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  1. Everyone die from roids?
  2. Testosterone.

  3. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Could always add some mixed vegetables into your mince so you dont die.
  4. 260kg block pull w/straps @ 16

    Dang. Nice, wish i was that strong at 16.
  5. Best all round Multi Vit

    Dont know which multi V's are best or if they even do anything but i use the Boost disolve in water ones. Healtheries 1500mg Fish oil.
  6. New to Bodybuilding Christchurch

    Sounds like me.
  7. Urgent Diet Help Required

    If shitting under the mattress is a bit difficult take one of those dehydrated smelly orange pisses instead.
  8. Urgent Diet Help Required

    Just clean it all up yourself then take a dump under their bed matresses. Wank where ever you please.
  9. Protein on a budget

    The nutritional panel by law apparently is allowed to be up to 20% wrong.
  10. Protein on a budget

    How do you do that? They wrap up the bag with a sticky printed barcode
  11. Mobility Megathread

    Check out the book 'Becoming a supple Leopard' by kelly starrett.
  12. best on the go dairy protein

    f*ck you're a fussy kaant.
  13. best on the go dairy protein

    OP: i think Psudo posted something about cricket protein powder once. Definitely something id like to try... Anyway heres Joe Rogan talking about bugs
  14. best on the go dairy protein

    Where do you get Nutolene from?