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  1. On the bike again

    That (oral jumpstart) is an 'old school' way to do it and not one I support. I guess it is practiced more due to impatience than to 'correct' science... You are much better front loading (ie double the dose of the same compound).. In terms of productivity of a cycle for a given period I do not think there is realy much question there is benefits in given situations for a front load. As an example: 8 wk cycle of 600 mg Test-Cyp In fixed dose of 300 mg 2x/wk it would take you 2+ wks to reach the peak steady state concentration. That a 1/4 of the cycle period you are on a ascending scale before you finally reach that concentration. With a front load you can there within a day to few days max thus giving almost the full time for the expected dose to be at full concentration. Now take that a step further where you may be only adding a given injectable AAS into a cycle for even a shorter period now you are losing more time or you are stuck having to extend the cycle even further.. Until you get to lighter faster or no esters where its only a hours to a day or two to peak there are advantages to front loading. Thanks Daz i apreciate advice from an old soldier like yourself, i will do that next time, i guess i got all caught up in that breakfast of champions thing and there so many people round the net advocating this jump start. ill try front loading next time. i was going to go for 10-12 weeks with a similar break. although i have been reading that Dorian Yates used to run 5 on and 5 off - must have been front loading too i guess.
  2. On the bike again

    ur too much bro haha - i'll try harder for less faggotry in future
  3. DNP Article

    I'm on the Eastside Nate, we get fully upgraded on the latest synthesis techniques once every 12 months courtesy of NZ Police, apparently Iodine is the way to go now... down south aucks we just ride around in our cars shaking our 1.5 litre M-bombs letting off pressure once in a while and hoping for the best Regarding DNP though, from what i have read its the longish onset time and the long half life that cause the issues - people find that they take a pill and feel nothing so they take another then think they got a weak batch and take another and before we know we're at hospital with an ass full of ice.
  4. yup another cycle just begun my 3rd week last cycle was just test cyp and tren ace, this time round i added some dbol to jump start, last time round i tried Dbol for a week but had 2 rage events after wife gave me fucked up directions to pick her up - lucky it took 20 mins tofind her and i was mostly calm again after realising what was going on lol. this time round we've not seen the hulk appear at all so fingers crossed eh? Weekly 600mg test cyp 300mg tren ace Monday and Thursday Daily 40mg D-bol except sat and sun. taken at 11am and 4pm in 20mg caps Diet - im eating as if i was 100kg - im a bit more than that and not that lean, nevertheless body composition has been changing and its been better and faster than anything i have ever tried. the general theory behind what im doing is that if i have a larger muscle mass that is stimulated daily with a resistance workout i will burn more energy during the rest of the day. so far is working well had about 25-30kg weight drop off in the last year - difficult to tell exactly, net loss was 20kg but i know i packed on some significant muscle last cycle. im determined that once i lose the rest of my sumo sexy there will be a reasonable body underneath and its awesome motorvation to keep it up. This is my current workout,.- have discoverd that lower weight and higher reps gives me better results. the general philosophy of the 15-20 reps thing is that if i can consistantly do 20 reps i can up the weight and go back down to 15 reps and try to reach 20 again. probably not an optimised workout but it leaves me sore in all the right places and i am seeing growth - will take any suggestions on board though. Monday: Back + Bi's Seated cable row 5 sets of 20 77-87 kgDead lifts 90-100kg 3 sets of 10 ( had some back trouble earlier in the year gingerly getting backinto this excersize keeping it light and getting it right)Lat pull downs 5 sets of 20 67-77kgStraight arm pull downs 5 sets of 20, 50kg-67kg Hammer curls 5 sets of 20 12.5-15kgseated ezebar conc curls 20-25kg 5 sets of 15Some kinda machine that makes me pull weight into my chest while seated with different wide and close grip options - i just burn whatever i have left on that. whatever weight i can at that point that will allow a high rep setTuesday chest and tri flat bench 5 sets 15-20 reps 60kg warm up not counted in the 5 sets 80-100kg working range, personal record is full set at 140 but im an old man and dont like snapping shit so i backed off to lower weight and higher reps ocasionally i try to see if i can best old records just to measure progress.inclined chest 5 sets of 15-20 depending on wheather i start with this and am fresh alternate weeks i start with flat bench or inclined bench working range is 60-70kgcable flys 5 sets of 15-20 45-55kg a sidesometimes dumbell press, sometimes cable press, sometimes pec deck whtever i feel like whatever weight will get me to over 15 reps and start hurtingTricep pull downs / push downs with cable and rope handles try to alternate wide and close hands 5 sets of 20 40-47kgWednesday Leg day woot!! Squats 4 sets of 12 60kg warmup work up to 120kgLeg extensions 5 sets of 15-20 100-120kgLeg curls 5 sets of 15 80kg more if i canLeg press 5 sets of whatever plates i can find at 6pm lots of peeps grabbing all the plates so ill be lucky to get 200kg on it if i cant get enough weight i just go for more repsCalf raises 150kg 5 sets of 15Not amazingly interested in having huge legs and having to wear baggy pants, just work out the legs to maintain and get some blood flow to carry out all the oily goodness i shove in those quads each week Thursday shoulder day - favourite day. Shoulder press - alternating weeks dumbell and barbell 5 sets of 15 starting at 16kg per hand working up to 35kg per hand probably for 10 reps at the endSide arm raises 5 sets of 15-20 12.5kg-15kgFront arm raises 5 sets of 15-20 12.5kg-15kgFace pulls (cable with rope handles) 5 sets of 15-20 57kgReverse cable flys 5 sets of 15 35kg per sideFriday Arm day. Hammer curls 5 sets of 20 12.5kg-15kgConcentration curls seated 5 sets of 15-20 10kg - 12.5kgTricep pushdowns 5 sets of 15-20 40-47kgTricep pull downs 5 sets of 15-20 40-47kgextended skull crushes whatever energy i have left for whatever reps i can. Saturday and Sunday lazypig days just sleep and rest up maybe mow the lawn yeah so thats what im doing good luck to me eh?
  5. Buying Viagra Online

