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    Here is a repost from Scott Wasson - GPC Australia Vice President on what to expect your first powerlifting comp. it's a great guide and well worth a share. I have altered it slightly to be more applicable to NZ comps. ----------- I host a lot of powerlifting events, a lot of them are for complete beginners, and one is very clear, nearly all competitors don’t really know what to expect on comp day. That’s ok though, I run these events for novices to learn about our sport. In this post, I want to cover a few of the main things that constantly come up at weigh in, and on comp day. 1- Entering a competition. The first thing you need to do is actually enter a competition. Ideally, for programming purposes, you want to pick a competition at least 8 weeks away, though I prefer 16-20. Because powerlifting has boomed in recent years, you need to make sure you get your entry in before all available spots are filled. If you intend on competing, get your entry form and fee in as soon as they are released to ensure you secure your position. 2- Weigh in Every powerlifting event will require you to weigh in. Before you can weigh in, we will require you to have your attempt card completed. The attempt card has basic info that we require such as your name, age, whether you are competing raw or equipped (if you are not sure, you are definitely raw) and body weight (which will be recorded by an official at the actual weigh in so leave that part blank). You will also need to fill in your FIRST attempts for the lifts. Make sure you ask your coach before you get to weigh in as you can not be weighed until they are completed. If you don’t have a coach, pick a weight you could comfortably do for at least 2 reps. You need to record your monolift height and whether you are racks in or racks out. You need to record your bench press height and face saver height also. Once the card is filled out, you are ready to weigh in! In a sanctioned GPC event, the MOST you can wear at weigh in is your underwear. At a novice comp, you can weigh in fully clothed. If you are not going to win or break a record, DO NOT CUT WEIGHT! In GPC member comps you have the opportunity to weigh in up to 24 hours before the competition starts which can be handy but really only for serious experienced competitors who are dropping weight. In GPC novice comps and all NZPF comps you will weigh in 2 hours before the comp. Once you weigh in and give your openers go and get your rack heights sorted. Don't leave it till the last minute. Mingle with the other lifters. This sport is fun and you will make lots of great friends so take the opportunity to network. The meet organisers always appreciate a hand setting up so if you are up to it, offer to help move equipment around, set up tables. The spot loaders / table crew / refs are all volunteers so the more help the better Things to pack in your training bag. For a novice comp, you really don’t need much. Just bring some food, drink bottle and your belt. For a GPC comp, make sure you have all of your essentials. Food and drink Knee wraps, wrist wraps, belt, deadlift socks SOFT SUIT Talc, and if you wish, nose tork. The competition. Comp day. For first timers, you are probably going to be incredibly nervous, but that’s ok. That’s why we picked a weight you can comfortably do for a double or triple as your first attempt. You want it to be easy, and lessen the pressure on yourself. On a 3 lift comp, you will squat, then bench, then deadlift, and a typical comp will go for around 5 hours, but some comps can run for 8-9 hours. It’s a long day. Make sure you stay fed and hydrated. You will get 3 attempts at each lift to put up the biggest number you can. The biggest squat, bench and deadlift passed by the judges will be added together for your “total”. The highest total in your weight class wins. I always make sure I have a good breakfast, a couple of litres of water a few hours before I compete. Make sure you turn up to competitors briefing on time so you are aware of all the rules, where the toilets etc are and the running of the day. Each lift will have a 1min allowance from when the bar is called loaded, until you get timed out. I recommend making sure you are prepped and ready before you name is called. If you’re wrapping knees, start wrapping 3 lifters out. If you are using wrist wraps on bench, make sure you are putting them on whilst the previous lifter is still on the platform. That way you’re ready to go when your name is called. Squats are up first. In most competitions, the RAW division allows knee wraps, wrist wraps and a belt. Once your name is called, approach the platform. Center yourself under the bar, big breath, chest up, and unrack the bar. When the referee see’s that you are in control of the bar, they will give the SQUAT command. Once this happens, you can no longer move your feet at all. You must now squat down to below parallel, and stand back up. When the referee sees that you have got control of the bar, they will call “RACK”. When you receive that call, you may return the bar to the rack. A few of the basic rules include: Do not go over your 1 minute allowance. Do not move your feet after the squat call. Squat down so the crease of the hip is below the top surface of the leg at the knee joint. Wait for your rack call. After I finish squatting, I’ll eat again. It will normally be something like 2 banana’s, something high in salt, and a protein shake. The reason I don’t want to go out for steak and chips, is I want it fully digested before I get around to deadlifts. Bench press is up next. In most raw competitions, wrist wraps and a belt are allowed to be worn. Once your name is called, approach the platform. Set yourself on the bench, and when you’re ready, lift off the bar. Your handler is allowed to pass the bar to you if you wish, but they must leave the platform immediately. The referee will not call START until they are gone. Once the referee calls START, you can begin your attempt. Your glutes must stay in contact with the bench for your entire attempt. When the bar is motionless on your chest, the referee will call PRESS. The length of time you are on your chest is completely up to you. As soon as the bar is motionless, the referee will call it. Once they call press, move the bar upwards until both arms lock, and wait there until the referee gives you the call “RACK”. A few of the basic rules include: Wait for the commands - Start, Press, Rack. Make sure you don’t dip the bar after the press command. Make sure your glutes stay in contact with the bench. Don’t let your feet move. The final movement, the deadlift. This is where the final results of the competition are generally decided. In most competitions, belts are the only supportive equipment that is allowed. You must also wear knee high socks. On the deadlift, once your name is called, you can approach the bar, and pick it up when you are ready (as long as it’s within the 1 minute allowance. When taking the bar up to lock out, you can NOT hitch or lap the bar to get it there. Here is a short video of hitching and lapping: The only command for deadlift is “DOWN”, which signals the lifter that the judge wants you to place the bar back on the ground. Do not drop it, or slam it, that will earn you a red light. A few of the basic rules include: Not starting before the 1 minute allowance. Hitching or lapping of the bar. Not locking the shoulder or hips to the judges satisfaction. Dropping or slamming the bar. The end of the day! We’re done! It’s been a long day for you, but trust me, it’s been a longer day for all of the officials, so make sure you thank them for giving up their Sunday to come down and put on this comp for you. Please unload any bars in the warm up room, and put your rubbish in the bins. In a nut shell, that’s all you need to know for your first few comps. Hopefully this helps all of our newer lifters, especially with weigh in and their attempt cards. Stay Strong, Scott Wasson. http://www.ptcbrisbane.com/first-comp-everything-you-need-to-know/
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    Been a long time

