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  1. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Forum must be on a slump if my journal is still on the front page. Hiatus. Finished school working full time. Bench 62.5kg 3 x 5 Lat pull down 65 x 12, 10, 8 45 x 8 dropset Db incline 28kg 2 x 8, 1 x 5 Machine rows 4 x 12 Flies 3 x 12 Rear delts 3 x 12
  2. maccaz 2018 prep log

    You squat using your legs bro.
  3. maccaz 2018 prep log

    I also remember posting a while back that I went for a run early in the morning and would keep doing that because it was 'fun'
  4. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Squats 60 2 x 5 80 x 1 90 x 4 90 x 3 80 x 4 Leg extension 4 x 8 - 10 Leg curl 4 x 8 - 10 Close grip leg press 3 x 8 Last set 15 reps from adrenaline rush Been a bit inconsistent with lifting because too poor to afford enough food to make it worth it, taken some time to adjust to new workload and lots of assignments etc. Spent 120$ yesterday on some high quality groceries to treat myself now that I can afford it, so will have lots of nice food to eat.
  5. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Why do you write such rubbish?
  6. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Its easy as we just load up pallets with boxes of food then drive them to get wrapped and loaded on trucks. Boxes aren't heavy at all.
  7. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Picking / loading pallets with mini forklift.
  8. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Been lifting here and there but don't always write it down, I haven't stopped. Will only write eventful or interesting workouts when I get the time to. Gotten a job now finally as well. Today was a brutal leg day. Squats 60 x 5 80 x 1 85kg 3 x 5 Leg curl 4 x 8 - 12 starting heavy going light. Leg extension "55" 4 x 8 last set drop set started going heavy on these Close grip leg press 2.75 pps 4 x 8 - 12 Legs looking big after pump and even in general seeing quick gains once I started squatting.
  9. Nootropic & Cognitive Enhancer

    I sometimes buy caps from people and rail whatever the f*ck is inside. Gets quite expensive though.
  10. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Deadlifts 110kg 5 sets 3 reps (speed, but not really) Sumo deadlift 100kg 3 x 8 Pullups 4 x 5 Lying down barbel row 50kg 5 x 5 Standing leg curl 3 x 8 few sets ab machine. Havent deadlifted in a while so understandable.
  11. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Brief workout at night. Super super busy this week but will try atleast show up and lift something when I can. Overhead Press 40 x 5 45 x 5 45 x 5 40 x 5 Front Squats 60kg x 3, 3 65kg x 3, 3 Close Grip bench 50kg 4 x 10 Found out yesterday that normal grip is waaaaay better than suicide grip when doing close grip bench, the inverse is true for wide grip and overhead press.
  12. Bulking meals

    Im sure maccaz will find some fault in this post and tell me to shut up and say I dont know what im talking about but heres a good one which is my go to at university bro. 750g mince 2 cans kidney beans 1 can diced tomato 2 packets el paso chilli seasoning or similar (can be burritto seasoning etc dosent matter) 2 diced onion tomato paste (optional) cheap salami / bratworst sticks chopped up (optional) frozen corn (optional) Price for this would be around 15$ depending on what is on special but I like this meal because it is cheap and versatile, you can put it on steamed rice, in some wraps for burittos, buy 1$ corn chips and make nachoes, put it on toast with cheese. Will last you 4 days or more. Buy a plastic box and keep in fridge. You can also put it in wraps with cheese and freeze them (makes a literal fucking mountain of burittoes), so when you are hungry and dont have time pop them in the microwave. I make this usually once a week and am sick of it but its cheap and works.
  13. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Yesterday legs Squats 82.5 for 2 x 5 80 x 5 Leg curl "74" for 4 x 8 Single leg extension "45" for 4 x 8 Close grip leg press 2.5 plates per side 4 x 8
  14. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Breif workout Db incline 28 x 12, 12 30 for 3 x 6 Lat pull down 4 x 8 4 sets preacher curls Been lifting still just haven't written up the workouts.
  15. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Overhead Press 45kg 3 x 5 Front Squats 50kg 3 x 5 CG Bench 50kg 3 x 8 Behind Neck Press 25kg 3 x 8 Lateral Raises / Skullcrusher superset 3 x 12 + 3 more sets raises Tricep pushdown 3 x 8