    Hmm, so I wonder if my lower back pumps are caused by high blood pressure whenever I go on a bulk. Keto, did you get back pumps and did they go away once you started using Cialis? Nope i dont, but i dont do a lot of lower back work right now after spending 8 weeks at oesteo fixing an old spine compression injury i didnt know i had untill i started trying to deadlift. bloodpressure was awesome all the way through last cycle edging up to upper normal range by end of cycle that was just under a gram of product weekly. .
  6. Buying Viagra Online

    i brought a a few grams of cialis online - came in as powder with my other shit and is stealth shipped. (well disguised as somthing else). i think cialis has something like a 32 hour half life its FDA approved for 10mg daily as a blood pressure med which is what i use it for primarily, i make up caps of 20mg cialis / 12.5mg aromasin for EOD use if used daily or eod you dont get that lower back tighness/pain or headaches. best thing ever though - cost is cents per dose unlike the legit stuff from local pharmacy
  7. Steroid Cycle Theories

    Ok good points and well articulated. Yes i agree with you that a lot of whats out there is advice given from a single point of experience and sometimes even misinterpreted resultsor simply wrong conclusions by the individual. a single point of experience is hardly a conclusie study eh. Maybe its the sheer quantity of product that Rich has used thats gotten the results. Its natural to look at his body and give him a lot of credibility based on results Regarding going on test all year - can one do that safely? coul i for instance do 600mg weekly and then run some additional compounds for 10 weeks or so and go off them but stay on the test? My blood pressure is pretty good even at the end of a 12 week cycle it didnt raise any eyebrows, im about 4 weeks off my last cycle and lamenting the distinct loss in strength wondering if i can handle a longer cycle or even how short a rest i can get away with? was aiming for a 2 month break and then getting on it again
  8. Kudos will do very nicely thank you.... blue thumbs up right?
  9. clenbuterol?

    ive used albuterol would like to try some clen but my guy deosnt stock it interested to see if the guys claiming clen is far superior are correct.
  10. Thaks for all of your replies guys - i think Daz hit it on the head i have been going to the Osteopath over the last 6-7 weeks sorting out a back issue from a botched deadlift. turns out that i had an old compression of the spine resulting from flying headfirst into a tree while speeding downhill on a mountain bike i ahd forgotten all about it but apparelty it contributedd to the deadlift injury and my whole body was contorted ive since been given the all clear for back day and deadlifs and squats and i havent experienced the dead arms on waking for a few weeks now more stretching after leg day to make sure quads and hip flexors dont pull pelvis the wrong way while its all bedding in and a good session on the foam roller for lats and some of the side abdominal muscles keeps me well at the moment once again - apreciate the responses
  11. Steroid Cycle Theories