    Whats going on brothers of iron!!! It's been a long time since i have been on here but want to re-connect with all you NZ units......The pics attached were from my last show (June 2015) WFF International; should have gone for one of them WFF pro cards but I can just look in my Wheat Bix box and find one these days lol.
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    Nzifbb why so unprofessional

    Why is the nzifbb so unprofessional. The way in which it is run and all the back hand deals and gossip you hear. On the weekend ifbb pro jade mackinnon was refused entry into the Waikato show because she dropped moes narlabs brand as sponsor. Iv just seen an nzifbb judge dishing out threats publicly on Facebook to people if they come to the nationals and he "will be on the door" Do they need a federation minder/babysitter to control all this kind of shit. What's the story, it makes me cringe that a so called professional organisation carrys on like this. Why is it consistently a corrupt shambles? And why do people want to be members and aligned with that kind of behaviour? Why is there no federation board where decisions are voted on?
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    gymnation/nz bbing transformations

    This is 21 to 27 training changed quite abit over that time. I'm 30 now and have more muscle on me again so I should try get another pic sometime soon to add to it. I joined the forum when i was 18 but my pics have gone from those days. And then this other one I was 24 here.. I hadnt really seen any of those pics in a long time, just dug them out now. Been a cool journey so far. good thread bro!
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    My tren experience

    Finished my first tren cycle a couple of weeks ago so thought I'd share my experience and thoughts on it. Obviously it'll be different for everyone. First 6 weeks were fucking awesome, I was doing 350mg tren ace and about 500mg test sus a week. Strength went through the roof and I got visibly leaner. Side effects were minimal, all I really noticed was disturbed sleep, sweating a bit at night and being horny as otherwise I just felt fucking unstoppable and I was on track for a mid 700s total. Week 5-6 240 in sleeves 265x2 After week 6 things started going downhill. I kicked my partner out for no reason. I just decided on the spot without giving it any prior thought. We'd been in a perfectly happy stable relationship for 2.5 years prior to this. I wasn't capable of feeling empathy anymore and didn't give a f*ck about anything or anyone. I started eating and sleeping f*ck all and generally being an absolute predator. My strength quickly started to plummet and I tried to make it up by injecting more tren. Id go a few days without pinning and then pin 6ml in two days. Sides started increasing night sweats were insane I had to sleep on towels, I started to get gyno and losing a bit of hair. Then I started taking speed pre workout. This quickly escalated to lines every day and I was getting very very little sleep. The night before I flew to nationals I took about half a gram and literally didn't sleep before I got on the plane the next morning. Needless to say it didn't go well. I ended up going 230/177.5/265 lol. Anyway I've been off it for two weeks now and things have returned to normal. It almost feels like I've woken up from a dream. Obviously it's still early days but I'm actually feeling a hell of a lot better. Been sleeping a lot, not doing any drugs and feel like myself again. I don't really regret doing it but I do regret the way I treated my ex. It was disgraceful and I never want to hurt anyone like that again. I'll be a lot more careful in future. I'd only consider using it for 5-6 weeks leading into a meet. I had been using gear for 3 years before using it and it wasn't a decision I took lightly having heard all the horror stories about it. I thought I'd be fine but I wasn't. If your new to gear forget about it there's absolutely no need for you to touch it there are far better options out there.
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    Ok first off you want to advertise on forum then contact the admin and have a chat about costs involved with that, this isn't a free for all. And business practise and member relations is absolute shit. So as long as I'm a moderator on here not a good thing will be said about your gym unless you pay for it then I'll still rubbish it and keep it real. Secondly Paul and Tina Richards (club physical) are money hungry rip offs. You sign people up to contracts when they move out of town you have no decency to take a look at the contract on an individual basis and there isn't even an opt out option, even though I was loyal member and was a staff member there. You can't be contacted, Paul ignores emails and hides from phone calls. You charge members a gym "maintenance fee" each year on top of the member ship... Which is unheard of and is disgusting and an insult to me when your Westgate gym was in the state it was in. The gyms aren't even being "maintained" properly. Put your money where your mouth is and stop fleecing people or their money and selling them a crap service.
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    maccaz 2018 prep log

    New year new journal Last year was very good. Put approx 205kg on my total and gained 30kg body weight. My current best lifts are 230/125/242.5 This year I want to get much stronger of course but also leaner. I got too fat last year and am sitting at 112kg morning weight would guesstimate in the high 20%s. I want to be 15% bodyfat or less Iv always been quite slack with diet just through lack of will, i know how to diet just dont do it. So now il try be much better at it. Strength is still big priority but getting leaner is now close runner up. They are probably a bit counter productive to each other so it is going to be difficult but im ready One number i have in mind which im unsure how realistic will be is to total 6.5x bw. So 650 @ 99.9
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    Shout out to my Mrs

