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  1. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    Congratulations bro. All the best for the next step
  2. Cialis

    If it’s prescription only or pharmacist only then obviously not. But LE isn’t going to kick your door down over 20 dick pills dude.

    No idea.

    Anavar only, why not? And yeah it’s very good.
  5. Test cycle

    Have you considered an Anavar cycle or a SARM such as ostarine. If it’s not a long term vision to use AAS and it’s not for a sporting purpose they are options worthy of consideration. 1ml/250mg a week will do the trick. Your training just has to be hard and consistent as well as your food intake. On 500mg/week you can afford to skip some training days and not eat as much and yield the same results. Which of course is not advised but it’s just a fact of the matter when you’re taking double the amount of testosterone. If I knew you and you asked me which, if you were lazy and inconsistent I would first say nothing then I would say 500. If you were motivated and knew your stuff I would say 250. As for pct, yes you want to do a pct.
  6. steroids within new zealand

    Amen brother.
  7. Clenbuterol

    Generally you start off on a low dose for a few days then increase it slightly and continue as so. When you find yourself cramping or other side effects it’s a good sign to drop it down to the dose you were on before you increased it to the dosage that gives you the problems. should already know that bro if you are going to use it.
  8. RIP Old Bull

    It’s with sadness that I share the news of the passing of one of our oldest members, OLD BULL. Old Bull passed away yesterday on the 6th April. Old Bull was one of our oldest current contributing members. He joined our forum in December of 2005 when it was nzbb.co.nz or (new Zealand bodybuilding) and was a consistent contributor from then till now. Always posting quality content sharing his vast knowledge. He ran a training journal titled “Beaten paths are for beaten men”. Old Bull or OB’s name is Warren Trent, he lived in wellington and was involved in the NZPF (New Zealand powerlifting federation) and was the man for the central districts affiliate of that. He owned and ran the powerhouse gym in central Wellington. A no nonsense strength gym that is well known in the strength and lifting community. From world champion powerlifters to all black rugby players training there, if you want to get strong this is the place to go. Rest In Peace OB, you’ll be missed by all of us around here. See you on the other side.
  9. Clenbuterol

    It’s illegal and you don’t need it. Do a diet. Wasting your money. I sent you a private message regarding a nutritionist.
  10. Natty Lifter

    You have some good muscle there bro. You’d see good results from a low dose cycle of testosterone or some Anavar if you wanted to cycle orally. The Anavar wouldn’t give you huge gains but would be quality gains. you would probably want to sort out the diet and the sleep before you started so you could get the most out of the cycle. Creating a good environment while on the cycle is of utmost importance these things being nutrition, sleep and training. You also want to be in a good state of mind. Steroids won’t fix problems, my suggestion would be to resolve problems in relationships and work place or whatever is frustrating you prior to starting. but you definitely have a good base there and you could get some nice gains if you decided to go down that path. good luck.
  11. Well there are also a plethora of studies to show that the placebo affect is real and is one of the most consistent and powerful overall treatments in medicine. Regardless of what you think of placebo that it’s a load of shit or you believe in it, without taking it it’s impossible to know. Also if someone did the standard pct and it worked. Would mean they didn’t do the taper protocol which is what you are promoting, does that mean tapering doesn’t work? Because they didn’t do tapering method and they still recovered fine without it.
  12. If these dealers needed to make a profit out of time off and were finding themselves short of money without nolva, Clomid, hcg etc. They would have just made the steroids more expensive. That would be easier and more logical than wasting time trying to trick people on the internet. Profit on nolvadex and Clomid in USA, Europe, Asia is next to nothing. Would be pointless even selling it. So I don’t think that hypothesis is right mate.
  13. Everyone I know who has done pct including hcg has recovered better those times than the times they didn’t. Basically you can find a study out there to support any claim. Has the whole bbing world been doing it wrong for all these decades. Because it has seemed to work for the majority just fine?
  14. It means the compound has crashed. Either been stored at too low of a temperature or the concentration is too high to be stable in the solvents and carrier oil used.
  15. The struggle is real... Advice

    Just gotta get in there and do it man. Alternatively if you don’t love the gym anymore there are other things to do which will burn calories and burn off some steam... swimming, buy a Mtn bike, boxing/bjj. or keep at the gym, you don’t have to start back into a 5 or 6 day routine like you finished on before you got injuried. Why not just aim to go twice a week and make them quality sessions. After a month increase it to 3 times a week and then to 4 and so on until you are going the amount you want. That’s the easy way to do it and will have less chance of failure.