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  1. Me latest pics

    Looking good bro! Compete! Compete! :nod:
  2. Body builder banned from gym

    "Mr Onekawa said he had been asked by Mr Bradford about a month ago to keep a shirt on while training, and not to pose in front of mirrors..." Give me a break!
  3. Home from work very earlier today...

    LOL, wardrobe malfunction :pfft: Good on ya for building the beef.
  4. Blah...

    Exactly!! :pfft: Hey, what are you saying?? Of course it's real!! :shock: Speaking of wrestling, John Cena came back from injury, won the Royal Rumble and looked damned fine doin' it. He's my future ex-husband.
  5. FLEX .

    Oh hell yeah...
  6. So who here is from Christchurch?

    Me too, though I'm a JAFA at heart.
  7. managing your blood pressure

    Yeah, that's what 2guns meant. Don't men keep their brains in their pants?? :pfft:
  8. Heath Ledger Dead.

    What a shame
  9. Strip Clubs!!

    You mean "same person, different day, ANY day, anyway you like it" Ooooo yeah! If you're bored maybe you need a few pointers from the kama sutra... :pfft:
  10. Greetings!!

    Welcome Laura and a Merry Christmas to you too
  11. THIS OR THAT???

    Deaf Rich or famous?
  12. Nice thighs. But you don't need my opinion, I'm not an expert, I just like looking at pics of muscly men. :wink:

    I think Sheta was refering to the aesthetic look of the top. I was being filthy, as is my nature.
  14. Personal Trainer Peeves

    Aw, Mike, you're a superhero! :nod:

    Yeah! It's gotta fit all the right places!