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  1. Is there any proof that vegans are actually any healthier than people who include animal sources in their food intake? im talking apple with apple proof, so example vegan triathletes with Animal fed triathletes. Not 40yo male couch potatoes with active 22yo female vegan students.
  2. 4x drink driving charges is pretty serious bro. Failing to stop at a stop sign or failing to stop for a police officer? you are going to be operating vehicles in the nzdf and potentially carrying passengers. They don't want anyone posing a risk to safety and they only know what they know. Which is your past. I'm not sure how you show someone you are a good person, maybe some voluntary work? Hard luck mate, hope it works out in your favour.
  3. Mash potatoe already has milk and butter in it. Adding cheese is just filthy lol. But each to their own. Mash potatoe and cheese with chocolate milk is a shit post workout meal or any meal to be eating on a regular basis. Quality is more important than quantity. Especially when you are new. People who weigh 75kg shouldn't need to eat unhealthy and make poor choices in relation to beefing up their daily calorie total. That's what people need to do who weigh 125kg and want to get to 135kg.
  4. No it's garbage. It's high in fat and has next to no protein. Why add things like cheese and butter to your potatoes, I know I know to add more calories... what about just eating more potatoe..
  5. LeBron is a better player than Jordan imo. I think Joshua is probably a better boxer too. He won an Olympic gold medal and is so young too not even in his prime. Tyson was just a freak and a killer of course a very good boxer too but when he met bigger greats in their primes he got beaten. Who would win in a fight who knows and who really cares it's impossible to know.
  6. This reminds me of the Jordan or Lebron thing lol
  7. What is the come down like?
  8. You didn't offend me bro, I buy just protein and think it's great too. But I have removed other people's advertising from the forum who have done the same. Just being consistent. Do a review on it and throw a plug in that. Just don't want the forum to become full of just advertisements :) I just bought the super protein, let you know how it is!
  9. Come on bro, that was basically just spam. You can't just post that on here. But feel free to do a review on the protein.
  10. ^ was going to say the same thing.
  11. Rubbish bro. The gym I'm a member of bought one and the welds were of such a low workmanship. And of course the welds cracked. The rings on the bar where the plates butt up against are only spot welded at 12,3,6 and 9 o'clock. Why not just put a decent weld around it would have taken 10 more minutes and used less than $2 of materials. He asked me where to buy bar I said there and makes me look like an idiot. Young nzpf lifter at my gym asked me where to get good first belt he is a student so I said Getstrength... The rivets shat thenselves 2 weeks in. Having said that, the two bars I got from them (cambered and ssb) are great quality I have loaded them well past their rating and thrashed them over the last 3 years and still going strong. lucky dip?
  12. Customs are only opening up glassware packages to check the contents matches the consignment note and to assess if the contents are for bussiness use or not. So then they can charge duty or not charge it. They can't get a search warrant using glass vials as evidence of drug supply. That would be like them trying to get a search warrant on someone importing hydroponic lights. They are just small glass bottles, not illegal by any means. Order a few hundred vials and it will be opened unless the sender is fudging the invoice. You just want to pre pay the duty, which you have that option to pre pay duty with some carriers then the parcel won't be opened at all.
  13. You have to have paid tax either by way of PAYE or some other by paying provisional tax in order to get tax back in the first place . If u start a small business as a sole trader i.e not a company then any business loss is offset against your Paye job and u get tax back . If u start a business and have never paid tax then why run it at a loss. You should be in business to make money not to run at a loss and lose money. Go talk to an accountant mate. As for the idea, go for it. If it doesn't work out then at least you tried.
  14. Would reccomend Jordan (trainlikeafreak) he has excellent knowledge. His knowledge is current, he has common sense and he competes himself so can relate to his clients. All of Jordan's clients who compete are always of a really good standard. The transformations or comp preps are legit, no bs photos and nonsense. I hate online pts they are almost all cookie cutters and charge far more than they are worth. They do it cause it's easy money and takes no time. At least you are in the same city as Jordan so you can catch up in person on a regular basis. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if someone is just pulling your chain over the Internet. just my opinion which was asked.
  15. If you have been training that long and have a good base then it's not going to be detrimental having a couple of months of not training at all. So just take it off man, go with the flow and get your hunger to train back again and let the enjoyment come back. Then once you are ready the process is simple. Not a big deal.