    My Mrs gave birth to twins ( we have 5 children ) 4 years ago, she was 115kg which was a shock as she had always been skinny. She had never picked up a weight in her life. The pic on the left was a year after that , she weighted 78 kg . The pic on the right is 6 weeks into her comp prep where she is on her way to competing in figure and physique - weight 69 kg. She has a 120 dead , 80 kg bench and a 100kg squat - not 1 rep maxes either. Thought Id beef up the ladies section and show mutha fuckers what hard work looks like :)
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    Why you should never frontload ('kickstart') a cycle: homeostasis Basically, all bodybuilders are in a battle against homeostasis. We try to overcome the body's tendency to not gain mass by eating more food, training more frequently or harder, taking more supplements, and so on. The idea being that more of [whatever] sends a stronger message for protein synthesis. Let's call all these compounds and techniques 'growth factors'. Well eventually, as we all know, these growth factors stop working. We ramp up the training intensity, take more creatine and so on, but growth plateaus regardless. You may be on a bulk cramming down the burgers, but the body finds a way to overcome this and prevent the growth message getting through - probably by elevating myostatin levels, among other mechanisms. At this point bodyfat may go up quickly, but LBM gain is closing in on zero net growth. So we have to take a break, usually shrink back a bit, and let the body get used to the absence of all these growth factors - creating a new 'normal' or set-point. In the process myostatin and all the other inhibitory mechanisms drop back too - with a slight lag, hence the loss of mass. At this point, hopefully we're holding more mass than when we started the last bulking cycle, and now we're ready to go and repeat it all over again, in the hope of retaining even more at the end of it; rinse repeat; rinse repeat. Steroids fit into this homeostatic cycle in exactly the same way as the other growth factors, albeit to a much higher degree. The growth benefit they confer is not an absolute factor. Just like with increasing training intensity or food intake, it's the relative change compared to what you were doing before that accounts for their benefit. To make this obvious, let's use an example: Person A has been on a cycle of 1000mg test for a while and his growth has plateaued. So he increases the dose by 500mg for the next 10 weeks (it could just as easily be a different compound he's adding instead, btw). And suddenly, he experiences some new growth. Just what we want and what we would expect. Person B has also been training for years and his growth is at a plateau. So he's just starting a cycle, which is 500mg test total for 10 weeks. In other words, they are both doing exactly the same thing in adding 500mg testosterone to their bodies after hitting a plateau. But all other things being equal, who is going to gain more from that 500mg over the next 10 weeks? No prizes for guessing Person B. Person B is experiencing a dramatic change in his testosterone levels of several multiples of what he produces naturally. Meanwhile Person A was only increasing his testosterone level by 50%. For Person A to even have a chance at a similar result, he'd probably need to take something like 3-4000mg, which would be a relatively similar increase. Now if you take this pattern, and programme it into just a regular cycle, you can see that ultimately the most effective strategy for overcoming homeostasis on AAS is to continuously create as much relative change as you can. To be constantly tapering-up the dose from the lowest effective level. Now I ask anyone, if you intend to frontload your cycle with 1000mg of testosterone for a few weeks (or an oral steroid or whatever), how the f*ck do you plan on creating much relative change after? You're starting out so high, the only way up is through the stratosphere. And since it's only a frontload, your serum levels may actually start to decline after peaking in the first month! So fine, you'll bloat up quickly at first and it will look like an amazing idea because the changes come on fast and you'll leave Mr Tortoise behind. But good luck if you thought those bloated 10lbs were solid real muscle. And good luck maintaining that pace for a solid 12 weeks of continuous real growth while your testosterone levels flatten out or even decline. The body's homeostatic mechanisms kick in so quickly that you're fighting a losing battle from that point onwards. Meanwhile Mr Tortoise, who started out low and slow but keeps upping the dose, soon overtakes you despite still being on less AAS, all the while staying harder and drier and never once resembling the bloated watery Pufferfish you became thanks to your frontload. Which is why I say frontloading is one of the most retarded practices there is. By boosting AAS levels up to a peak within the first weeks, you are literally killing off your future growth potential. You're wasting your most effective tool for growth (relative change) by throwing it all in at the start. And you're deluding yourself that the rapid changes you saw were real keepable gains post-cycle. The clever approach to cycling - and indeed bodybuilding in general, given our battle with homeostasis - is to always be 'confusing' the body (and overcoming myostatin) by upping whatever variable you're playing with (be it food intake, training intensity, supplements or AAS) from a low starting point. Thus I advise guys to do the complete opposite of frontloading. Start your cycle on a dose that's barely over natural levels, so you can then spend the next 12-15+ weeks gradually raising the dose, achieving the solid relative change we all want, while still staying at a sensible level and without experiencing all the negative side-effects that high doses entail. This should be common sense, even on the most anecdotal level and to the most novice trainee - after all, we all know our bodies plateau sometime after we make a change. So to be constantly changing (periodising) and tapering up various compounds and strategies from their lowest effective level is self-evidently the most efficient way to build muscle.
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    I put this transformation together today and it lead me to a cool idea. This is my transformation from my first comp to my most recent.. besically around the time I joined the forum (the old nzbodybuilding one) till now. here is an idea/challenge to post your transformation from the time you joined till now. If you are a power lifter then post your numbers if you don't have/want to post pics. Some people have been on here for a long time so there should be some pretty good memories :) I've met some good friends off this forum, one of those has had a huge hand in my own personal transformation.
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    Balance is definitely in support of this. We will donate at least $500 (TBC) because we are confident in the quality of our protein
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    First comp feels