    In a nutshell broscience..... I would be more likly to give someone who's been on the gear for 25 years and walks around with very good size and condition 24/7 the benifit of the doubt before labeling his opinion / findings as pure broscience. Granted one can only really speak from a view point of what works for you since everyone is different etc. I think "keep the body guessing" is his way of saying that hes trying to prevent diminishing returns as the body tries to achieve an equalibrium. Do the same work out day in and day out and you wont be making the same gains a year later you need to chang frequency intensity weight from time to time - same with most drugs i have tried same dose ends up being pretty weak later on - except that with occasional use sensativity remains high and a quality result is achieved - i suppose that logic might transfer through to the use of AAS In the end some people might get results from trying this others might not we're all different and not all advice is going to universally work the same way for everyone so when someone posts advice or theories like this i take it as something to try one day if it doesnt work for me fine i try soemthing else and do more of what does work for me.
  12. first cycle and hurting

    i use 1 inch 20g to pin quads i have 4 sites i use on the outer quads upper and lower left and right. try to inject bi/weekly in order to give each site about 10 day rest. i like the big needles because the oil goes in fast and smooth. dpont worry about the air in it too much you wont ever die from getting air into a muscle the few bubbles its likley to be. i find that using a shorter or longer needle gives me the same pip as first time, seems like its opening a new area on different level.. keep an eye on the swelling and soreness and redness if any if you have an issue with gear sterility ou might need to get hold of an empty vial and refilter it into a presteralised sealed vial.it should only be sore for 3-4 days max in the first few weeks and then you usually never notice.
  13. I never used to have this problema and it is a minor problem but after completing a cycle and growing a bit i find that often when i wake i have a dead arm from sleeping on my shoulder. i naturally sleep on my left side and im noticing that i wake to a dead arm or pins and needles on that side after i wake clears up after il roll onto my back and clench fist for a min or 2. BTW heart is fine i had an ECG and some other checks recently as a precheck for some optional surgery that im considering. wondering if blood supply is not enough for the much larger muscle and if there is soethign i can do about it? is there a compound that promotes additional blood vessel growth. or perhaps occlusion training?
  14. Poss High E??

    12.5mg of Aromasin every other day should keep aromataze enzime levels at about 30-40% of normal meaning you will have less capacity to convert all that extra test into est. Cialis is FDA aproved for 10mg per day as a blood pressure med - taking this low does every day has a benifit of not giving you the lower back pain and mild headache some users get from occasional use heres an excerpt from something i found in my online searching's Estrogen, estrogen, estrogen!Most challenging hormone for the steroid user is estrogen by far. Think about it?s the cause of any changes in your gyno/pecs, mood, libido, hardness, bloat, skin, prostate, appetite you name it when you feel off 90% of the time is due to low/high estrogen levels. When you hit your sweet spot you will know you cant miss it, you will feel happy, content, you will f*ck like a champ eat like a champ and train like a champ and too top it off everybody around you will be happy as well Here is an indicator I used since my early days on hormones: ?Too low E2=great erections, difficulty to ejaculate, dull orgasm. Too high E2=inability to maintain erection, therefore, great difficulty ejaculating, just forget it. Centered E2=easy erections, able to control ejaculation, stunning orgasm. ? Low and high estrogen sides are very alike the more experienced you get the easier is to differentiate between them but it will always be tricky, if in doubt get your estradiol checked though bloodwork High estrogen sides Acne, loss of libido, water retention (Bloat), pissing less than the water you consume, moon face, very small testicles, scrotum hanging too high, soft testicles, extreme oiliness all over, aggression (roid rage), depression, bitchiness, lethargy, insomnia, soft erections, extreme cravings for sugar/chocolate, high bp, bp spikes, enlarged prostate, pressure in lower abdomen when urinating, thin stream, constipation (from water retention) Low estrogen sides Dry skin, dry lips, dehydration, loss of libido, good morning wood no wood when its time for sex, loss of wood while having sex, loss of sensitivity, dry gland (penis), white gland, loss of girth, irritability, mood swings, crying for no reason, dht rage (aggression you take out on others), dull orgasm, hesitation just before urinating, night sweats, loss of appetite, constant fatigue, lethargy, constipation (due to dehydration), diuretic effect (pissing more water than you are consuming), itchy scalp, obsessive thoughts
  15. low dose tren on a cruise?

    Yeah you are probably right, ill just cruise on 200 test cyp a week. I run a ketogenic diet with occasional carb cycle when im not on - this in itself will normalise my lipids really well dispite all the fat i eat.impossible to do keto while doing tren it makes you feel really bad.