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  1. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Nah getting A - B range. Repeated Law and changed second major to psych. Repeating was worth because fucked around last year and was also messed in the head as you know so this year is like a fake first year for me. Was a good year overall as well as academically. Had a friend who repeated as well then went on to win mooting etc and getting A's now. Lived in a good flat with good people and had a fullfilling social life. For papers did intro law and 2 intro psych papers, and philosophy / history. Couldnt do more because was on conditional enrolment for failing 5 Bcom papers (all maths based ones)
  2. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Went boxing around 2 - 3 times a week. Not much but was something atleast and found it enjoyable. Day 2 Machine shoulder press 4 x 12 Seated rows 4 x 12 Curls 4 x 8 Dumbell shrugs 4 x 12 Leg curls 4 x 12 Few sets of situps Might do an hr walk tommorow around the reserve
  3. Haven't posted most of the year because haven't lifted most of the year. Did a fair bit of boxing though. Managed to maintain most of my weight and strength through the year by eating properly and being reasonably healthy. Mature person now so just a no bs log of my training while im back up in Auckland. This week training is just going to be full body work at a medium weight. This is ideal obviously for building back up a base level of strength, mobility etc and avoiding injury. After that just a basic strength program I was given back in 2014, but actually going to do it properly since im over being a little immature shit lol. Week 1 Monday Dumbell flat bench press (4 x 8), 22kg T-bar rows (4 x 12), 35kg of plates Front raises with 10kg plate (4 x 12) Rear delt flies with 5kg dumbell (4 x 12) Tricep pushdowns 4 x 12 Dumbell lunges 4 x 12 Leg extension 4 x 15
  4. Conor McGregor or Floyd Mayweather?

    What do you mean McGreggor can't wrestle, grappl, or kick Mayweather?? Have you not seen the videos of Connor fighting? Thats mainly what he does. Whereas mayweather does boxing, but wouldnt be surprised if he threw in a few low kicks to the head maybe if it goes to the ground.
  5. Conor McGregor or Floyd Mayweather?

    Look, everyone saying Mayweather will win etc obviously has not seen McGreggor fight. Now SUUUUUURRREEE Mayweather is a good "defensive boxer" and all, but thats all he can do. McGreggor can just wrestle him, use grappling, kicks etc..... and it's an easy win for him. Mayweather can only punch, but McGreggor has a much broader range of fighting skills that he can bring into the fight through his MMA career.
  6. Weighlifting Shoes?

    Mine are leather Bro. I squat in flats too and would do so if I wasn't gifted the romaleos ages ago. Nothing wrong with doing so, but between the two the weightlifting shoes are obviously much better in keeping my feet stable and not caving inwards. With heavier weights rubber soles aren't as ideal either. HAve not tried other brands but I'm satisfied with the ones I have. Not sure what op wants them for but any flat sole shoes are fine imo for non squatting lifting but if they insist on weightlifting shoes I'd rate romaleos.
  7. Weighlifting Shoes?

    I have converse that I got recently and would not dare lift in them. Polish them once every 3 days. Will replace with doc martens when I can afford them. Just wear flat sole shoes if you are lifting 12kgs or just in general. Would not ever be seen wearing sneakers in the gym or anywhere. I Have Nike romaleos and would recommend them for squatting.
  8. is iherb still the place to buy stuff from ?

    No but its like 5$ on tigerfitness so buy like 3 bottles seperatley and try. 28-60$ from pharmacy.
  9. Actually going gym etc.

    Overhead Press 40kg for 4 x 6 Pullups (neutral grip) 3 x 5 tricep extensions, rear delt machine etc.
  10. Actually going gym etc.

    Packed my bag this morning with gym gear, because I actually want to go to the gym again on a regular basis. After I finished my lecture at 5pm, I was inclined to just walk back home and "just go tommorow" as I usually tell myself. Then I remembered I was reading Ayn Rands 'Atlas Shrugged' that im reading recently, and remembered the main characters, like Hank Rearden who said that pain was not an excuse for stopping, and Dagny Taggart who just wants to keep working hard to achieve her goals and never stops to be lazy. I decided to take the 15 min walk to unipol, which wasnt even bad. Why did I even keep putting it off? Incline Dumbell Press 24kg x 8, 10, 8 28kg x 5 Machine Rows 35kg (each hand) x 12, 12, 10, 8 Machine Flies 3 x 8 Lat pulldowns 55kg x 8, 8, 6 Tricep pushdowns 3 x 8 EZ bar curls 4 x 6 (heavy but good form) Rear delt flies 15, 10, 3 etc.
  11. Bulk Meat online site?

    I live in a flat of 7 people who all do sports and we eat meat every day. Cost us 35$ each a week. Just get breast for 12$ / kg at pakinsave and cook it nicely if you can even do that much. If you cook half of that its 6$ a day, and <50c for rice or pasta to go with it.
  12. Actually going gym etc.

    Going back to dunedin today leg curls 125lbs for 5 x 8 Goblet squats 28kg 5 x 8 Hyperextension 3 x 15 Leg curls 3 x 15
  13. Actually going gym etc.

    Incline Dumbells 24kg x 10, 8, 8, 5, 3. Pullups 3 x 5 (used hook grip which didnt hurt since only 71kgs atm. It helps.) Superset with rear delt flies 3 x 15 Close grip bench 50kg x 6, 6, 4. (lol). Ez Bar curls 30 x 8, 8, 8, 5. Superset with tricep pushdowns Chest fly machine 67kgs for 3 sets. < 8 reps with slow negatives / stretch.
  14. Actually going gym etc.

    Leg Curls 4-5 sets. Started off at 12 reps eventually got to 5. 125lbs. Leg Extensions 76kgs, 4 x 15 Hyperextensions 3 x 10 with 15kg plate Seated Cable Rows 3 x 8 Close grip pullups 3 x 5 Then did 25kg ez bar curls, many sets. Some seated some standing. Superseted some of them with tricep extensions. Didnt count sets but probably < 8 alltogether.
  15. Actually going gym etc.

    Bit of an update. Signed up for another 6 months of BJJ and Boxing, which is 680$ and worth it. Since I paid that much im more keen to go, and enjoying it heaps as well. Back in auckland for the break, went to the gym for the last 2 days and probably tonight as well depending on when they close. Weighing 71kg's, so I have lost a bit of weight in the last few weeks. Not sure why since I eat properley now, but noticed I look a lot slimmer in general so its probably because im doing more cardio and walking around more. Strength is shit again, since I havent gone as frequently to the gym but I still go atleast. One thing that I find really deceptive about lifting, is that as long as diet is good, you loose strenght a lot faster than size. So it may take months to realise you are getting smaller and have to go lift, but only a few weeks to loose significant strenght. Then when you start going again, you cbf going anymore because I feel too weak. On Saturday did a few squats and leg curls / hypers. Then yesterday dumbell bench, lat pulldowns, curls, and tricep extensions. Will probably go for a short run tonight.