    Well finally did my first comp on Saturday and have to say it was one of the most enjoyable days of my life. Weighed in at 80.7 on the Friday after stressing out because I didn't have any scales so ended up going a little overboard but got back to my usual 84 by comp time. Having never used a mono and only 4 weeks into using wraps I was super nervous and shaking like anything but as soon as I hit that first squat it felt awesome. Bench was shit and left shoulder injury was still there but still hit my target number but failed my third . Misgrooved and thought I had recovered but na lol left side wasn't having it. Wouldn't have mattered anyway because I left my thumb loop on . Deads were sweet and got all 3 planned attempts. The deadlift bar felt awesome. Everyone there was awesome. So supportive of each other even the guys and gals going against each other. Would have to say the old saying of it doesn't matter what you hit in training it's what you do on the platform is crap because other then bench I could have p.rd both squat and probably dead as I hit both equal training p.bs on them. Got to see some huge lifts my Hamish, Dale and Tom as well as one freak of a female which really gets you fired up to do well yourself. The spotters were super encouraging and you just feel like you could go balls to the wall knowing they got you if you fail. Met a heap of the Gym nation team. Pseudonym, Elmo as well as the others. So glad I chose GPC. More relaxed. Music playing etc . Best fed in NZ easy. Absolutely awesome day and can't wait to meet more of the guys at nats.
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    First comp feels

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    Nar Labs debate

    Amits sample was factory sealed he has plenty more sealed tubs too if anyone wants to test them.... narlabs is moes thing, it wouldn't be difficult for him to alter the contents and reseal in the factory... Just saying. as for FB... amits post 130+ shares, never mentions moe. Moes rebuttal 4 shares, they all mention amit. Make derogatory and racist statements (this is the president of a NZ bodybuilding federation) about him and his supposedly unsuccessful business (just opened his 6th shop in a year) and they (the puppets) question "why has amit made it personal" when he never mentioned a single person. then you have that girl who runs his Taupo store popping up everywhere posting rubbish and attacking people... I wonder if anyone would ask her if she is really that stupid to think a major company would fake and corrupt a test for amit. I read her comments all the time on threads and have to flick my ear to see if I'm in reality. there have only been the standard moronic puppets supporting moe. Meaningless. Come on let's be honest even those cock suckers will know in their hearts that narlabs has been proven to be shit. And those that don't get it for free won't be buying it anymore u guarantee.
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    Flex Friday

    It aint Friday- but f it........about 4 weeks ago
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    Prep coach review

    Great topic Harry, So many facets to the topic, I'll comment from a BBuilding perspective as I wont pretend to know much about the P/Lifting side of things: IMO Social media provides a good and often bad platform to assign credit or blame to coaches - The amount of times I have heard "Damaged Metabolism" in the last year just beggars belief! BBuilding is by nature a svery demanding (physically/mentally/socially/) solo and often very narsissic sport. The shows tend to bring out the best or worst people. from my experience at the shows there are mainly good people, all in the same boat - half clothed,tired,wired,hungry but in good spirits, but after the placings come in, the social media provides an avenue to whine/moan and bicker over things that wouldnt get often said about people face to face. In my years PT'ing, competing and just being around the industry my observation is that i would have to say different clients will approach different coaches for different reasons. IMO they generally either: see a coach either because the coach is in good shape(and they want to loom like them or date them), see a coach who is the diet guru, see a coach who is the training guru, see a coach who is the steroid guru, or see a coach who is a blend of the above so they get an all encompassing package, I bet if some of the coaches who genuinely make a living out of contest prep training nutrition in NZ answered honestly then I would say that most of their clients got a positive result from there time together and the ones that said they didnt either: Didnt follow the exercise/diet prescription, Were already more advanced than the trainer - knowledge or physique wise, OR (IMO) most commonly, were just too far out of shape to begin with and didnt leave enough time to lose the fat or add the muscle (unrealistic) Or were under the illusion that 3-5%(M) or 7-12&(F) was a health conscious body fat level to carry around that you would feel great at. The problem is the "disgruntled" client will usually voice their discontent over social media even if their trainer suggested a later show or that they were too fat/thin to be inshape in time without half killing themselves, yet the trainer/coach probably wont be able to voice their side of the story due to client/trainer privacy issue or just out of being above engaging in a slanging match on Facebook. I agree with Jordan in that if you want certain knowledge in a certain area then look for the people that are getting consistenty good results with a cross section of people, this will show that their methods work. I also agree with Tom in that Coaches are professionals and that they arent resposnsible for what their clients do to sabotage their gains after their photo shoots or contests. Yes a good one will recommend booking in time to go over post contest diet.training, new goal setting etc and may even provide an "exit" plan from a pre comp diet but should they do this for nothing no, they are professionals and make their living out of putting hours (and many unpaid hours) into their clients. If you pay for a 12 week plan thats fine, but it is perhaps unreasonable to expect the next 8 weeks of post comp plane to be provided for zip. Ideally a great coach/nutrition adviser will be a year round service, not some one you use to get a great show result then blame when you put on 15kg in 4 months whilst not using them after the show. J Yes their are some people who shouldnt be "coaching" due to inexperience, lack of knowledge or questionable methods but the ones that get good results consistently are probably doing a reasonable job.Just a matter of doing your research before you choose someone for this,Again though, our sport is judged on a temporary look and its noty always the healthiest person that wins the show. Just my 2 cents.
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    Dnp, t3 and Clen two week cycle

    No offence bro but this is really stupid. Even more stupid after seeing where you are currently at. Anyway your body man so your choice but we could give you some good nutrition advice which negate the need for any of those drugs. I don't think you are at any kind of level to warrant using the stuff you are contemplating doing or have started using. Be smart about it bro.
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    gymnation/nz bbing transformations

    2004 to 2016.
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    CityFitness bans posing!

