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  1. The "Bench Your Bodyweight" challenge

    Haha here is my first gym season in months. Not impressive at all but its a start. Time to get back into it
  2. Got my 1RM sweatpants today and they are boss. Infact, I was so stoked with them that I slapped them on and got a new PB on Hang Clean. 120kg @ 77kg bw 1RM - Guaranteed 5-10% Gains. Get On It!!!
  3. Tough Mudder - Auckland 2014

    They said they are going to be releasing people who actually want to race earlier than those doing it for run so should be less people and it is about 18k long so people will gradually become more spread out.
  4. Tough Mudder - Auckland 2014

    Will have to GoPro some of it and upload some worthy clips. When we got the early bird it was only around the $80 mark
  5. 100kg Bench press test

    17 @ 100kg.
  6. Crossfit prices':,?@$$

    Deck has some brand spanking new planks laid in. Might upload some pics in the next week or two
  7. 100kg Bench press test

    Did this comp ever take place? If so who won with how many reps @ what bw? Cheers
  8. Crossfit prices':,?@$$

    My mate and me made a crossfit gym at home. Welded up a power rack, rope climb, sled, bought some bumpers and bar etc... Cost about 650 each and we have everything. Really cheap and convenient way to do it. We watch YouTube videos on technique and this has been more than enough help. Home gyms if you have the space and motivation are awesome, you can lift when ever you want.
  9. Cheers Pseudonym, I'll chuck up a few more posts and then message you
  10. I can't PM yet because I don't think I've been a member long enough or haven't posted enough messages so I can't send you my details just yet
  11. 66 reps @ 80kg with 79kg bw on squats (friday) and 40 reps on bench @ 77.5kg with 77.3kg bodyweight (sunday). Had a bit of trouble around 50reps with squats but no harm done. Here are the links to them on youtube Also doing it under crossfit Squat link 66reps: http://youtu.be/Dt7Ua31jeac Bench link 40reps: http://youtu.be/8mF4U0uPRFA