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  1. Hey team, Dr prescribed me testogel a number of years ago - I want to move to injections as the gel is very messy and gets expensive too. How do I navigate this conversation with my doctor? Cheers
  2. Hey team, I've often wondered how people travel overseas when on gear? Would love to hear your thoughts Cheers
  3. Is it possible to gain muscle years after youve stopped usage of gear assuming you never got to your maximum limit?
  4. Upper/Lower strength training Split

    whos the trainer?

    Any idea on what sorts of side effects i'd get if I did it for about 4 weeks? Would PCT be needed?
  6. Hey team Anyone done an anavar only cycle when gaining? Read a few reviews online saying its not really worth taking if you're bulking. I'm after something mild though. Thoughts?
  7. Clen for mini cut

    Hey lads, Just wanted to get some opinions on clen/whether or not it's even worth taking in my case. Basically looking to do a 6 week minicut later this year, looking to get beach lean. Current stats 5'9, 71kg - normally beach lean around 67-68kg . If you think it's worth taking, what dosages are we talking? Cheers
  8. Jason Blaha vs IPF

    does this c*nt have any qualifications? not saying they mean everything, but to be making half the statements he does in his vids, you'd think he'd have some..
  9. Sick, cheers for the feedback lads !
  10. @realtalk just pain while doing the deadlift bro, everything else seems to be fine, ie rows, squats etc. I think the overall volume of deadlifting just caught up with me as i was doing 4x5 @145-150kg then doing RDL 3x6-8 @125kg a few days later- for someone my size and weight i guess this is a fair amount decided to go with BB row in the meantime for DL replacement and goodmornings for RDL replacement just til the back pain goes away. Tried to do sumos this morning but still felt it What do you guys reckon?
  11. thanks for the feedback lads, haven't tried RDL on smith machine or sumo's before, will give them a go!
  12. yeah man, its not super fucked, but today i went to do RDL and could still feel a bit of pain, so probably best to sub it out for a while awesome will do - thanks a bunch!
  13. Lower back is fucked from pulling 150 on the deadlift, heavy for me (new PB though yay lol) anyway, need to sub it out for a while i think, what could i do instead? Ive got goodmornings in instead of RDL at the moment, thinking maybe just a BB row? Cheers
  14. soy products

    can always rely on you for help brada! cheers!
  15. soy products

    will soy increase estrogen? i'm so confused as to whether or not a small consumption of soy products are detrimental thanks