    sounds like a great way to get out of a 3 year contract you wish you hadn't signed lol
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    my tren experience, maccaz edition

    Or do socially awkward weirdos become bodybuilders/strength athletes in an effort to be so socially awkward?
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    Shout out to my Mrs

    And the end result a day out at under 7% bf
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    maccaz 2018 prep log

    What an awesome day. Monolift and squat bar and super tight wraps were a shock so adjusted my expectations a bit but went 8/9. Squat: 245/255/262x wraps were too tight and sore so I cut the 262 high bench: 120/132.5/140 all good 9 whites deadlift: 235/245/255 all good 9 whites. The super tight wrap my coach did fucked my hamstrings a bit and was sore, lesson learned is wrap much tighter in training as even when he went his "lightest" it was 2x rougher than any time I've wrapped myself so I need to get used to that . Monolift took some getting used to and didn't feel great so yeah not all perfect but pretty damn close, no need for excuses though had an epic day. Finally met skeletor jimmybro elmo and pseudonym (unfortunately brief) and heaps of other gcs not on here. Other thing is it was a straight up privilege to be lifting with the people I lifted with today, some freaks and numbers I'm gonna be aspiring to Heres videos of of top lifts
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    2017 log

    I got to Auckland early, thankfully there was no traffic which is really weird. School holidays must have started a day earlier or something up here. Arrived in west Auckland just before 9am so was able to use the sauna. Which was soooo hard trying to get that last bit of water out. I hate saunas, partly because I never use them so not used to them and secondly they give me a fucking headache. So did little blasts in the sauna and breaks in between in scoulding hot shower. Then at 9.45 I left and went to miada for weigh in. Weighed in at 100.3 or 100.4 I can't remember which it was. Which I thought was unachieveable given this morning ten min in a bath was only yielding me a 300g loss per bath. But I'd come this far so had to try. I put my layers of clothes back on and ran on the treadmill for 10 mins - like sprinted then I weighed back in within the time frame allocated for weigh in and was 100.0, I changed my feet positioning slightly and boom 99.9 was holding for a good 10seconds. 99.9kg
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    Flex Friday

    Got yah
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    A bit of advice?

    Think of it this way: when on a diet, you're basically in a war with your body - you're trying to lose stored bodyfat, and your body is trying to retain it. When you cut calories, for a short period of time (typically just a few weeks) there's a lag where your BMR is still relatively fast but your energy intake has fallen, and so bodyfat falls successfully. However the body seeks equilibrium and begins to reduce basal energy expenditure in order to balance out your calorie reduction. It believes you're experiencing a famine, and tries to protect you as best it can by reducing energy consumption. This explains why, after some period, the fat loss simply stops. You can continue to cut calories, but you're in a losing battle at this point as your body will start to strip away muscle and lower thyroid output to further reduce energy use. Thus you can't indefinitely reduce calories - instead you have to find a way to increase energy expenditure. You could continually increase your cardio of course, but you run the risk of raising cortisol and catabolic hormones too far. It turns out that the best way to ramp up your metabolism and energy expenditure is to eat excess calories for a periodised time. Your body is temporarily fooled into thinking food is plentiful, and it switches out of starvation mode. Which then increases the release of fatty acids from adipose tissue, and so bodyfat loss resumes. So rather than maintaining a relatively stable calorie intake, you take advantage of periodising your diet to include days of high calories and carbs, inter-mixed with days of significantly lower calories.
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    2017 log

    Thanks guys. YouTube was being difficult Yday with this video. But anyway finally decided it would upload itself. I made this Yday post comp as soon as I got back to my hotel room. This explains what and why. What happened and why I went heavy on bench press. I'm just going to put this behind me now and it all just makes me hungrier to succeed next year. As it stands my best comp total to date is still 817.5kg I'm really keen to hammer that next year. I'm not training again until October 5th so this journal will resume then. Still motivated as and this was a great experience and I learnt alot from it. So it wasn't all for nothing.
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    The body weight squat challenge

    Sorry guys - here are the results (if you haven't already worked them out for yourselves...) No surprises that Leeroid's whopping 33 reps(!) of 127.5kg took out the men's prize. TashaW was not far behind with 30 reps, winning the women's prize on 82.5kg. The Best Effort prize, judged by the member with the most Likes here, went to Reddog. He posted two attempts and collected Likes on both - otherwise he'd have tied with Ryanstyles. Sneaky! Congratulations to the three of you - you've each won a bucket of Horleys finest ICE whey protein! And as for our spot prize winners... EVERYONE ELSE WHO ENTERED! That's right... all those who gave it a shot have earned themselves an entire box of any of Horleys protein bars. And that's why it pays to take part! Well done, guys. Please PM Maccaz, and give him your full name, address, and choice of flavour... ICE Whey winners - Swiss Chocolate, Creamy Vanilla or Strawberry Frost. Protein bar winners - one of the following flavours/products: Horleys Protein33 bars (choose from Cookies'n'Cream, Chocolate Fudge, or Tropical Crush)Horleys CarbLess Original bars (choose from Double Dutch Choc Fudge, Coconut Brownie, or Banana Caramel)Horleys CarbLess Crunch bars (choose from Chocolate Crunchy Nut, Peppermint Rough, Rocky Road, or Caramel Deluxe) And of course a massive thanks goes to Horleys, who are always amazing in their support of us. Think of them when you're enjoying your winnings (those CarbLess Crunch bars are particularly good). Maybe snap a selfie for your social media profiles, and tag Horleys and Gymnation when you do. Cheers guys - look out for the next comp!
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    The plan...

