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  1. emotional eating

    Hey I just want to ask a question from all of you how do you avoid from emotional eating..?? like overeating or eating something which is not in your diet plan..?
  2. Candida Diet

    one of my friend strongly recommend the Candida Diet. he has been doing it for several months now and have so much more energy! he don't need all of the "bad carbs" and caffeine to keep going.
  3. yellow pea protein

    Hey.. i just wanna ask a question have anyone of you ever tried yellow pea protein ..? If yes than share your experience with us.. Basically this protein powder comes from yellow peas which is also known as Pisum sativum.. its easy to digest.
  4. Water or milk?

    Hey.. Guys i just want to ask a question from all of you How big is the difference between using water or milk in a protein shake? Alot of people say water..but I prefer milk..what is the best type of milk to use? waiting for your suggestions
  5. High Protein Ice Cream

    Hey. here i am going to share high protine ice cream recipe Ingredients are: • 225g raspberries • 2 tbsp icing sugar • 300ml low fat fromage frais • 300ml low fat Greek yogurt • Rose water, to taste (optional) • 1-2 scoops of Vanilla Whey in Strawberry • 150g strawberries • 225g raspberries • Low fat cream