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  1. Interested to see some before and after pics from this cycle
  2. Funny people mention anxiety. I generally pin before bed and notice a spike in HR, sometimes wake up hot and sweaty
  3. Self medicate....
  4. I deserve it this week to curb them 10pm sugar cravings where I down half a tub of Nutella before bed 💪
  5. Been off for some time, current stats at 91kg. Summer goals to bulk up my chicken legs.
  6. Husband you mean? That's a hard question to answer. Happened after tren, guess I can say it had a good effect on me.
  7. Hmm I left a 3.5 year relationship and marriage during last tren cycle 5 months ago. But I'm happy now haha. I would say it messed shit pretty bad though.
  8. Just posted this thread incase any of you guys have had any experience with it and could provide a bit more info on it. Currently in a cruising stage off cycle and thought I would give 3000mg of BetaTor a day 1000mg morning evening and night and hit the gym today feeling pretty dam strong. It's been out for awhile and is so damn pricey but worth a try as reviews seem legit. Will update week 2 and week 4 when finish it and let you guys know how I got on.
  9. Or my garage^^^ hahhaha ???
  10. At least you know somethings working ^^
  11. Generally people tend to use anavar towards the end of a cycle for the last 4 weeks or throughout as the reported effect on retaining more muscle due to density. If I was spending a ton for a heavy cycle I too would pay the $$ for var. Weather that is a reflection on why price is so high I don't know.
  12. If you want a quiet hostel 10min walk to CBD that's banned drinking on premises and is cheap free WiFi, newton lodge
  13. I guess a 6 year old boy would know they wanted to be a girl if they act like a girl, want to dress like a girl and play with the other girls definitely alarm bells would be ringing for the parents. What I am getting at is if you are born that way then you hold them characteristics from day 1 and would want to identify as the other sex. Guess it's the same as a gay guy, people don't choose to be gay it's just a thing that you are born with. I don't think it would be fair for a male transgender to compete in a women's class considering body difference and that a lady to male transgender would have to compete in womens class also or maybe they could compete in a transgender class?
  14. This, just walk into any pharmacy in Phuket/patong and ask for a price list. You will be given a book of what they have. All pharma gear
  15. Haha PETN wouldn't fit through my window he'd rip straight through the doors.