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    Tap, snap or nap

    Well, I've been pretty lousy at keeping this updated. I've been super busy studying and training plus working so hopefully you can cut me some slack. My first year at uni went well, I ended up with a 96% average with a 100th percentile UMAT and got accepted into medicine for next year which was my goal so I'm very happy with that. I've also been training about 10 to 15 times a week. I'll train BJJ 4 to 6 times per week and also gym 6 days a week as well, plus random cardio/striking sessions when I feel like it. Gym wise, I do a 3 day rotation where I do chest and tris, back and bis, then squat/deadlift and arms. I'll go thru 2 rotations a week. I've gotten a lot of muscle back and strength and fitness is at a good level. I got some more ink done last week. I got my chest done and also started on a sleeve on my left arm. I've attached some photos of the work. I'm spending the uni holidays up in Mangawhai caddying at Tara Iti golf course which is a pretty sweet gig. I'm pretty lousy at saving money and all this ink is gonna cost me a few grand so I won't be saving anything this summer but I'm having a good time :D
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    Low testosterone

    No.. don’t do that. If you are mentally unstable then steroids is going to make that a whole lot worse. If mental illness is what you think is causing the issues, why not talk to your doctor about ways to manage whatever is going on?? Stress etc can be a huge factor and if whatever is bothering you can be made to bother you less, it may be problem solved. I’m not saying this is the black and white answer, but it could be. i would definitely look into this before looking into testosterone boosting medicine, especially due to your age.
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    15 year old body builder

    Easy man now you just need some snacks in between breakfast and lunch, and between lunch and dinner. Some protein and carbs. So for example a tin of salmon and some potatoe or kumara or rice. That meal has good fat in it too so will be even better. Remember to have some fibre too so greens I'm guessing your parents will include those in dinner. Then after dinner protein powder and milk is an easy cheap last meal of the day. Be consistent man and you'll grow
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    2017 log

    I did 290 last week when I retested after the 5 week block. Got an easy 250 squat in sleeves and I'm doing ohp movements now. Moved away from benching but doing it occasionally as an assistance lift to my ohp day. Just focusing on the gymnastics and fitness now though. Whether you deadlift 260 or 300 won't really make a difference to crossfit. Most things will be a small enough % of that, that a bigger max really won't add any benefit. Have been running my trainings as below I think this format will work best for me but my weaknesses are different to everyone else's, fitness comes quick but gymnastics and oly lifting takes lots of practise so I think putting more time into them is more valuable. My sessions are running for a good 2 hours most days. With mobility stuff done at home when I have spare time. Monday: lifting (snatch) ,gymnastics, strength (DL) (example day - Snatch, Snatch pulls, Snatch balance etc, then a deadlift variation and some assistance so strict pull ups and rows or something, then big emom of gymnastics to finish) Tuesday: long conditioning / aerobic work Wednesday: lifting (cleans) / gymnastics / strength (squat) Thursday: rest Friday: lifting (jerks) / gymnastics / strength (ohp) Saturday: Crossfit Sunday: rest I also think I perform and feel a lot better with 2 rest days, if I train 6 days in a row I feel fucked and can’t get good intensity. The gymnastics I add other skills in there and make a wod out of them like an emom type thing. Im thinking of expanding my split out to a ten day cycle rather than a 7 day as listed above. Maybe compressing the 3 strength sessions into 2 and allowing for a bit more fitness and skill work. At least until I master more of the skill/movements. as I get better I will update more.
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    15 year old body builder

    Especially with 15% off 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣
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    15 year old body builder

    I use 'just protein' you can find them on Google or Facebook. It's cheap and it is good.
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    15 year old body builder

    What he said.
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    OnlyHuman's ...

