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  1. Yea mate, cherz :wink:
  2. wow, been a while. couldnt even remember my log in :shifty: a few shots up on this link from the nights comp. Possibly a diff style to alot of other shots, please feel free to comment https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.170186529715038.43962.124506830949675
  3. 2nd March 2010 Loochi back pic!

    u didnt let urself go bro! ul come in mean this yr bro. #1 \:D/
  4. 9 weeks

  5. To all NZFBB people HELP

    its this sorta crap that adds to the reasons y im not in any rush to compete for nzfbb again :roll:
  6. Hamilton where its happening!

    i neva been there, i in the mighty 'ville' down the rd
  7. Hamilton where its happening!

    herd u were born there ,so u must be right 8)
  8. Funniest exercises seen or heard of..

    arnolds donkey calf raises stil crack me up. :pfft:
  9. Jacob Black's six pack abs

    ahahahahaha :clap: :pfft:
  10. u must be doin sumthing right, cus if it doesnt ache, u didnt train hard enough
  11. :shock: for real?! sweet \:D/
  12. Pre-comp...........Legs.

    lulz well look who's back :roll:
  13. wow bro :clap: they looks like sum pritty heavy rocks!
  14. My progress pics

    :clap: well done dude ,great progress so far!
  15. 1day, i'll be big!!

    :shifty: mite be in the new diet every now and then