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    Covid 19 Home Gyms Set Ups

    garage is a bit of a mess at the mo. just bought a 6ft long heavy bag, so that will be me sorted for the month I think 🤔
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    Covid 19 Home Gyms Set Ups

    Nice bro plenty of gear. we have a few KB, 200kg of bumper plates, an oly bar, concept 2 rower and assault bike. Wish I had of bought a little rack, bench and pull up bar before the shutdown but will get it afterwards. I train at home now anyway so been using this gear for a while. It’s amazing what you can do with little equipment. Can’t say I miss going to a full gym.
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    Carnivore Diet

    Cheers!! yeah not sure about long term. but at the moment I’m feeling great. My bloods are fine. cholesterol is fine. Liver is fine. so I’m probably just going to keep on doing it until I’m absolutely bored shitless of it then probably just go meat and vege. the no sugars or cabs thing is huge and I’m really enjoying that! No crash after eating.