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  1. Put on the nz powerlifting buy sell swap page on fb bro be gone in a minute
  2. Fast Bulking

    How charitable of you.
  3. Beginner Cycle Advice

    This has been covered multiple times. Most recently in a thread not long ago. Read some of the content in this sub forum.
  4. Is it this simple

    Right track bro just give it time.
  5. Test Prop

    Why are you so set on test propionate?
  6. Test Prop

    I’d finish the cycle with a short simple taper. Don’t over think it. Honestly some people can run 2000mg of test and not get any signs of gyno others will get a flare up off 200mg. It’s the same as some people having clear skin and others being covered in oily acne from their cycle. who knows until you do it. I would say the fatter you are the higher the probability of getting gyno.
  7. Test Prop

    Apart from that, the leaner you can get before you start the better. And gyno can always be an issue. Better to have tamoxifen and not need it. Than to need it and not be able to get it. Good luck.
  8. Test Prop

    Hi when I talk about test propionate, test suspension and test no-ester etc I prefer to go off daily or eod dosings rather than a weekly amount as it is a short ester. With test prop you would be better off using slightly lower dosages and taking them more frequently than what you are thinking 200mg twice a week is quite a dose one day followed by nothing for a few days. That is an injection schedule suited more to a longer ester such as enanthate or cypionate. I suggest using one of those esters for the fact that it will be easier to keep your hormones more stable and when you finish they essentially taper off nicely by themselves. If you are set on test prop I suggest 150mg eod which will give you around 600mg per week. That’s going to be a good dose for you.
  9. Fake gear

    Not meant to be like that. Doesn’t mean it’s fake, could just mean it hasn’t been made the right way.
  10. Estrogen blockers . And tips

    Smh. It’s basically the same cycle.
  11. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    Congratulations bro. All the best for the next step
  12. Cialis

    If it’s prescription only or pharmacist only then obviously not. But LE isn’t going to kick your door down over 20 dick pills dude.

    No idea.

    Anavar only, why not? And yeah it’s very good.
  15. Test cycle

    Have you considered an Anavar cycle or a SARM such as ostarine. If it’s not a long term vision to use AAS and it’s not for a sporting purpose they are options worthy of consideration. 1ml/250mg a week will do the trick. Your training just has to be hard and consistent as well as your food intake. On 500mg/week you can afford to skip some training days and not eat as much and yield the same results. Which of course is not advised but it’s just a fact of the matter when you’re taking double the amount of testosterone. If I knew you and you asked me which, if you were lazy and inconsistent I would first say nothing then I would say 500. If you were motivated and knew your stuff I would say 250. As for pct, yes you want to do a pct.