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  1. A fagit lifts - Texass baby!

    monday (setsxreps) front squats 80 1x3 90 1x1 100 1x1 105 5x5 Deadlifts 140 1x3 155 1x1 165 1x1 175 1x1 185 2x2 PR 180 1x2 175 1x2 170 1x2 Tuesday Bench 70 1x3 80 3x5 82.5 1x5 90 SS 1x4 Latpulldown 100 1x10 110 4x8 100 1x10 Facepulls 1x20 Tricep ext 2x20 Lateral Raises 1x30 as per usual diet as been piss poor, worse than usual. anyway just trying to eat when i can and get in training. deadlift seems to be going alright, probably should of had a light session, but ohwell. Starting a new bench program, using sets of 8, 5 and 3. Hopefully it will stop going backwards now
  2. Ed Coan - realtalk

    Bumping this up, listened to this while i was training, or resting, anyway if you are into power lifting it is a must watch, or even just lifting weights. also ill check out the video above too, didnt even realize some had posted another vid in here
  3. A fagit lifts - Texass baby!

    Intensity (setsxreps) Front Squats 80 1x3 90 1x1 100 1x1 110 1x1 115 2x3 rpe10 110 2x3 rpe10 Bench 70 1x3 80 1x1 87.5 2x3 85 1x5 97.5 1x2 SS paused Deadlifts 140 1x3 150 1x1 160 1x1 170 1x1 180 2x3 PR 170 2x3 Latpulldown 100 1x10 110 4x8 DB Incline 36 1x5, 1x4 lol Facepulls 1x25 Tricep Ext 2x20 Lateral Raise 2x20 Havent trained since monday, kinda due to exams and being lazy as shit. Good to get back in the gym though, mentally it was a great train. Rep PR on deads, from this monday, im going to try and train 6 days a week again, before work (working full time for the next few weeks) if i can. Pretty much the same stuff though, have switched around the benching as my benching as turned to shit lately.
  4. A fagit lifts - Texass baby!

    Thanks, yeah its a killer, spent just over three hours in the gym lol
  5. The Overhead Press Challenge

    dont worry bro, ill probably be throwing up a video soon
  6. The Overhead Press Challenge

    Wilks is a good system, one of the best no doubt It is just that soundsgood is a freak, for his lbm to height i doubt there is anyone on this site who comes close really. That OHP is impressive as fuk
  7. A fagit lifts - Texass baby!

    Volume (setsxreps) Front Squats 90 1x1 100 1x1 105 5x5 Bench 80 1x1 85 1x5 82.5 4x5 95 1x2 SS Deadlifts 140 1x3 155 1x1 165 1x1 175 1x5 PR 165 1x5 155 1x5 Latpulldown 100 1x10 110 3x8 100 1x10 Facepulls 1x25 Lateral Raises 1x20 Lateral Raises 1x25
  8. Quest Protein Bars

    http://socialblade.com/ this gives you a range in which earnings will be in. Usually its on the lower end of the scale. Then you have got to factor in other sources of income such as referrals/mentions etc and merchandise.
  9. ditching sheiko for the wookie

    you could always look into getting one of those bench blocks, they look pretty useful. Ill try find a link. https://www.benchblokz.com/home.html could be useful, i think it changes between a 2,3,4 and 5 board. The website seems pretty shit though, but the product looks alright
  10. Hi, new to the site.

    should start a log bro, your lifts are pretty decent, how long did you lift before training for powerlifting?
  11. The Overhead Press Challenge

    Is there a standard camera angle we should use? Also does each rep have to touch the top of the chest or just within an inch of it? Will give this a go, even though ill get wrecked
  12. A fagit lifts - Texass baby!

    Intensity (setsxreps) Front Squats 80 1x3 92.5 1x1 102.5 1x1 112.5 1x5 rpe9 107.5 1x5 rpe9 CG Bench 70 1x3 80 1x1 90 1x4 (roll of shame on the fifth lol) 85 2x3 90 1x1 SS (Slingshot) 100 1x1 SS 105 1x1 SS Deadlifts 140 1x3 160 1x1 172.5 1x1 182.5 3x2 172.5 3x2 Ran out of time, will finish workout tonight, hypertrophy stuff DB Incline 34 1x9 Latpulldown 100 1x10 110 1x8 120 2x8 110 1x8 100 1x10 Facepulls 1x25 Tricep Ext 1x20 Lateral Raises 1x30
  13. nz first luxury gym

    lol imagine the amount of gear you could blast for the same price tfw no luxury gym or gear
  14. Rest times

    looking at soundsgood post it makes more sense now why some would require 10mins plus. plus when i did my attempts only the thirds the a PB so the other attempts i looked at them as warm ups really.
  15. A fagit lifts - Texass baby!

    I really need to make some back squats gains, but just going to see how high i can push my front squats before i do. I think if you did exclusively front squats for a few months you would get pretty damn strong at them