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  1. went through two pairs of get strength sleeves in 3 months. Got a pair of titan yellow jackets and they came apart at the seems and separated after six months. I sent them back and got them replaced no problem. The feel and fit is great and preferred over SBD. I have a pair of SBDs and went by the sizing chart but they are really too big for competition. They are durable for sure but go at least one size smaller.
  2. Strength/Size decline with age

    I didn't start powerlifting until I was 50 and I haven't looked back, I'm 53 now. I have had some pretty decent gains but after the initial gains things slowed down but I still have gains to make. I have been pretty lucky that I haven't had any significant injuries, mostly just aches. I haven't had any blood tests to check T levels but i would be willing to bet they have gone up or stayed steady over the past few years. I'm sure the wife would agree on that too.... I have also started dropping weight and added a good amount of muscle. I have dropped over 10kgs since last July and it cost me a couple of kgs on the platform but that will come back plus some soon enough. As long as you pay attention to what your body tells you going well into old age should be easy enough... I plan on going for a long time yet.
  3. I have some new Titan RPMs.. I wouldn't mind a squat suit to do some heavier training with too...
  4. Got a pink pair for you.......
  5. Hi, do the black titan squat suits have any markings at all? if you lay them over the XXL are they about the same size?
  6. Powerhouse Open?

    can someone tell where the info is? I am thinking about coming up from the South Island to have a go.. Would be a good wrap up comp for the year..
  7. Canterbury Raw Cup 2013

    I live down in Timaru so I don't know much about the gyms in Christchurch. The meet was held at Eastside Barbell. I is a pretty serious looking place with about anything you could want for powerlifting. They are located at CSPC 120 Wainoni Rd Christchurch Check out the faccebook for Canterbury Raw Cup and send a message over if i can help out.
  8. The GetStrength website has some good belts and has a good sale on at the moment on quick release belts for $60.00. I have had some good stuff from them and can recomend their service. http://store.getstrength.com/powerlifting-belt-x-large/
  9. This year's Canterbutry Raw Cup is going to be held on 23 Nov in Christchurch. Notifications have been a little late but info is availible on the CPA Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/events/167017260174749/ CSPC 120 Wainoni rd Christchurch Enter on the day weigh in 9am lifting 11am
  10. I started lifting earlier this year and I have been clicking along just fine. I did about 22 weeks on a 5x5 and 3x3 program and have moved to Texas Method now for the past 8 weeks. I have made good progress achieving 1RM's of 200kg squats, 130kg bench, and 170kgs Deadlift. I am happy with everything but my deadlift and I would like to find someone to give some feedback or coaching. If there is anyone in Timaru who would like to have a lift and give me a hand it would be much appreciated.
  11. I have done very well on 5x5 then 3x3 and in about 7 months achieved a squat of 182kgs +, bench 125kgs and Deadlift 170kgs I have moved on to Texas Method now and still doing good and got my squat to 200kgs. There is no fast way to gain strength really. Remember its not a sprint, its a marathon.