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  1. Steroids

    I hear reddit is the place to go for ridiculously cheap gear that doesn't arrive.
  2. Sarms

  3. Smith machine squats.

    You would want your feet out and be pushing back into the bar. Your feet forward enough so that when you hit depth and push out that your back is straight and your knees are in a safe position which is probably not tracking forward at all. Probably better options for longevity of your body which will yield the same gain.
  4. Former Waikato steroid dealer

    Dogs are an outdated method for interception. Also there are statistics on the 1st xv drug testing. No one has tested positive for anabolic steroids. If any kid did it would be on the front page of the herald and you would know about it I would think.
  5. https://i.stuff.co.nz/national/health/97532800/former-dealer-blows-lid-on-rampant-steroid-use-by-young-men
  6. True Half-life Tables

    Its not accurate information is all I'm saying bro.
  7. True Half-life Tables

    I know what it means. I was asking what it means in regards to this post. Equipoise is just a brand name a drug company gave to their product. Equipoise isn't an ester. For something supposedly written by scientists it's pretty sloppy. Hey slin warrior, it's usually best to know what you're using before you take it bro. Not find out what you're actually taking when you read it on an Internet forum. Aren't you using like 4000mg of gear all up a week and you don't know how it all works lol ffs.
  8. True Half-life Tables

    Also what is the difference in stanozolol depot and oral Stan? It's exactly the same thing!!! There is no difference the only difference is how it is administered either IM or orally. The things you are adding to the powder to change it into the white liquid we all know do nothing to the active ingredient whatsoever. if turning it into a suspension changes that then why doesn't mixing it with fillers and binders to press tablets do the same thing? Injectable winny is just micronised stanozolol powder suspended in either water or oil. It's the same thing. And with the injectable it has been proven you are getting more nitrogen retention so it's actually better. I'm sorry but this information is not credible.
  9. True Half-life Tables

    Equipoise? I'm confused.. whoever wrote this must mean undecylnate? Equipoise is boldenone and it's also common in acetate and cypionate esters... why does it say equipoise? What does "equipoise" mean? Also this % doesn't really mean anything other than exactly that. Each compound and ester has its merits. If it was all just about the highest amount g for g everyone would just use TNE and orals. Which is why saying something sucks because you are only getting 61% of what you are taking is a dumb way to look at it. But it is an excuse to use even more eh?
  10. Mind muscle is bullshit bro I don't even know wtf that means and I have been lifting weights for over 16 years. Compound and isolation exercises or moving weight and working the muscle. These are real things and not some hippy shit. if you aren't feeling the muscle working reassess the exercises you are doing, the way you are doing them, drop the weight on the bar. Look at things like tempo, range of motion, pre exhausting and just think about things. If you are doing a seated row pull your elbows back with your back. Not your hands back with your biceps. This kind of thing. There is no mind muscle connection bro, you are just either doing it correctly it you're doing or incorrectly.
  11. Train hard and clean and big. Read lots online and ask lots, you have a year. Shouldn't even need a prep coach just a person or forum to bounce ideas off. Whats the obsession everyone has with coaches to prep them and shit. Learn it yourself! That's half the fun and half the journey. The better you understand it the better you'll do at it.
  12. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't they already give you an answer?
  13. Bacardi 151

    Yeah, oops just noticed what section of the forum I posted this in.
  14. Bacardi 151

    Seems importers have stopped bringing this into NZ now. Anyone know of any other 151 proof alcohol You can buy at the bottle shop and is commonly stocked? TIA.
  15. Kiwijuicenz

    Having higher AAS prices isn't always a bad thing. It discourages people being stupid and makes it more difficult for people who shouldn't be using it to use it e.g school kids, muppets.