great day and go home for a beer on a terrible day.
  4. Squat pain

    Sounds like tight hip flexors, pretty common problem if you spend a lot of time sitting down (office job etc). Foam roll and stretch EDIT: google "hip flexor stretch" or "tight hip flexors"
  5. Skin fold testing

    Once you get down below 15% or so it's probably more accurate to just look in the mirror. I had a skinfold done that had me at 6.1% when I looked like I was closer to 9 or 10. Realised afterwards that the actual bf% is pretty irrelevant anyway, it all comes down to how you look/perform.
  6. Drunk gym

    This seems like a pretty bad idea to be honest, I can't imagine you'd be at your peak mentally or physically after drinking. If you enjoy it and you're not going to hurt yourself or anyone else, go for it.
  7. Seconding the Candito opinion, post up a video link here first though and we'll see how we can help.
  8. Overheard in the gym.

    Some people spout some hilarious shit. I had a conversation with a guy who was confused about why I could incline bench as much as I can flat bench, telling him I always hit incline first. "But I thought whatever you hit last would grow more since there's less time between training and your post workout shake?" I cracked up, then realised he wasn't kidding.
  9. wont really make a difference. most of the energy in alcoholic drinks comes from the alcohol. dunno why people talk about carbs in beer. has f*ck all http://www.lionco.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/NZ-Beer-Nutritional-Inf... http://www.db.co.nz/Our-Products/Nutritional-Information The general rule of thumb is that about a third of the calories in beer come from carbs, so you could cut a few hundred calories out of a big night by dinking spirits instead. Either way, it isn't something to worry about, just eat less carbs during the day if you plan to eat more carbs later at nights.
  10. EPIC GYM TRACK!!!!

    This may just be the best first post ever.
  11. Dirty Bulk

    Depends on your definition of a dirty bulk. If you mean eating some junk food etc while still hitting your macros, go for it. If you mean eating as much food as you can and gaining as much weight as you can, I really don't see how this can be beneficial to any natural bodybuilder/athlete. You'll get strong really fast, and put on a good amount of muscle, but then lose a significant percentage of that strength and lean mass during the extended or aggressive cut which will be required.
  12. Overheard in the gym.

    I made a thread with the exact same name since I didn't see this one, woops. Thought I'd put my overheard in the gym comment in anyway. Personal Trainer: "Your balls produce all of your testosterone, so it's all in that area. It's quite happy to just sit there and not go anywhere but if you train legs really hard then the blood will flow more in that area and spread it to the rest of your body." I've actually overheard the same guy advising against doing full range of motion or counting reps. "It's all about the burn bro".
  13. Low carb high fat diet?

    I think you mean ketogenic not anabolic
  14. The problem with this is that the general public believes whatever turns up in their "research", which is generally some article which horribly misinterprets a scientific study and as such gets enough page views to make it to the top of their google search.
  15. Pre workout - Whats good these days?

    I do I usually mix it into some food like yoghurt or just take it straight to the head.