    So a couple of days ago, I hinted at some Gymnation developments that were in the pipeline, and promised more detail would be forthcoming. Here it is... As an online forum, we are the original form of social media – and yet ironically, when it comes to promoting Gymnation on other social media platforms, we’re really quite shit. Partly that’s down to me (I don’t enjoy self promotion much, so I don’t do it). And partly that’s down to the nature of a forum – the content on here basically consists of conversations, and while many of them contain information that’s absolutely invaluable, they’re not something neat and tidy that’s easily advertised on social media. So... We need to evolve. The plan is to build a bunch of resources and tools that will sit alongside the forum, and drive more traffic back to it. Articles, videos, interviews, podcasts, etc. We have plenty of expert members (past and present) and friends of the forum who know their stuff, and we’ll be inviting some of them to contribute. Here’s a few of the things I want to introduce: - Expert articles In-depth stories on everything from bodybuilding and powerlifting training, through to diet and nutrition. Aimed at a range of audience levels, from beginner to advanced. - On-location feature videos A while back, I interviewed a few of the athletes in Cirque du Soleil, and it’s been immensely popular. I want us to do more of this sort of stuff. - Panel interviews Live video interviews with Q&A. - Pro tips Short, easily digestible, video bites giving a single piece of advice. - Myth debunking There’s no shortage of myths in this sport. Let’s clear a few up. - You get the idea... Feel free to add your suggestions below. On top of this, we’re going to be tweaking the design of the site. First up, we’ll soon be rolling out a new look and feel – one that’s similar, but a bit cleaner and brighter than our current one. After that, we’ll redesign some of the pages (particularly the front page) to accommodate these new features and be more visually appealing. Can you help? Obviously, this is an absolutely massive project, and there’s no way I can do it by myself. A couple of people have already expressed interest in lending a hand, but we need more: - Experts Do you have loads of knowledge and want to share it with the masses? Can be on anything from training to nutrition, either in article or video form. - Writers Those experts are amazing, and probably geniuses, but that doesn’t mean they can write. Can you? You’ll take what the experts are saying, and help them make it sound awesome. - Videographers, editors, presenters We need people behind the camera, in front of the camera, and in post-production who can make it look like we know what we’re doing. (Even if we don’t.) - Producers Can you find a story, coordinate all the people above, and generally make shit happen? Knowing everyone else in the industry would be an advantage. Phew! As I say, this is a huge undertaking... but with the right people we can pull this off, and it will be truly epic. Let me know here or by PM if you want to be part of something awesome!
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    my first time taking test e,i just took 250mg a week just one shot on a monday.i took only 250 coz it was my first time and i wanted to see how my body reacted to it.f*ck it was good brothas! mean results!Everone at the gym where saying i looked jacked hahaha and i told them f*ck its the tuna shakes that i drink hahahaha.Just stick the needle in ya ass bro hahaha it wont hurt or maybe a little,just pinch the skin on the part you are going to put the needle in,coz it numbs it so when you stick that needle in you dont feel it.The needle dont hurt anyway bro,its all in ya head lol just like when you lose virginity lol i sit there and go ummm i hope i f*ck this bitch right hahaha and once i stuck it in it was all good hahaha and smash that shit,hahah of topic but yeah bro you do it its over.but still ill fucking a bitch is better lol but the whole needle thing its all in ya head, for me anyway.But ive and a few shots that hurt,f*ck i put it in my quad once and f*ck it was fucken sore bro,soon as i put it in my leg twitched and the fucken needle came out lol so i had to put it back in,fucks sake aye it was pretty sore.anyways bro thats my needle experience,once you do it its all sweet, not as sweet as pussy brothas hahaha just a little pin prick homie.
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    Yeah pretty obvious advantage. Should have 3 gender categories. Males, females and weirdos.
  32. 8 points

    2017 log

    Today didn't go how I would have liked it to go but I did my best. The bench technique I have been doing in training went out the window I'm not sure why apart from the comp bench and my gyms bench are way different heights and that I was just thinking about my pec injury on lighter weights than I have attempted in the gym. Which is a big distraction. I wanted to use this comp to give my bench some confidence but I would say I failed to do that today. So some more things to work on. Its getting very tiring doing these comps with lots of success in the weeks leading up to them in the gym but that not fully carrying over to the platform on the day. Which is funny because the best comps I have had, the lead ups had the most adversity to beat. Maybe it's to do with getting to confident and comfortable I don't know. Anyway it would be easy to get discouraged by another what to me is a failure but I'll just keep going. warm ups felt good I warmed up to 165 for a single then opened on 182.5. My opener was really fast and when I watch the video I notice I'm gripping the bar in a closer grip than I was training with but not close enough to the close grip i was training with on the cgbp sessions. Different bars so I must of screwed up my hand spacing, not a major. Don't know why my head was doing what oyvwas doing but that's good for f*ck all apart from throwing the bar off path. I was also dropping the bar which I had purposely stopped doing late last year. Not sure why that crept back in today My 192.5 felt much heavier when it was unracked I think that probably played into my mind and I just thought about my pec. Anyway I sunk the bar big time and only just recovered from that and barely pressed it up. Lifting the head so much looked like it could have had something to do with it all. The more I watch it the more of a mess it looks like lol. I forfeited my third attempt. Gonna look to change the approach to bench heading into June. There is the upanz Anzac comp on April which is in Hamilton might give the bench another go at that. See what happens. Thanks for reading my journal leading into this bench comp. so from here I just continue it on till the upanz 3 lift in June in Wellington. peace out.
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  34. 8 points

    Coke Zero - Bad?

