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  1. Sonny bill Williams

    I'm a whitey so don't have any experience with genes like Sonny Bill, but when he went to Japan for a season I remember seeing a photo of him training, the size and muscle striations he had seemed to me to be impossible to achieve without gear. But I'm not SBW, he's a 1 in 4 million. An ex girlfriend of mine dated a Waikato Chiefs player. She said he was popping pills all day long, spilling them in the bathroom. I'm guessing they were amino acids. Be good to know exactly what a Super 15 player eats and uses as supplements. They seem to keep a lot of condition and strength on considering the amount of energy they burn.
  2. 40 mins, Morning and Evening

    Honestly brother, you've got so far to go with nutrition and training I'd save up my cash and get a personal trainer twice a week. Then do everything they say, make small changes and work with them. Coming from that diet and knowledge and trying to climb Mount Everest is a big ask. Get a profesional to guide you, listen to them and most importantly do what they say.
  3. Strange question

    Not being able to eat before exercise and dry reaching, possibly might have a stomach ulcer. I had one and didn't really feel any noticeable pain but would dry reach when doing exercise, drinking, eating lots of protein, or having a cigarette. You could try Gaviscon or Mylanta from the Chemist, and if that doesn't work GP's have some good meds. If it is an ulcer it will take a while to come right.
  4. Why aren't roids legal

    OK. I always thought the Men's Clinic only prescribed a maximum of probably 250 test per week, and to get that you needed to probably go through a testosterone blood test and documented lack of vigour. Are you saying that turning up with the $ they will send you away with Tren, test, a Dbol kickstart? Serious question. Or do they have strict guidelines they must adhere to. Such as, are you a bodybuilder aiming for a competition?, are you an aging gent who is lacking some grunt?. I guess what I'm trying to ask is if someone was to turn up to a Men's Health Clinic, how do you go about getting prescirbed what you need to compete?. I'm not sure if I'm a bit dumb to the ways of the world and this is something that should maybe not be discussed on a forum, but I'd genuinely like to know. If there are legal avenues to obtain compounds used for the sport, then it would be good to discuss how to go about it.
  5. Can anybody explain to me why roids aren't legal? I don't get it. If you order Nova online from overseas and it gets detained by customs you get a notice saying something about how the product you have ordered is for image enhancement. So what's the deal? That stuff isn't even a steroid, yet some tie wearing policitically correct fat red tape f*cker in the beehive has decided that this product is not going to get into NZ? Why? is he worried that some 20 something will turn himself into a woman conquering f*ck fest and steal his wife?? Why do the powers that run New Zealand decide that these products are such a bad thing? Surely in moderation these products when with the correct advice and sensible use provide the user with good satisfaction and a better existence. Is it because most of the products are administered through a needle, conjuring up all sorts of stereotypes associated with drug use. Most people on a low dose of steroids I'm guessing will report increased feelings of wellbeing, good times with the opposite sex, or whatever your flavour, and minimal negative side effects, so what's the deal? Surely if we had a country that legalised the use of a good baseline dose of steroids through a GP for image enhancement it would do a lot for tourism. It would become a mecca for bodybuilding comps and sexy women . If GP's could do this and keep tabs on various side effects, explain the associated risks and monitor cycling on and off, surely it would be a healthy practice, healthier than drinking? probably. I just don't understand why it is deemed illegal for me to want to improve my physique when these products are available. I'm not looking at becoming a P addict and stealing things to fund an addiction. I see it as the way of the modern man or current generation. Fit is good. Any police on this site want to comment?
  6. Carcinogenic shampoo, handwash and soap!

    Just shows that we are ingesting a lot of chemicals all the time, yet the irony is we are not allowed to put certain chemicals in our own bodies because it is deemed illegal. I lived in one of the more reputable vegetable growing areas in NZ, and got to know one of the growers well. He told me there were withholding periods for sprays used on vegetables, yet a lot of growers did not stick to this. The worst vegetable in this instance is the Brussell Sprout which is very susceptiable to insect attack. Market gardeners amongst themselves in NZ refer to them as chemical bombs as they are usually sprayed a couple of days before hitting the shelves. It's an industry secret. Try telling your conservative parents about issues like this and they will trun a blind eye, yet mine and their friends are in there mid 60's, avid vegetable eaters from the supermarket all their life, and are all getting Alsymers and Parkinsons, coincidence??
  7. What are some good fat burners out there ?

    Have found Grenade fat burner with Primaforce Max CLA a good combination