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  1. Myprotein impact whey

    The cashew butter from them is a legit bargain
  2. Clen - AKL?

    Clen cycles done properly along with great diet and training work well for me...
  3. Lame reason to lift...??

    Okay mom ❤️😂
  4. I’m probably not the best one to chime in considering Dr Daz gives the best advice there is to give but in saying that given your just over the range and it’s technically your decision you could look at different ways to lower your t prior to your next test. Maybe lay off any cardio and leg work in the coming days, few beers/wine the night before. Go extremely high on the protein for a few days prior and there are plenty of other foods which will assist you in lowering this.
  5. How small can your nuts really be if you complaining about them 😂😂. Sure you’ve got nothing to worry about.
  6. Laced test e??

  7. New Here

    Is she friends with Molly ?
  8. Auckland gym meca

    Could try NZ muscle gym in Takapuna. I train at les Mills britomart. Bit more relaxed there than vic with good equipment
  9. Proviron

    Jeez I can learn a lot from you!
  10. Infection

    I generally run the area of site with an alcohol swab after like rolling a ball type motion, try disperse some of the oil. I get these lumps from time to time and always seem to disappear after a while
  11. For some reason Prop and quads always end up hurting the most but come too after a few injections. Worst being not being able to move my own leg, body's extremely sensitive to it and I get the worst night sweats. I'd Highly recommend glutes over any other site.
  12. Handstand pushups

    You should start with the Frogstand, gain balance using your fingertips and palms then progress this into a handstand. I've been doing a bit of calisthenics lately to get better control over my body.
  13. 1st cycle Start to Finish 500mg/week 25mg Dbol/Day

    Interested to see some before and after pics from this cycle
  14. Funny people mention anxiety. I generally pin before bed and notice a spike in HR, sometimes wake up hot and sweaty
  15. NZ Mens Clinic no longer doing TRT!

    Self medicate....