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  1. ADHD, Medication and Building Muscle

    Lack of progress probably coming down to his nutrition.
  2. LOW T & TRT

    Metformin isn’t a fatlose pill. Taking it as one is idiotic.
  3. Clen&winnie

    In my opinion females thinking about using aas need to have done a lot more research than males. You really need to know your stuff. Some of side effects aren’t reversible and just think hard about it. I don’t know how old you are but in 5 or 10 years time you might not be interested in what you’re interested in now. If you have changed your body, voice and other things for what you want to now you may regret it later on.
  4. New gym equipment

    How much for the flat bench?
  5. Would like advice

    About 5 more weeks. 2nd cycle you could do 375mg test e per week
  6. Would like advice

    I would carry on with 250mg for another 5 weeks. Save higher dosages for future cycles.
  7. Getting syringes and needles in NZ

    Use google. Or say what city you are in and we can provide information on where to go.
  8. Covid 19 Home Gyms Set Ups

    Nice bro plenty of gear. we have a few KB, 200kg of bumper plates, an oly bar, concept 2 rower and assault bike. Wish I had of bought a little rack, bench and pull up bar before the shutdown but will get it afterwards. I train at home now anyway so been using this gear for a while. It’s amazing what you can do with little equipment. Can’t say I miss going to a full gym.
  9. Arms definitely getting stronger bro Lolol
  10. No offence but at a novice level of strength there is no way your muscles are stronger than your tendons/ligaments. If this was the case then everyone would just be having ligament and tendon injuries left right centre. What happens in reality is that you just won’t be able to lift the weight because you aren’t strong enough.
  11. If you hadn’t been training why would your ligaments have weakened so much and your muscle not? That doesn’t make any sense and it doesn’t work like that. If you are worried about tendons then why don’t you train at a lower intensity initially and slowly increase intensity. You don’t have to lift 100% of what you are capable of lifting as soon as you start back just because.
  12. Anyone still following>?

    Gonna be a good fight. Romero can bang, one of my favourite fighters. 42 years old, he is so durable and still one of the best athletically in the ufc. Adesanya is on a roll, so much confidence which is hard to stop. Will be a goodie!
  13. First Test E cycle - questions

    $70 is pretty cheap, probably why you have only gained 1kg lol
  14. sarmsnz.co.nz review??

    Any lab report test is just for one sample. It proves nothing other than they sent a legitimate sample to the lab once for testing.
  15. Pharma gear from Thailand

    It doesn’t work mate.
  16. Erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety etc

    Talk to your doctor about cialis bro. Won’t need to dose daily. 2x weekly should be sufficient.
  17. Put on the nz powerlifting buy sell swap page on fb bro be gone in a minute
  18. Fast Bulking

    How charitable of you.
  19. Beginner Cycle Advice

    This has been covered multiple times. Most recently in a thread not long ago. Read some of the content in this sub forum.
  20. Is it this simple

    Right track bro just give it time.
  21. Test Prop

    Why are you so set on test propionate?
  22. Test Prop

    I’d finish the cycle with a short simple taper. Don’t over think it. Honestly some people can run 2000mg of test and not get any signs of gyno others will get a flare up off 200mg. It’s the same as some people having clear skin and others being covered in oily acne from their cycle. who knows until you do it. I would say the fatter you are the higher the probability of getting gyno.
  23. Test Prop

    Apart from that, the leaner you can get before you start the better. And gyno can always be an issue. Better to have tamoxifen and not need it. Than to need it and not be able to get it. Good luck.
  24. Test Prop

    Hi when I talk about test propionate, test suspension and test no-ester etc I prefer to go off daily or eod dosings rather than a weekly amount as it is a short ester. With test prop you would be better off using slightly lower dosages and taking them more frequently than what you are thinking 200mg twice a week is quite a dose one day followed by nothing for a few days. That is an injection schedule suited more to a longer ester such as enanthate or cypionate. I suggest using one of those esters for the fact that it will be easier to keep your hormones more stable and when you finish they essentially taper off nicely by themselves. If you are set on test prop I suggest 150mg eod which will give you around 600mg per week. That’s going to be a good dose for you.
  25. Fake gear

    Not meant to be like that. Doesn’t mean it’s fake, could just mean it hasn’t been made the right way.