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  1. Fuckkk been a while since I've been on these boards. Few things have changed, notably 2guns is a moderator (lol). Anyhow... I finished a 4 month cycle on 1st January (3rd cycle ever with long gaps in between) of 500mg test e (NO HCG) 21st January commenced PCT of Clomid & Nolva for 30 days - Feeling good 21st Febuary PCT ended - Feeling good. Then began my slow decline into feeling like shit. I have experienced: Weight gain - Despite calorie controlled diet,Worsening brain fog - Difficulty concentratingFatigue - Absolutely wrecked after a days work - Office jobSleep issues - Out like a log but cannot stay asleep.Motivation - Really have to force myself to go gym, work hard etc etcStrength reduction - Understandable after using gear I suppose My Labtests Bloodwork as of two days ago 32 years old: Serum Test 8.1 nmol/L Ref Range: 8.0 - 29.0 - Barely scraping in Free Test 163 pmol/L Ref Range 198 - 619 - Outside the ref range!! SHGB 31 nmol/L Ref Range 13 - 71 - In range FSH 1.5 IU/L Ref Range 2.0 - 12.0 - Outside range again LH 3.7 IU/L Ref Range 2.0 - 9.0 - Lower end of ref range I notice some online sources (Doctors) say serum test should really start at 12.0 upwards. And that the problem with ref ranges is they're not age specific. So anyway you look at it I'm far too low for my age. My questions are Shouldn't I be better recovered by now? Should I consider TRT at my age? Are there some natural steps I can take to increase testosterone then re-test? Should I run PCT again? Should I just wait it out?I'm in a new job and I really need to be on my game. I'm half tempted to pop the lid on one of my supplies and get on a trt dose. Any advice appreciated.
  2. Low test - Incl Bloodwork

    I took Vitamin d3m Magnesium and Zinc
  3. Getting TRT prescribed abroad

    If you get TRT prescribed while you're living abroad say USA, UK or Asia. Would that prescription be honoured if you decided to return to NZ? Or would you haver to go through the entire process again?
  4. Getting TRT prescribed abroad

    Ok just to clarify what I mean is.... If you're on TRT then you move to NZ are doctors here likely to say "ok you've seen a doctor already, we'll just continue your treatment" or are they likely to want have you come off, and go through the blood testing procedure again? Reason I ask, is it sounds as though there might be more willing to prescribe doctors overseas if I decide to ever go on TRT
  5. Low test - Incl Bloodwork

    ::UPDATE:: Serum Test: 12.3 (Higher) Free Test: 260 (Higher) LH: 3.1 (Less) FSH 1.5 (No change) Comment welcome. (sorry forgot to get e2)
  6. Low test - Incl Bloodwork

    Good points mate, and for the record I was on for about 5 months. Got bloods drawn again this morning but despite the results I'm going to try and make some lifestyle adjustments conducive with increasing test naturally. Will retest in 30 days.
  7. Low test - Incl Bloodwork

    I'm eating around 2200 at the moment. And weight is more or less stagnant. I think my e2 is naturally higher as it has been with previous bloods. I'm going to get more bloods tomorrow for a thyroid panel. Is there anything else you can recommend testing for?
  8. Low test - Incl Bloodwork

    I did test levels years ago after a cycle. I can't remember the numbers, but they were better than they are now. I've asked for some advice on a busier international forum and the consensus seems to be run a low dose clomid for 30 days and retest then retest again 30 days later. This will be done alongside Vita D3 and ZMA through the full 60 days. e2 is a bit higher than it should be, which could be suppressing Test so I've been advised to run a low dose aromisin aswell. I dont have Aromisin, does anyone know if Adex will suffice or do they work differently? Will get started on 25mg clomid today until Vitamins arrive.
  9. Low test - Incl Bloodwork

    @King Sorry mate, forgot to include it. E2: 126 Ref Range <161
  10. Gym wierdos

    As a follow upto 'dirty gyms' does anyone else have any wierdos at their gym? At Unisports aka Adidas training center in auckland(and i hope he reads this) a guy i estimate to be in his 60's faaarking reeks its like a mixture of B.O and damp washing ya know that smell if you dont hang it out to dry. He wears sunnies in the gym does 1 rep sets and never uses a towel or wipes his sweat.
  11. Gym wierdos

    No offense taken man. It's in the showers whre my workout really get's started.
  12. Hey bibby you said Jess Coate, i wouldn't cosider her a celeb
  13. Gymrat's journey to the bodybuilding stage

    Gymrat, let me get this straight. Your ass was bleeding, from shitting? Maybe you should prep that too before you let Joe go deep inside your sugar walls
  14. How can we improve Gymnation?

    Someone alerted me to this thread, my first order of business is to reacquaint myself with Gymrat.
  15. Anyone used liquid Nolva from a peptide site? Please share your experience. Bunk, Good, bad.. whatever?
  16. Anyone got Toms number?

  17. melbourne gyms?

    Dohertys Flinders street in the city... Bodybuilding gym /thread
  18. this cant be right surely. NZ.B.B intake calc

    Thanks parrot lol
  19. this cant be right surely. NZ.B.B intake calc

    Get myfitnesspal app on iphone.... Can also use their website. Pretty much every food kind is in there and every product, and if it's not you can add it.
  20. Mutant!

    Do you have another name on this forum ?
  21. Albutarex or albuterol?

    But at what cost?
  22. .

    lol awesome
  23. BF% test: Carb up or go depleted?

    Pretty sure we're having 'Who can get the fattest' here at my office. Judging by the fucken pigs around here, that is.
  24. Mutant!

    How much carbs and fat?