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  1. Douchbags at the gym!

    lol the point I was bringing up was "has anyone came across douch bags like the two I meet" obviously you seem to not understand that! possible learning learning disorder haha if i came across them at my gym and then saw you benching 40kgs i would almost certainly join them in laughing at you FINALLY! You understand! I wanted to know if people came across others like those two! Well done son, you deserve a treat. @AZIDE. Everyone starts somewhere with learning Just joking Snap fitness is the place to record antics!
  2. Optimal training for Rugby given my circumstances

    Hopefully! You can be the captain lol good to be here. With a good diet, how much of a difference does that make on fitness? I dislocated my shoulder so weights for upper body is out of the picture as well as doing running H.I.I.T
  3. Douchbags at the gym!

    Leeroid: I'm not going to lie but being Mr C.S.I over his comment was funny. Are you an agent Leeroid? Jokes Brother
  4. Douchbags at the gym!

    You are samoan! lol jokes bro. One of my sole friends eats junk like a mofo, goes to the gym now and then, just does random lifts and is built like a brick wall!
  5. Hello everybody, My preseason consists of a poor diet, unfrequent visits to the gym and only social touch games for cardio. Now in saying that I'm not totally out of shape..... I Can play Senior B level rugby fine. I have had an injury that will put me out for 5 weeks. Given this time, what can I do that will help me get fit in the best way possiable. I am able to do incline walks, jog, and H.I.I.T on a stationary bike but nothing else. Information on what to do, how often in the day and how many times a week will be much appreciated. Thanks