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  1. Customs are only opening up glassware packages to check the contents matches the consignment note and to assess if the contents are for bussiness use or not. So then they can charge duty or not charge it. They can't get a search warrant using glass vials as evidence of drug supply. That would be like them trying to get a search warrant on someone importing hydroponic lights. They are just small glass bottles, not illegal by any means. Order a few hundred vials and it will be opened unless the sender is fudging the invoice. You just want to pre pay the duty, which you have that option to pre pay duty with some carriers then the parcel won't be opened at all.
  2. You have to have paid tax either by way of PAYE or some other by paying provisional tax in order to get tax back in the first place . If u start a small business as a sole trader i.e not a company then any business loss is offset against your Paye job and u get tax back . If u start a business and have never paid tax then why run it at a loss. You should be in business to make money not to run at a loss and lose money. Go talk to an accountant mate. As for the idea, go for it. If it doesn't work out then at least you tried.
  3. Would reccomend Jordan (trainlikeafreak) he has excellent knowledge. His knowledge is current, he has common sense and he competes himself so can relate to his clients. All of Jordan's clients who compete are always of a really good standard. The transformations or comp preps are legit, no bs photos and nonsense. I hate online pts they are almost all cookie cutters and charge far more than they are worth. They do it cause it's easy money and takes no time. At least you are in the same city as Jordan so you can catch up in person on a regular basis. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if someone is just pulling your chain over the Internet. just my opinion which was asked.
  4. If you have been training that long and have a good base then it's not going to be detrimental having a couple of months of not training at all. So just take it off man, go with the flow and get your hunger to train back again and let the enjoyment come back. Then once you are ready the process is simple. Not a big deal.
  5. ADDRESS! What is the address of the venue where you hold these trainings? Smh.
  6. Looking solid though bro
  7. Lol 32? Lebron is 32, you watched him lately?
  8. Pm me we sort bro
  9. I have in the past, but not anymore. Yeah man could link up for a train.
  10. I used to be a member at global. And live in Tauranga. One of the new owners of global, Kaye. has lots of knowledge on bodybuilding prep. I'm sure she would be much more help to you than some bro in the gym.
  11. I think romano is an idiot.
  12. To be honest the young and dumb are these days the majority of users. It is becoming more uncommon to find people who have good knowledge on the whole subject. So her results will probably represent the majority I would say. Personally I wouldn't meet someone I didn't know and spill my guts for $500 worth of vouchers, but that's just me and doesn't mean no one will do it. Anyway I hope you get enough info to make it successful.
  13. what made you choose this subject?
  14. Sore nipples and post injection pain seem like it'll be ok gear to me. Maybe too much BA in the batch, could be propionate or could be low quality powder that hasn't been washed properly. New brand and sore nipples have gone away. Hmmm dunno about that one mate, all sounds a bit dodgy too me.
  15. People are obsessed with shoes and lifting. Every second comment on Brett's Instagram is asking about shoes. The guy should make his own shoe, would make a fortune off all these stupid idiots. Powerlifters and shoes ffs. basketball players don't fuss over their shoes as much lol.