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  1. Gymnation Challenge 2013 - Crossfit

    Okay, here is my attempt http://vimeo.com/79385519 (recorded it with my digital camera and the file size was way too big upload, so I got a free converter which put some annoying text in the centre of the video.... apologies) Started off good, but got slower in the later sets. Was pretty tough to be honest. bodyweight 88.4kg 48kg thrusters wilks 30.93 time 508 seconds (8min 28sec) SCORE = 508 - 10 x 30.9 = 199
  2. Training for golf

    If you want more length off the tee, just smash heavy weights, but try to maintain flexibility. Then all you have to do with your golf swing is practice hitting it harder and you will eventually find a good rythm and timing to control the accuracy. Trust me, I am a representative golfer. I have added easily 40m to my drives by doing this and still hit it straight as hell. Don't listen to leeroids last paragraph. I have completely changed the way i play golf by smashing it long. I make a lot more birdies and it's way more fun!! I know leeroids brother. I hit it 50m past him and still sign for 70 or less.