    There is a huge variety of artificial sweeteners, aspartame being the most infamous (but the most well studied). Coke Zero uses Sucralose and Acesulfame K. Not all sweeteners are the same though so it doesn't make sense to bulk them all together. Most won't give you that insulin spike (pretty much a myth from animal studies). Most will both positively and negatively mess with your gut microbiome (which is critical to a lot of things like digestion, immunity, mood to name a few). Most protein powders are sweetened with sucralose, acesulfame K or a combination. Many people are sensitive to these sweeteners, this is why balance is moving away from them. The natural ones are sweetened differently. If you've ever had an explosive stomach experience after taking something like a preworkout it could be because you are sensitive to these and they have a heap of artificial sweeteners to cover all the nasty tasting stuff in there. Personally, my iron gut is ok with artificials, but many people experience this. But like every toxic thing in the universe. It's the dose that makes the poison :)
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    gymnation/nz bbing transformations

    so on the left I would have been 23 I think and had been training 7-8 months. I had gained about 8kg so had gone from 57-65kg, maybe pulling 120x5 roughly. second pic was earliish this year now in my 30s, my body weight is around 92 and last week I pulled 232x3. Crappy pics, but you get the idea. Hahaha...oh the grind
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    Jack of two trades, master of none!

    What up y'all. Been a while since I have posted on these forums (Loochi). Post too much on FB so I thought why not post somewhere like here instead where it's more appropriate? STATS: - Fluctuating between 75 - 76 kg body weight (lift in the U74kg class. Duh) - 9.5 years of training (7 years bodybuilding, 2.5 years powerlifting) - 5'7 / 171cm (Manlet) - IIFYM (Since 2011 and wouldn't do it any other way!) - 2007 - 2011 bro split training (chest Monday, legs Tuesday etc) - 2011 - 2013 PHAT training (2 days strength, 2-3 days hypertrophy) - 2014 - Current is DUP / mucking around with things like 5,3,1 (Prefer DUP) As you can see, in 2014 I started powerlifting in hopes to improve my physique by increasing my lifts. Safe to say so far it's done a decent job and not to mention I love it as much as bodybuilding! Despite the irony of my user name, I haven't reached the Elite standard in the NZPF for my weight class and nor am I a pro bodybuilder. But I intend to reach these goals at some stage in my lifting life - beginning with the Elite total that I am striving for in the U74kg class. (575kg) this year hopefully My best lifts in competition: S: 190kg B: 147.5kg D: 215kg My best lifts in the gym: S: 202.5kg (Could have done 205kg I reckon) B: 150kg (Could have done 152.5kg I reckon) D: 230kg (Could have done 235kg or more I reckon) But my favourite accomplishment thus far is my 8 rep max with the following weights SQUAT BENCH DEADLIFT This week's a deload week for me but I will post my lifts on a regular basis (trust me, my fb friends who are on here will tell you I do lol) Cheers homies.
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    Raw Nationals live stream

    Thought id put up the live stream link for tomorrow as everyone's fizzing for this one. cpa have done a awesome job with venue and organization etc https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCWbxX00jkH2_jgeDdgWZqTQ
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    Old Bull

    Reasons for changing coaches

    Great thread There is a lot more to coaching than grabbing a cookie cutter programme from the net, re inventing it for their own self gratification and page likes. One of our lifters told me last night, that good coaches seek out athletes to work with, where great coaches the athletes seek them out. Programming is just one of the cogs in coaching, in powerlifting the the programme gives the results, what happens on the platform good or bad, is not the fault of the programme. It is the athlete and the outside influences that affect his/her performance leading up to and on the day. Athletes these days are looking for the magical programme/coach/guru who will transform them over night, and agree with what they are thinking or want to do. Strength is not achieved on hire purchase, it has to be earned. To be a top PL is a 10 year process to be at your peak physically, first rule in The House is 18 months training to train, 18 months training to compete and 18 months training to win. If a coach is not adaptable to new ideas, does not understand his clients weaknesses, his strengths, mental, physical or psychological, then there is a good chance that at some stage the athlete will move on. It is a two way information highway if the athlete is not providing the right information then the coach has a difficult job in preparing that athlete for what ever sport they are in. don't get to write much so hope it makes sense lol
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    Jonah Lomu

    I wrote this on FB: When I broke Jonah Lomu's Counties Manukau schools shot put record, I asked his former athletics coach what else he had won, 13 years prior. I still remember being shocked at his reply: "The shot put, the discus, the 100 metres in 10.8 seconds, the 200 metres, the long jump, the triple jump, and he anchored the winning 4x100 relay. All in one day." At 6'4, 115kg and 17 years old. It's little surprise he made the All Blacks as a teenager in 1995, and famously ran over Mike Catt in his 4-try demolition of England. Thanks for the memories, Jonah. R.I.P.
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    500lb raw bench

    Today we held the GPC Auckland Benchpress champs Will have a full rundown with results on the event page Here were my lifts 1st attempt - 210kg - 3 white lights 2nd attempt - 220kg - 3 white lights 3rd attempt - 227.5kg (501.5lb) - 3 white lights Bodyweight - 119.1kg GPC NZ u125kg record 1st place overall First 500lb raw bench by any lifter u125kg or u120kg in the current records across all Feds in NZ. This was a lifetime goal of mine and I'm fucking proud of it haha. Biggest grind of my life, but I haven't trained as hard as I have just to let it beat me in the last couple Of inches
  41. 8 points

