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  1. It means the compound has crashed. Either been stored at too low of a temperature or the concentration is too high to be stable in the solvents and carrier oil used.
  2. The struggle is real... Advice

    Just gotta get in there and do it man. Alternatively if you don’t love the gym anymore there are other things to do which will burn calories and burn off some steam... swimming, buy a Mtn bike, boxing/bjj. or keep at the gym, you don’t have to start back into a 5 or 6 day routine like you finished on before you got injuried. Why not just aim to go twice a week and make them quality sessions. After a month increase it to 3 times a week and then to 4 and so on until you are going the amount you want. That’s the easy way to do it and will have less chance of failure.
  3. What Federation

    Try both for yourself?
  4. Lol spacing the last two shots 3 weeks apart won’t do anything. So you’re meaning wait 3 weeks then use 250mg then wait another 3 weeks and use the last 250mg? That’s ridiculous lol. tapering (which long esters essentially do on their own) is calculating half life’s and making a plan on using an amount and slowly decreasing it each week. The goal is to keep your levels decreasing as consistently as possible. its a little harder with sustanon250 because it has two shorter esters and two longer ones. But in theory you would want to continue weekly frequency of injections and spread the 2ml over the period you want to taper for. To me it’s a complete waste of time in your case. Good luck recovering and getting your balls back at 60 odd.
  5. Yeah my suggestion or advice would be that you don’t need sarms to go from 20% body fat to 10% body fat. Someone qualified would probably give you an eating plan for the same cost of the sarms.
  6. ACL Reconstruction Recovery

    With all injuries, surgeries and rehabs the most important thing is getting the full range of motion back. That’s the first thing you should be aiming to do before you even think about strengthening it or building muscle around it. With an acl injury you should able to fully straighten out your leg after the rehab has been done right. If you can’t then you aren’t using or working your quad muscle to it’s full capacity and that’s why people have trouble building muscle and strength after such injuries - they haven’t rehabbed properly and have lost rom in the leg. If you can’t move through full rom then you can’t build muscle and strength as good as you can using full rom. no reason why it can’t be as good as it were before. If you don’t do things properly you can end up favouring the other knee without even knowing you’re doing it. This is why people often do their acl on other leg after they have had other fixed. so get your rom back then build strength and muscle will come. my brother tore his acl about 18 months ago in a ncaa soccer game. It’s a long road to a full and proper recovery.
  7. Bad UGL gear (Colombia)

    Wouldn’t prevent anything. People still get infections where steroids are fully legal.
  8. GPC TriNation

    Oh well stay in bed then if that worried about it lol
  9. GPC TriNation

    There some weak af people who compete so doubt you’ll come last. Not everyone trains hard for it, some just want to do it cause they enjoy it which is totally fine. Same reason why not everyone is shredded at bodybuilding competitions, they don’t prepare as hard as others or with as much effort/sacrifice. Powerlifting is easy. Generally speaking, if you’re a good bodybuilder and train the right way then chances are you’re an above average powerlifter or if not it’s not difficult to become one with the right direction. If you’re a good strongman/woman well you’re probably going to be a very good powerlifter.
  10. GPC TriNation

    Post in here how you do after the comp.
  11. GPC TriNation

    Why not! You might really enjoy it. One piece of advice if I may, being don’t set your first and second attempts too high. More importantly your first attempt on each lift. It’s a common sight to see first timers missing their first attempt then struggle to come back from that. And it can take the enjoyment out of the event for them. But I’m sure you have some good help in your corner. Have fun.
  12. GPC TriNation

    All the best!
  13. Hi welcome. You want someone to private message you and answer all your questions? I don’t understand this approach. Why not just post on here what you want to know and then people will answer. And if two answers contradict each other naturally those people will debate their opinions and you’ll be able to decide for yourself which method or opinion you think is best for you. Its that easy.
  14. He just did. He told you what he would do, read it and implement it yourself. Otherwise pay him to write you a program. Also there are free beginner programs online and on the forum. Don’t be lazy bro.
  15. Pull up form check

    This is why no one posts on this forum anymore. I just spent a few minutes posting a reply to you with helpful info then you post a pic doing the complete opposite. Why are you adding weight to something you can’t even do properly without weight?
  16. Pull up form check

    Try slowing down and engaging the muscles. Think about what you’re doing as opposed to just pulling yourself up. Sounds silly I know because it’s called a pull up lol. To fix imbalances and weakness’ in movement you have to break it down and identify the weakest part and work forward from there (movement screening). Start doing pull ups with banded assistance for example, focus on what you’re doing. Id also probably go to a physio and get them to take a look. But likely it’s bad habits that have been trained in. See it all the time with people who don’t know how to lift then couple years later they can’t fix it because they have trained to move like that and they won’t drop the weight because they have ego and they never fix it.
  17. Steroid and Blood tests

    Because the powders are all different. Each powder has different properties, those being - colour, texture, hardness, odour, melting point and so on. 1g of test e for example is exactly that, 1000mg of test e. The raw powder isn’t going to be mixed with anything when it’s produced to make it go further that is done at the point of adding the solvents and carrier oil and is simply deciding the concentration or dose.
  18. Keto diet

    What are your eating hours? 1300-2100?
  19. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    You planning to jump the que bro? Straight to the front you reckon?
  20. My brothers & sisters!

    You can still be supportive of her competing but not support her use of aas. She doesn’t have to use aas to compete, especially if it’s her first comp or because it is in a few weeks feeling like she has to use something to speed up process to make it there on time.... why not just pick another competition with more time to prepare?
  21. LOW T & TRT

    Regarding the injections.... it’s time to just man up now, you don’t have no test anymore.
  22. LOW T & TRT

    It all depends how the doctor words your prescription as to whether you can collect all repeats at once or collect them after certain dates. Pharmacies are essentially just businesses, they buy medicine from wholesalers and have monthly accounts they pay. It isn’t good business practise to hold items that don’t sell. Businesses like pharmacy like fast turnover of product. Most wholesalers offer same or next day delivery anyway, so for medicine that is expensive to hold or not commonly asked for this is best option.
  23. Critique my Physique

    Waist of time lol. Physios prescribe it for people with back injuries but it’s quite hard to do properly and worthless imo. Most stuff that activates your core is using your transverse abdominal muscles anyway. It’s not some secret muscle that needs a special exercise to unlock it. Hell when you do a squat ohp or a deadlift you’re using your entire core to stabilise that transverse included. Whats the point of a vacuum pose in bodybuilding anyway? I think it just looks stupid. A solid set of deep cut abdominals is far more impressive imo. when I hear vacuum pose these days I just automatically think of chest 4x a week and skipping leg days then sucking in your stomach and puffing up your chest. Just sfw.
  24. Critique my Physique

    I know you probably mean well but this information is rubbish. Pull overs work the chest and back. The pec is the primary mover and several muscles in the back assist with the movement. The only muscle which has anything to do with the ribcage in a pullover is the serratus which originates on the ribs and goes up to the shoulder blade. All it does is stabilize the scapula in a pull over. OP, you are going to get far more bang for your buck so to speak by just sticking to a basic programme with compound lifts and then making up the remainder of your session with some volume using good intensity on different exercises which you can switch out regularly to stop you getting bored. then of course eating a lot of good food and rest.
  25. AAS and depression

    In short, what your hormones are doing affects your mental state/wellbeing. It’s throwing another spanner in the works which might help you feel good about for yourself the duration of the cycle, but afterwards? People just think about being on and that 8-15 weeks. So what about afterwards, because that is part of using too.