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  1. Weight gain help

    This also could be as simple as someone with a fast metabolism compounding the problem by training for this long.. why not shorten the sessions for a few weeks, cut some volume and see where that leaves him? I'm also type 1 diabetic so if there is anything else at play it'd be interesting to know!
  2. Your secrets to making broccoli and cauliflower enjoyable?

    Went to a burger place in Auckland a few weeks ago, maybe burger burger? They had an amazing broccoli side which from memory was just almond slices and garlic butter, done in a pan. So good and i'm not really a fan of brocolli
  3. Fireman training

    Cheers Cameron, seems it'll be extremely lucky to get in being an insulin dependant diabetic anyway. The recruitment person I'd been emailing suggested that they haven't employed a diabetic firefighter but that it wasn't necessarily a blanket ban
  4. Fireman training

    Yea I've seen the numbers on their website of how they cut down at each stage of testing. My wording obviously could have been better, I am set on applying, was just feeling around for training ideas from those in the know.. Thanks though, I'll definitely have a look into strongman training and that bb. com one, cheers
  5. Fireman training

    Hey guys, not sure where to post this but I'm planning on getting into the fire service next year and was wondering what kind of training would be helpful. I usually run 531 so I'm thinking that would be fine with weighted carries and stair climbs added. But.. If there are any firefighters on this site it'd be cool to hear 1st hand what the best prep for the physical side of the job would be, cheers!
  6. avoid late night internet and phone use (blue light), reading out of a book always puts me out pretty quick! and also lately I've added in ZMA, seems to be working quite well, wake up from even shortish night sleeps with energy. Naps are also awesome, another benefit of being a student..
  7. Bulking/cutting?

    ive been in that boat for a couple of years now man, get fat then try to get back under 85kg for rugby. i think in the long run it makes sense to gain slowly rather than just eating excessively and looking like shit for most of the year to hopefully look decent over summer. even though seeing the scales move up slowly if at all some weeks is frustrating and take time to get used to, a solid year worth of quality leaner gains will be better than a few months of gains plus a lot of added fat then needing to cut..back to square one..you cant really expect to gain muscle on a cut so take it slow and steady..long term thinking
  8. German Volume Training? Your thoughts.

    Pseudonym wrote: The interesting thing is that by only doing 10 sets total, it's actually about half the volume I'd normally do. So I presume it must just be the short rest periods that make this work?
  9. German Volume Training? Your thoughts.

    eat heaps (not shit) and take a deload week after the six weeks GVT, there should be some noticeable improvements in that timeframe. It was good for me in terms of size gains, but was horrendously boring after 3 weeks. Also, your strength may take a hit in the weeks after finishing the programme. I felt quite a bit weaker on my lifts for maybe 2-3 weeks after GVT.