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    For 3 1/2 years I have been working away at getting sufficient size and definition to compete internationally, and this year it is going to happen
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  1. Hello

    Welcome to forum Warren
  2. Hello to all

    Hello there Welcome to Gymnation :)
  3. Pre contest prep

    You cannot go past Aylmer Porter for contest prep
  4. GPC TriNation

    So l managed a second place in my weight category, must admit l fid mot understand the basis of places in the comp Bench press 80 kg Deadlift 160 kg Now l can do some specific powerlifting training and see how much improvement l can get
  5. GPC TriNation

    Thats only the likes of native Aucklanders lol
  6. GPC TriNation

    Hi PETN Sunday competition.
  7. GPC TriNation

    Hi Realtalk Its an Open Class competition so every one is in same pool, at 60 l am probably the oldest in the competition and a new comer too, thats why l dont rate my chances.
  8. GPC TriNation

    I was just saying l expect to come last, realistically l have not been training for this and l am totally inexperienced. I know how hard people train for this and respect their commitments, and l simply have not done the time.
  9. GPC TriNation

    Hahaha dead last!
  10. GPC TriNation

    Age group wise there are no existing National records for me to chase. So l can just do my best.
  11. GPC TriNation

    Bench dont know for sure but l can train with up to 75 kgs, deadlift a couple of years ago l was doing working sets with 140 kgs but that was with straps to help me hold the weight.
  12. GPC TriNation

    Hmmm, now l really do shake in my boots, or at least gym shoes, yes always in a new arena is difficult, oh well can only do my best. Thanks Realtalk l will bear this in mind.
  13. GPC TriNation

    Aylmer has asked me to start with bench press at 65 kg, and deadlift at 125 kg Little weights on the overall scale of things, and l do not know how far up l can go from there. I dont really know my 1 rep max figures
  14. GPC TriNation

    Thanks Realtalk, its the first powerlifting comp l have ever been to but there alwaus has to be a first time. I know l dont stand a chance but at least l will see what its all about.
  15. GPC TriNation

    So guys, anyone going to the GPC competition this weekend? Hate to think l would be the only one from Gymnation competing. Be good to see a friendly face lol