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    AAS and depression

    I suffer from bouts of depression regardless being ON or OFF more so when I’m off! Post cycle anxiety and depression can become overwhelming maybe it’s because in my head I feel smaller and weaker then when I’m ON? all I know is I must stay physically active keep up the cardio etc and keep my meals clean this does help me... eitherwise it’s down hill fast
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    AAS and depression

    There is some thought regards 5-htp being unable to pass the blood brain barrier in significant amounts to have any therapeutic effect.. I believe I read somewhere vit-B6 needs to be present for conversion to take place (BUT NOT AS A SUPPLEMENT) only in diet, as the presence of B6 taken in conjunction with 5-htp would cause conversion to serotonin in the gut (where the majority of bodily serotonin generally resides), not conversion in the brain neurons (where you would prefer).. Lack of serotonin is not normally a problem on-cycle, it is generally post cycle where problems tend to arise (when estrogen is normally out of whack).. Keeping to a lower dose (as you propose) and tapering off towards the end of cycle, plus eating the correct nutrients should negate any/most depressive problems post cycle..
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    Lame reason to lift...??

    Pack your shit up and f*ck off or steal a plane and fly it into your house. This thread still stinks of bullshit.
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    Cycle after a break

    Here m8z
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    To cycle or not to?

    Bro i sooooo love the "plan is for 1 cycle only". once you go to the dark side theres no turning back! Your young stay away from the gear, eat more, train more, it will all come together in good time.
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    AAS and depression

    If you are on anti depressants then you have no bussiness using AAS. I dont know about everyone else but I’m ‘mental healthed out’. That’s all you hear about these days, most of it is a crock of shit.
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    Lame reason to lift...??

    At least part of the reason we've been together 14 years is because I care a lot. But every man has his limits, and you are right, not healthy - and recent developments have indeed made me insecure for the first time since we got together in 2004...
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    Lame reason to lift...??

    Muscle boys are some of the shallowest people on the planet, mate. All about the aesthetics, I mean how else do you explain synthol...and in fact roids probably fall into that definition, too. Which doesn't make you wrong, of course (it is quite acceptable to be a hypocrite - see the tuquoque fallacy). There's plenty truth there, the Mrs has taken to spending too much time on social media (any time on SM is too much) getting unrealistic expectations for life, as one does. After 14 years, it's unsettling. She's become selfish and self absorbed, which never was the case before. Midlife crisis bollocks. Which does suck. Anyway. All part of growing up eh.
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    Critique my Physique

    Here are my very underwhelming legs:
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    Lame reason to lift...??

    If your been together for 14 years who cares.. Obviously your interests are else where in terms of sport, weightlifting will only hinder performance of these interests. Or do you feel insecure in your relationship? If so its probably not healthy, hottie or not.
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    Kia ora guys, Does anyone know any gyms in Wellington central area that have the facilities for doing Olympic lifting, ie a platform and barbell? Bonus if they also have boxes from which to lift. I’ve been to a few crossfit gyms but I’d like to do my own program and not pay a bajillion dollars for membership. The other thing I’m looking for is just like a bar on which you can do hanging exercises- again common at crossfit gyms and unfortunately the pull up machines at regular gyms are not adequate... need to be able to go above the bar and swing a little!