    W5 D7 Front squats 80 x 5 x 4 Prone leg curls 35 x 15 x 3 Seal row 42.5 x 10 x 4 (DP) Seated cable row 96 x 10 x 3 EZ bar curls BAR + 20 x 10 x 4 (DP) Snatch grip deadlift Just worked up to 120 x 5 to see how they feel... haven't deadlifted for a long time (years I think) Ok session. Trained fasted as usual just a bit later in the day ( didn't seem to struggle with energy ) I haven't front squatted for many years ... so I just played around with some light weight. Felt good to do them once again... Snatch grip deadlift - I think I only did them once or twice over the last few years so I just tested the waters... might throw them back in. Eats: 4pm - 4 x burger patties, tomatoes, gherkins, some cubes of cream cheese (3 table spoon worth I think) 2 keto buns 5:30 pm - Quest bar, 2 teaspoon of peanut butter. 8 pm - dinner - thinking of 400 gr meat balls, some greens maybe some avocado (maybe not...)
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    Idle ramblings and observations.

    Rest day today due to family outings and things and food being shit! Been eating low carb all week, roughly 100g a day timed around pre or post workout meals depending on training and with exception of a teaspoon of sugar in my black coffee I've eliminated as much refined sugars as I can. Today was untidy, too much convenience crap. Popcorn at the movies and curry for dinner.
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    New pome

    New to Bodybuilding Christchurch

    Well I don't know about that Realtalk but let me tell you a little something about myself and how much I can bench. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    Idle ramblings and observations.

    Cast number 2! Legs and abs it is. Maybe some more cardio too.
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    I brought three bitcoins late 2016. Its grown crazy amount. Paid 1,000USD a coin now current market valve 9,000USD pretty tidy return.
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    Customes in NZ

    Not in our instant gratification society πŸ˜‰
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    2017 log

    I'm enjoying it bro. That is all that really matters. 31/10 i trained twice today session 1 shoulder mobility oh squat 40x5x5 deadlift 200x5x5 session 2 thruster to a 3rm - 100kg. Probably could have done more but no point if form will go out the window. Needs to get the elbows up in the front squat. Then the weight on the bar can be much heavier. Wod: 30xburpees 25x front squat @ 50kg 25x front rack lunges @50kg 20x ttb 300m row 30xburpees was an 18min cut off. Wod was meant to be 2 rounds, I did the first round and the burpees of the 2nd round. Too unfit to go faster. It's all money in the bank. I'm doing everything light to the weakest part of the technique. So the the front squat it's my wrist and getting bar into the front rack position. If I just put the bar across the front of shoulders and crossed arms I could probably do 120kg for 25. But there is nothing to prove in the long run will be much more beneficial. rest day tmw might do something like a walk up mount or a swim I dunno see what I feel like. first comp on 25th November. Straight in there!
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    Ah yep, I removed most of the bodybuilding crap I had liked on my Facebook a few years ago as I imagined it would be a bit embarrassing being on FB at work on the computer and having the boss or whatever come talk to me about something and see a picture of some muscly guy in a speedo on my screen. Then probably go off and talk shit to people about about how I'm a weird c*nt looking at gay soft porn or something. Another reason was that I was sick of all the advertising crap. Also I think most of the nz guys that have social media presences in the fitness industry are fucking losers. While some of their drama was amusing I didn't really give a shit about what they were up to or what their opinions were. Another thing that fucked me off was seeing a bunch of faggots that don't even look like they lift posting pics of themselves wearing "fitwear" branded clothing or talking about how sick the new "raptors" are. If I was talking to someone about raptors I'd either be talking about birds of prey or the F-22 fighter aircraft named after then. Definitely not some shoe that looks like something a homosexual would dress up in for a mardi gras parade that also looks like it would be shithouse to lift in. Anyway I deleted pretty much it all off my Facebook and definitely don't regret it. Just scrolled through 200 items on my fb newsfeed and didn't see anything portraying any type of body image aside from a few sluts I know trying to look hotter than they are IRL on their fb profile pics which is pretty much standard practice now, especially with all the easy to use image filters that these borderline whores now have access to.