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  1. Gymnation Challenge 2013 - Crossfit

    Ah, same problem here. Thanks Pseudonym.
  2. Gymnation Challenge 2013 - Crossfit

    Wow! Thought we'd see scores under 5 minutes but not under four. Nice
  3. Cross Fit for Rugby Training

    Where are you Mantis? There's rugby specific training at Functional Strength in Auckland. The focus is on building serious strength and power through squats and Oly lifts. Normal Crossfit would be good but I reckon you'd be best focussing on strength and then get your capacity stuff in closer to the start of season.
  4. Pre-workout supplements with crossfit?

    I've found a huge difference between PWOs, some great some absolute rubbish. I use Assault or Beta Cret all the time and find them good. I train early am so need something as a kick start but I find coffee to dehydrating for Crossfit but fine for lifiting.
  5. Gymnation Challenge 2013 - Crossfit

    Hi guys, First post. I'm Matt and train at Functional Strength in Auckland. This WOD was a ripper, much harder than I was expecting. Anyway, my time was 5:42 and I had 50kg on the bar. I weigh 81kg so score of 3.3 Might have another lash later in the week and try for a negative score Cheers Dunno what going on with the vid but direct link is here &feature=youtu.be