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  1. Read somewhere. Who cares about the size as long as I cum (orgasm) Nuts like breasts are all different sizes. Did you measure before and after?? Could be mind playing tricks making think smaller. Wait see what urologist says is probably the best thing!! If Testosterone low let them sort out
  2. My DNP Cycle Log

    Not sure how legit stuff I was on. Not sure if my 2c will help Work in a cold environment - looking back felt a bit warmer working ha ha Do a almost keto diet have been adding in a few treats while doing it. Pretty sure the low carbs helped with no heat sides. Had to stop taking had a few left as got a rash. Brought hay fever medicine from super market cleared it up after 2 days. Did notice some fat loss although I should of ran a bigger deficit. But foods good.
  3. lower dose cycle test

    Can you pin Test E once a week. Isnt twice a more common approach. Keeps levels more stable
  4. Another should i question..

    Could still do Keto theres 3 variations. Google tkd and ckd with keto Also ketogains on reddit facebook
  5. Any chch recommendations?
  6. @realtalk - think dont have the genetics. Gains dont seem to happen.
  7. Looking pretty Huge Petn. Low frequency working out okay for you. Im still too freaking light have the bodybuild genetics of a female figure competitor ha ha On a cut at moment and lightest ever been (keto so could easy add a few kgs if carbed up I guess)
  8. Think less, eat more

    On a bulk too. Fudge, ice cream smoothies. Hell yeah
  9. PCT/SERM from Doctor?

    Could always Tapper doses down ie 500 mg 400 mg next week 300 next. down to none (Dont use literally was example) Some one more experienced would be best to chime in.
  10. Peanut Butter.

    Seen a lot of people use this on the keto forums I read PB2 Have not tried it on my list of things to tryS 85% Less Fat Calories Than Traditional Peanut Butter, Mix 2 tbsp. of PB2 with 1 tbsp. of water and stir until smooth. Prepare as needed. http://www.iherb.com/Bell-Plantation-PB2-Powdered-Peanut-Butter-6-5-oz-184-g/38245?rcode=SIB660 Or kink it up :) http://www.iherb.com/Peanut-Butter-Co-Cinnamon-Raisin-Swirl-Peanut-Butter-Blended-with-Cinnamon-and-Raisins-16-oz-454-g/34360?rcode=SIB660
  11. Obvious Juicing or nah

    Not putting up my car Id be laughed at and told a gay hair dresser ha ha
  12. New member, everyone's gonna think I'm a cop

    Anyone got a link for bulk taurine with decent shipping. Usually iherb pills is there a better option
  13. Adding to graveyard dig :) The science shows that there is no reason bodybuilders should cut tuna out of their diets due to the current mercury scare. One can of chunk lite a day is a reasonable and safe intake for a 200lbs man without the risks of any health problems. If you want to eat more tuna now make sure to increase your consumption over the course of several weeks so your kidneys can adjust. Adding 1.5 gram of NAC to your diet is a good idea so you can keep your glutathione stores full and your liver healthy. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/mroussell5.htm
  14. Cheap Whey Protein

    Damn would of been keen as a few weeks ago. Just started using in baking (Keto cant use flour) would of been perfect. Got 2+ kg to use up first