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  1. AAS and depression

    In short, what your hormones are doing affects your mental state/wellbeing. It’s throwing another spanner in the works which might help you feel good about for yourself the duration of the cycle, but afterwards? People just think about being on and that 8-15 weeks. So what about afterwards, because that is part of using too.
  2. AAS and depression

    If you are on anti depressants then you have no bussiness using AAS. I dont know about everyone else but I’m ‘mental healthed out’. That’s all you hear about these days, most of it is a crock of shit.
  3. Shout out to Dunedin; posing suits

    Try the local Nabba rep they will know all the local competitors and might be one who could help you.
  4. Critique my Physique

    Good stuff man, just keep hitting everything hard. Will all come together in time.
  5. LOW T & TRT

    He was just quoting what it says on the instructions inside the box bro.
  6. Lame reason to lift...??

    This smells like bacon. Besides that, I don’t think steroids are the answer. What if it turns your dick limp then what will your mrs do. Eat.
  7. Lean Muscle help

    Muscle and lean muscle is the same thing bro. There are only 3 types of muscle - smooth, skeletal and cardiac. The muscle type everyone talks about on this forum is skeletal muscle (muscle on your body attached to your skeleton). No such thing as muscle and lean muscle being separate things. It’s the same thing. If you want to be leaner so your muscles show more, then you need to drop body fat by eating for your goal and making any training changes I.e cardio. Im reading that you are skinny, have a fast metabolism and want to gain weight. Then im reading that you want to be lean.
  8. LOW T & TRT

    Trt should be at a level where everything in your body is within normal ranges. These are things such as blood pressure, cholesterol, liver and kidney function. So there should be no need to come off ever. Anabolic steroids for TRT and Performing enhancing purposes are two different things. It seems to me like you are getting the two muddled.
  9. LOW T & TRT

    what do you mean let your natural testosterone restore? Why would you want to do that bro. The whole point of trt is because you don’t have enough testosterone worth restoring. 1mg per day of arimidex is excessive. You shouldn’t need any arimidex on trt. Bodybuilders and powerlifters who are running 1000s of milligrams per week don’t even use 1mg adex every day. Just because they come in 1mg tablets doesn’t mean you take the whole one lol. They aren’t made for men on trt that’s why you won’t find 0.25mg tablets.
  10. LOW T & TRT

    The guy at the men’s clinic was absolutely rinsing you mate. $550 for 10ml lol. If those are your options you want to get the reandron which is 250mg/ml testosterone decanoate. It’s the best bang for your buck and is suited to what you want it for. The ester weight is bigger on that testosterone so you could take the full 250mg (1ml) every 10 or 11 days. You may need less though. That’s something you’ll have to work out. That will make the 4ml vial last the 42 days before you can get the next one. The doctor will probably suggest taking all 1000mg (4ml) at once but if you can get to a nurse or do it yourself the way I mentioned will be better. Thing is trt isn’t so much about the dosage. Everyone gets caught up in “100mg is the wrong amount, you need to do 123.5mg blah blah”. What’s more important is that you are maintaining a stable level of testosterone for the entirety of the time between treatments. so you have energy and sex drive and all the things you lack when your testosterone is low. It’s no good being energiser bunny for 4 weeks then a sack of shit for 2 weeks. I hope you get what I’m saying and it was helpful.
  11. Hello

    Hey bro! What was your old username?
  12. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    It’s not bodybuilding bro. Smh.
  13. Weakness and wanting to start protein drinks

    Join a gym and go 3-4xweek. If you don’t have time, make time. Anyone can find time for anything if it is of importance to them (priorities) :)
  14. Clear Tren

    Not Tren. Next...
  15. sarmsnz.co.nz review??

    Doubt it.