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  1. Looking for a PT - Bodybuilding

    Annette Gallaher and Richard Parnham (a couple) both NABBA-WFF Christchurch Promoters.They PT at City Fitness Northwood, Steve Orton is at Les Mills.
  2. Breast Augmentation

    Hi all thought I'd keep you updated, thanks for all the advice! Booked in with Bangkok Hospital Phuket with either Dr Narupon or Dr Piyapas for late May/early June, both referred to me from friends who have been patients of theirs. Pretty confident and really excited about getting it done, best place in the world from people who I personally have spoken too.
  3. Breast Augmentation

    Don't scare me jimmybro1!! Hahah
  4. Breast Augmentation

    Thank you Beez and tomo1234
  5. Breast Augmentation

    Another thing to investigate! But good point, I will do some more research
  6. Breast Augmentation

    Search the Ladies section, my GF had hers done 2011 in Thailand and has posted up details.. Yanhee International Hospital Dr Sonsak $3200 USD size: D.... Theres pics up somewhere: NZ National Champion Open Figure Tall 2012 NABBA-NZ NABBA-WFF Pan Pacific Overall Champion 2012 NABBA-NZ Waikato Open Figure Tall 1st 2011-12 NABBA North Harbour Open Figure Tall 1st 2012 Plus loads of others I can't remember...' Thanks for this! I couldn't find the picture's, to many girls! But I'll do some research about that Dr thank you
  7. Breast Augmentation

    Thank you for bumping it back up For myself personally I want to get them done, but I am competing in the Grand Prix in Christchurch in May though but if I can find a place to get them done I will afterwards.
  8. Breast Augmentation

    Hi All, Anyone on here that's had one before? Either in NZ or Thailand? Doing some research before I get mine done and would like to hear people's stories experiences etc it would be much appreciated
  9. Gym in Christchurch - Riccarton

    The only one's I know of are the ones you've mentioned in Riccarton, I'm a Anytime Fitness member but I use Shirley and Cashmere as the Riccarton one I find is dirty, small and odd lay out. It also it very noisey, drop a weight or even talk and it echos across the gym more than it should. Never been to Snap but all the Snaps I know of are even smaller than Anytime, I guess just get a free trial and see how you find it and choose to whatever suits you. I think I'll be changing to City Fitness or Fitness Canterbury this year but Good Luck