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  1. healthy breakfast suggestion?

    If you're really that strapped for time I'd do up a shake. Whey, oats, banana, egg, yoghurt, peanut butter and milk. Takes no time to make and you can throw it in a shaker and go. Seriously though I start work at 8 but I get up at 5 so I've got time to go to the gym, get home have a good cooked breakfast, get my shit together and then go to work. I'd rather be late for work than miss breakfast.
  2. Do companies "spike" their supplements?

    Oh ok, that's not what they said at all though lol they said it was random but that doesn't surprise me at all
  3. Do companies "spike" their supplements?

    Did anyone catch the piece on 3rd degree tonight? Basically they went into a shop and bought 3 random pre-workouts then had them tested, detonate, craze, and hardcore something can't remember the name. Detonate contained dmaa, the banned party pill ingredient, and the other 2 had ethamphetamine in them. Say no more.
  4. Mr Oympia 2013 predictions

    Cheers, bb.com have a live stream
  5. Mr Oympia 2013 predictions

    Is there any coverage of this anywhere apart from just reading the results?
  6. eggs

    You can get a double tray pack (60) from Pak n Save for around $11-$14 depending on specials etc. Eat 'em whole. Get swole. Otherwise you could get powered egg whites which are alot cheaper than the liquid ones, but taste pretty ass really.
  7. Calorie/nutrient tracker

    The problem is the micro-nutrient breakdown is dependant on what's input into the database, and in most cases the data is just taken off the nutritional label which doesn't usually state it. I've used the mynetdiary app and it does list micros on it, but you'd really end up having to input all your foods into the database with updated micros to make sure they're all accurate.
  8. Easy Brown Rice

    Hmm, that's the first I've heard of that. Like Leeroid I'll just eat it at room temp all the time, never had an issue
  9. Pre workout - Whats good these days?

    Coffee. I've only ever tried 1 pre-workout, but I'm pretty sure the main ingredient in them is caffeine anyway
  10. Is your job bullshit?

    I used to work in a management role, and in some ways it was a little bit pointless, but mainly because my philosophy was to train my team well enough that they don't need me. That was the sign that I was doing my job well. I'm working as a mechanic now, which definitely has a positive effect on many more peoples lives, but I get paid waaaaaay less than I used to. I think it really depends on what you consider to be important
  11. Having a cheeky perv at you gurl

    You're right, you can't expect people not to look when you wear stuff like that. If you don't want people to look at you then you better stop giving them a good reason to
  12. Quinoa Oatmeal

    Yeah man it good ways to make vegetables awesome and it's hilarious too
  13. Quinoa Oatmeal

    Found this recipe the other night and gave it a whirl this morning. Goddamn! Had to share. I'm not usually a huge fan of oats or quinoa but this was real good. I put some honey in to sweeten and topped it with banana and chopped almonds. Throw in a scoop of protein for extra goodness and you got yourself an actual breakfast food worth eating (I usually do beans and eggs or salmon). Courtesy of Thug Kitchen. http://thugkitchen.com/post/51561424744/dont-give-me-that-i-dont-eat-breakfast
  14. Affects of Cutting

    Cheers man, I don't know if I'd be able to go that long without food lol, but I've heard from a few people that it works well for them. I think I've found a way to manage it - I workout first thing in the morning, then have a good size breakfast about 7. Small snack at 10 then a largeish lunch at 12. A small meal at 3 keeps me going til dinner about 6, then I eat just before bed around 9. Before I was trying to divide my meals up equally which just wasn't enough to keep me going. I found the key for me is having a good size breakfast and that sets me up for the day. Thanks for the advice guys