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  1. 2017 log

    I did 290 last week when I retested after the 5 week block. Got an easy 250 squat in sleeves and I'm doing ohp movements now. Moved away from benching but doing it occasionally as an assistance lift to my ohp day. Just focusing on the gymnastics and fitness now though. Whether you deadlift 260 or 300 won't really make a difference to crossfit. Most things will be a small enough % of that, that a bigger max really won't add any benefit. Have been running my trainings as below I think this format will work best for me but my weaknesses are different to everyone else's, fitness comes quick but gymnastics and oly lifting takes lots of practise so I think putting more time into them is more valuable. My sessions are running for a good 2 hours most days. With mobility stuff done at home when I have spare time. Monday: lifting (snatch) ,gymnastics, strength (DL) (example day - Snatch, Snatch pulls, Snatch balance etc, then a deadlift variation and some assistance so strict pull ups and rows or something, then big emom of gymnastics to finish) Tuesday: long conditioning / aerobic work Wednesday: lifting (cleans) / gymnastics / strength (squat) Thursday: rest Friday: lifting (jerks) / gymnastics / strength (ohp) Saturday: Crossfit Sunday: rest I also think I perform and feel a lot better with 2 rest days, if I train 6 days in a row I feel fucked and can’t get good intensity. The gymnastics I add other skills in there and make a wod out of them like an emom type thing. Im thinking of expanding my split out to a ten day cycle rather than a 7 day as listed above. Maybe compressing the 3 strength sessions into 2 and allowing for a bit more fitness and skill work. At least until I master more of the skill/movements. as I get better I will update more.
  2. 15 year old body builder

    I use 'just protein' you can find them on Google or Facebook. It's cheap and it is good.
  3. 15 year old body builder

    Easy man now you just need some snacks in between breakfast and lunch, and between lunch and dinner. Some protein and carbs. So for example a tin of salmon and some potatoe or kumara or rice. That meal has good fat in it too so will be even better. Remember to have some fibre too so greens I'm guessing your parents will include those in dinner. Then after dinner protein powder and milk is an easy cheap last meal of the day. Be consistent man and you'll grow
  4. 15 year old body builder

    Hey man, since you are 15 and your parents cook for you, it's probably easier if you tell us what you eat then we could suggest additions to that. Rather than someone spend time writing you a diet plan that is probably impossible for you to follow
  5. I need help with dieting for strength

    Bro, go see this guy. https://jordanearlfitness.com/home I can vouch for him, he knows his stuff. He's got a degree and he walks the walk having competed at a national level. He will sort you out.
  6. New to Bodybuilding Christchurch

    That's just your typical bodybuilder/powerlifter bro. Can't wait to talk about themselves.
  7. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    Hard luck man.
  8. Squat form check. Butt wink?

    What he said.
  9. Any one can be a bodybuilder now with all the categories. You could literally be a competitive swimmer, do a 6 week diet, put on a pair of board shorts and would be competitive. Its not sad to link it to bodybuilding. There have been two nz ifbb pros convicted of methamphetamine related charges. And other nz bodybuilders who have been charged with meth crime be it possession or supply. people are always up in arms when they bring up that he was a bodybuilder. Well they included his name, his occupation and then there is his hobby which happens to be bodybuilding. After his job it is probably the thing he spent most of his time doing so it's an accurate description of him as a person. Just as if he raced motorcycles, they would refer to him as that. They aren't picking on bodybuilding.
  10. US-style dairy farms coming here?

    So give the farmers more incentive to not sell their farm to foreigners. Let's say a guy who is 55 and has been working his arse off every day on a farm since he was 15. Went without and Saved the money to be able to get finance on the farm and own it. Built it from what it was to what it is today and wants to sell it. Why does he have to settle for what an nz market dictates it's worth? Why can't he sell it to who ever he pleases and maximise what he can get for it? What do you propose?
  11. https://i.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/99045029/michael-harrisoncooper-johnathon-seal-accused-of-importing-50m-methamphetamine-into-christchurch
  12. US-style dairy farms coming here?

    Don't know why everyone is so anti Chinese. It's just scaremongering stuff. Americans and Europeans have been investing in New Zealand massively since the gfc. People who whinge about Chinese investors usually have little facts. The statistics weren't even accurate when they were first released it was just people with Chinese names... as if no nz citizens have Chinese names lol.
  13. US-style dairy farms coming here?

    What's the problem with that? Whoever owned the Farms obviously wanted to sell them to the Chinese buyers. If property and assets are supposedly our own if we own them, then we should be able to sell them to whoever we please for however much we please. its all going to be sent overseas anyway doesn't matter who owns it.
  14. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Oh you're still alive, dammit.
  15. Hgh testing

    A doctors referral for a funded test, yes. Tell them you want to pay for it yourself and that it's for a research project you are doing. Tell them don't ask them. HGH testing is $20 without a referral.