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  1. Losing weight while on test only

    Too fat to even be considering using steroids. Don’t be silly bro. If you need to lose 60kg to be 75kg at 12% body fat you should be loosing weight super fast anyway. If you are 60kg over 75kg with 12%bodyfat then your body fat to lean body mass ratio is hugely out of proportion. Just some cardio and eat less. i wouldn’t even use anything until minimum you got to 75kg at 12% and wanted to build on that. Otherwise too much bodyfat and not enough muscle mass. sorry bro, harsh but true.
  2. Tren High BP

    Just use less Tren... lol
  3. TRT in Oamaru

    Good luck with that. A doctor earning $200k/annum risking their registration for meat head bodybuilders. Not likely lol. They get audited bro, it’s not just a free for all because they have authority to issue prescriptions. Lots of medicines can only be prescribed by a specialist anyway. A private doctor operates under the same medical legislations and rules as a public doctor. Only difference is one is partly funded by the govt when you visit and the other isn’t. Just because you pay the full cost of consultation going private doesn’t medically entitle you to anything more.
  4. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    Lol chase your dream bro!
  5. My DNP Cycle Log

    Dnp does not burn fat, it starts a process which basically creates heat and burns energy. It works best with carbohydrates. If you’re trying to prevent heating up on dnp then it’s absolutley pointless taking it. You need carbs to replenish glycogen. How are you meant to train on dnp with no carbs lol you’ll be flat as a pancake and have no energy. Any drug whether it be a fat burner or a muscle builder should compliment your regime not turn it upside down. I am yet to see any before and after pictures on this forum or any forum of one let alone a group of people who have used it successfully but you’re welcome to be the first. might sound harsh, but if you can’t achieve your desired look with clenbuterol or a clen/t3 cycle then you don’t know how to diet. and it’s mg not mcg. 400mcg of dnp wont do anything.
  6. No pct after cycle

    That would be about normal. Finished end of December. Most wouldn’t normally start pct until towards the end of January anyway. February has passed and March is when you start noticing a decline. So that’s like what 8 weeks total? I wouldn’t expect sex drive, muscle mass, strength, feeling of wellbeing to all hit rock bottom any sooner than that if I just finished cold turkey. People aren’t touching pct until 3 sometimes 4 weeks after their last shot. So Where to go from here? If it was me, which it wouldn’t be lol but if it was I’d probably use some pct drugs and buy some otc supplements. Train hard and heavy, eat good clean foods and get good sleep, stay off the booze and away from shitty foods and have a good mindset.
  7. No pct after cycle

    Should get your pct when you get your cycle. If can’t find it don’t start. There is a reason pct is a thing.
  8. DHEA in pct ?

    Look after yourself bro, wishing you good health.
  9. Just protein code

    I have gone back to Bsc. Only having 1 or 2 serves per day. The weekly cost of the total serves is bugger all difference. I would rather have a protein powder that tastes better and has more micronutrients. No one is overseeing what these backyard protein powders contain either. With the likes of balance or bsc you know exactly what you are getting per serve and what you aren’t getting. I enjoyed using just protein but gone off it the same reason I went off nutratech years ago when I thought it was a good deal - Tastes like crap lol. i used to use a lot of powder since using less I feel a lot better.
  10. First GPC powerlifting meet at 16

    I had a quick look at your Instagram. Open lighter would be my advice bro, that doesn’t have to mean you’ll finish with a smaller total either. But it means you’ll build much more confidence as the attempts roll through and won’t run into any problems missing your first then panicking on your 2nd attempt. Remember the weights can go up in as minimal as 2.5kg increments not 10kg increments, you don’t have to round it to the nearest 10 kilogram number. Most importantly have fun and enjoy the event.
  11. getstrength nz

    Same thing happened to me. It’s most unfortnate because their gear is really good. But yeah shit service, wouldn’t buy from them again.
  12. Protein on a budget

    Think per serve bro not per week. By not buying the protein powder it’s actually more expensive. Save up for it. Justprotein sells it by the kg it’s like $35. If you are broke you could just solely have that for your protein source. I have done before when I was a teenager and broke.
  13. Protein on a budget

    Protein powder and eggs.
  14. Diet

    Don’t count calories at 15 years old bro. Just eat lots of good healthy food and train hard. Enjoy it.
  15. 2017 log

    I did 290 last week when I retested after the 5 week block. Got an easy 250 squat in sleeves and I'm doing ohp movements now. Moved away from benching but doing it occasionally as an assistance lift to my ohp day. Just focusing on the gymnastics and fitness now though. Whether you deadlift 260 or 300 won't really make a difference to crossfit. Most things will be a small enough % of that, that a bigger max really won't add any benefit. Have been running my trainings as below I think this format will work best for me but my weaknesses are different to everyone else's, fitness comes quick but gymnastics and oly lifting takes lots of practise so I think putting more time into them is more valuable. My sessions are running for a good 2 hours most days. With mobility stuff done at home when I have spare time. Monday: lifting (snatch) ,gymnastics, strength (DL) (example day - Snatch, Snatch pulls, Snatch balance etc, then a deadlift variation and some assistance so strict pull ups and rows or something, then big emom of gymnastics to finish) Tuesday: long conditioning / aerobic work Wednesday: lifting (cleans) / gymnastics / strength (squat) Thursday: rest Friday: lifting (jerks) / gymnastics / strength (ohp) Saturday: Crossfit Sunday: rest I also think I perform and feel a lot better with 2 rest days, if I train 6 days in a row I feel fucked and can’t get good intensity. The gymnastics I add other skills in there and make a wod out of them like an emom type thing. Im thinking of expanding my split out to a ten day cycle rather than a 7 day as listed above. Maybe compressing the 3 strength sessions into 2 and allowing for a bit more fitness and skill work. At least until I master more of the skill/movements. as I get better I will update more.