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  1. USPA invitational - US Open

    Patrick morrison could go well against Brett and them now his bench is coming up . he just squatted like 290 in sleeves the other day and his dead is outstanding . Would be an awesome comp to get some of the IPF guys in . Imagine the buzz olio they did it in shw . That's why pro dogs will never quite be the world's best until they can get guys like Ray in there.
  2. GPC Push/Pull

    Yep pretty much gradually from there.
  3. GPC Push/Pull

    For sure. Whoever wins overall men ill be throwing myself at . No but I do have a date while I'm up there though.
  4. GPC Push/Pull

    I'm not to sure mate . I could probably set my phone up live for Facebook if not seeing as I'll just be sitting there for 95% of it.
  5. GPC Push/Pull

    I've got no idea . MRI early next year . just an excruciating sharp pain like a sharp spike being shoved into top of bicep where it meets with shoulder/pec . Ultrasound can't find anything. Should have done something ages ago but figured it was just from low bar squatting causing tendonitis .
  6. GPC Push/Pull

    Just over 3 weeks to go until Push/Pull in Aucks. Anyone from here competing or heading along to watch? Im headin along just for the sake of it really as cant even bench over 80kg without extreme pain but will have a crack at deads .
  7. Bodybuilders wanted for TV ad!

    Haha good luck fellas. Hope one of you get it. Future movie action hero's

    I only saw the main guys I wanted to see . Andrey and of course Chad . Had never even heard of the guy who placed second but wow. I'd like to go next year just for Chad's seminar. In my opinion one of the best coaches and lifters if not the best overall on the planet.
  9. Bodybuilders wanted for TV ad!

    Almost perfect for me as I can ride a bike . Unfortunately I don't have the body though?
  10. Deadlifts

    Personally from a strength perspective I drop it but if you're looking to increase overall muscle then lowering it under control can have its benefits. Obviously you won't be using as heavier weight if you're lowering it under control.
  11. BIG DOGS

    I think it's safe to say it was a success yeah? Watching the vids of Andrey was pretty fricken amazing, especially the dead to hit the total, what a monster and the crowd going off must have had his adrenaline pumping. I'd say they'll need a bigger room next year and with more guys competing it'll be a cracker. You guys all watch it?
  12. Roids to assist my training

    I'd start by posting in the steroid section mate . How many years training? What's your stats? Bodyfat etc .
  13. Training angry = higher heart attack risk

    I find it hard to get angry before a lift . A lot of guys can get real fired up easy , shouting and slapping their faces where as I like to be as calm as possible . Does being angry actually make your stronger through a lift because I need to to get myself fired up somehow if so. I feel more at risk of heart attack when I have pre trainers or to much caffeine.
  14. Powerlifting belts

    Can confirm the SBD is legit. For squats there is nothing that matches. So much support it should be classed as equipped lol
  15. Valhalla Power Bars

    Yeah I'm not to sure but from what they said it's all solid quality they've used . Seen the dead bar in action with 350kg for a couple of reps and looks good. 550 aud for the power bar and 690 here. Take into account shipping to get it here and you'd be the same. I've got the dead bar coming in a couple of weeks so will do review on it after 8 weeks of trial.