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  1. The body weight squat challenge

    Thanks for running the comp. Always good to challenge yourself and good to have the motivation to do so.
  2. The body weight squat challenge

    Sweet will have to practice some more once my knee stops giving me a hard time. Might try with a barbell as well and see how that goes.As for this challenge was gonna give it another go today,but couldn't gather the motivation.
  3. The body weight squat challenge

    Gave weighted pistols a go a while ago. Managed to get one on 48kg holding a couple kettlebells. Never thought about standing on a box though,might make it a bit easier to keep the weight off the ground. https://youtu.be/9pfW9gLBPxo
  4. The body weight squat challenge

    Far out my legs are sore today. What you get for taking a break from squatting and then doing a bunch of reps at once I guess
  5. The body weight squat challenge

    haven't squatted in 3 or 4 weeks cause hurt my knee doing some cleans, but really wanted to give this a go. A few reps in didn't even feel my knee. Was hard on the lungs after no cardio lately though
  6. Games Meister wanted

    Earlier this year I got down to about 77kgs when I got a bit lazy with lifting weights so have spent the last 3 months trying to get all my lifts back up to where they were and in the process put on 6kg. Probably mostly muscle as I've never had much fat to loose.
  7. Games Meister wanted

    83kg on the dot, weighed myself after my workout
  8. Games Meister wanted

    Gave it a go tonight after my heavy sets, although used 150 instead of 140. Does get the heart rate up a bit https://youtu.be/4QnNR4Hy3L8
  9. The Overhead Press Challenge

    Had a quick go on the weekend and got 5x75kg at 82kg bw pausing in front rack every rep, might put a couple more kgs on the bar and film an attempt when I next get a chance
  10. The "Bench Your Bodyweight" challenge

    Gymnation got me pinned: Triceps were so dead at the end, managed to get one end on the rack then got stuck. Didn't want to drop it to the floor cause though it might bend the rack 30 reps
  11. The "Bench Your Bodyweight" challenge

    Attempt #3 gymnation: attempt no 3, got 30 reps. For some reason it recorded side ways, sorry about that
  12. The "Bench Your Bodyweight" challenge

    Sweet, that's for the bars pseudon. Will enjoy
  13. The "Bench Your Bodyweight" challenge

    Gymnation bw benchpress: 2nd attempt, 28 reps at 80kg, 78.5kg bw. Got a bit stuck on the 29th rep
  14. The "Bench Your Bodyweight" challenge

    Bodyweight benchpress gymnation 2015: had a go today, got 27 reps or 28 if you count the last one.