    2017 log

    Hope I don't need that much luck lol. Went and checked out the comp today all the girls lifted. We had 4 girls competing in our team. One pulled out from injury. One master competitor won gold and set 4 new WR. Court who organised our teams whole thing got 3rd in a class that came down to the final deadlifts to decide the placings. And our junior girl placed 4th. So 2 medals out of 3 females today pretty successful day for our team of 7 so far (6 who will compete). Highlight of day after watching the girls from NZ succeed was meeting stan efferding. He is a unit in the flesh and so lean too. It's Olympia week this week so prob see a few big fellas round later in the week. Food here is not cheap like everyone says... Cheap if you want to eat like a fat arse. Good quality nutritious food is expensive when you take into account exchange rate. If you want to live off pieces of pizza and pastries/cookies then yeah it's cheap. What else... Not much it's really hot but it's a dry heat about 15% humidity. Chugging the water back. Weighed myself tonight on comp scales before I left comp. 109.4kg. So in morning with no food I'll expect to be 106-107 same I was at nationals. All good. Be in touch on here tues evening with a vid. I lift wed. Really excited and feeling strong.
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    UPDATE: Project cancelled due to lack of interest. What’s REALLY in your protein? We’ll do the lab analysis and blind taste tests to find out if your protein powder is legit. We've got a lot of money to raise in a short time, and we need all the hands we can get. Here's how you can help... Make a pledge now. https://givealittle.co.nz/project/gymnation-protein-testing Share this page on social media. Or like/comment/tag/share our Facebook post. Better yet, do all the above. Let's get this project happening!
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    Still waiting on decent stage pxt but here's a backstage one that's a bit clearer.
  44. 7 points

    Gpc NZ and social media

    Some of you are reading way further into this than they need to be. A code of conduct among referees instills professionalism and unity. Each meet now has a technical director who oversees all of the referees and technical queries. A ref may be personally questioned on their call why it was given straight after the lift but any further queries are then passed over to the technical director of the meet. It is not the individual ref who needs to be continually hounded for clarifying and vilifying. This is not unlike super rugby. The individual ref who makes a call can be queried straight after a match then the referees representive fields any further questions. Theres nothing there that is gagging is there? It's about supporting your fellow referees and not letting them get caught up in any online bs. Its also there to stop refs from making judgement on lift videos on social media that are unwarranted. For example calling a lifters squat high when no hip crease can be viewed in the video. GPC is still a relatively new federation. It has grown and utilised a lot of people who are new to administrative positions and refereeing roles. Having things outlined on paper so they know what is expected of them is a good thing. Every single person I employ in my company has to read, understand and sign a code of conduct so they know how I expect them to conduct themselves whether it's their first job or 20th. It's helpful for both parties. As as for the drunk ref situation we have spoken about this several times Tom. I have already told you that I was not aware she was drunk until I was told AFTER the comp and at that point she was spoken too behind closed doors, not in public. No I'm not as hard assed as you, I don't throw people to the wolves. This code of conduct is clearing it up so it never happens again. Im disappointed in some of the above comments. There's no ulterior motives behind GPC. It's just a group of people trying to put in competitions for the rest of the lifters around the country and offer qualification to international meets. This doesn't feel like letting things go again Tom. You decided to leave GPC and that's your decision. You shouldn't feel like you have to light a match and make it burn at every opportunity. It's not to late to drop your angst and comp back and lift with us. There are international refs (including the head GPC international ref) coming out for nationals so it's very unlikely you will have an issue with the refereeing. Anyway I won't be drawn into a personal shit slinging debate. I left the GPC board for business and family reasons. But I'm Still heavily involved in growing GPC Waikato. We are having the Waikato regional meet here in Hamilton on Saturday. It's gonna be heaps of fun so if you're in Hamilton this weekend come down to Flex Fitness and check it out from 10am ?
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    2017 log

    Not been logging sorry, things been a little inconsistent latley. So today I drive over to Rotorua for the NZPF BOP regional comp to get some motivation for my comp next weekend. Just what I needed. Good to catch up with few people I have become friends with and see them lift. I finally met Oldbull too which was good. decided on my openers for next weekend. Squat is going to be the biggest unknown the biggest squat I have hit this training cycle is 280 which I did last Friday. So I'm going to open that on 275 which on paper is a little high but I got confidence they will move better in comp. don't ask me why, cause I don't have an answer apart from I just think it will. bench I tested yesterday and went up to a comfortable 170. I'm confident I can go 190-200kg possibly but it'll just depend on my arms and my pec. I'm going to open on 170. Deadlift will be 305. I think I can PB this lift. Probably be the only lift I will PB at this comp. if my squat and bench aren't too far off my PBs for those I could potentially PB total too which would be cool. not up to much this coming week. Monday have some light speed squats then a machine circuit on Wednesday then comp Saturday. Just going u110 class. See what happens, could perform really well. stranger things have happened. One thing is though, if I perform poorly I won't be disappointed. I have already had all my dissapointment this prep and I just want to get this comp done and then be all in for July. No excuses though, I'm there to compete so do my best i will.
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    Flex Friday

    Week or so ago. Looks good but it's pretty much all lighting lol.
  47. 7 points

    Strength/recomp cycle

    Same as every other Calf Crusade anyone does. Starts Monday lasts till Thursday, Friday night comes around and he realized that bitches only care about a disgusting Arm pump in an Extra Medium Tshirt and can wear jeans to cover his childish lower Legs. Then he became a powerlifter as an excuse, and no cares about Calves since. His missus has enough Calves for them both so he's safe lol
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    long term Fat loss: just starting out

    ok lets go back to basics (im no expert but should be able to give some basic input) say you are 250lb, 30% bf, that gives you 175lb lean mass. lets overdo the protein a bit to be safe you should be eating per day: 200g protein = 800cal 200g carb = 800 cal 110g fat = 990 cal total = 2590, lets say 2600 this should be fine to get started on weight loss, give you enough food to recover from exercise, not feel like you're starving + gives you room to move when you need to reduce it later so like i said before, go to www.myfitnesspal.com start tracking everything you eat. invest in some food scales (under 10$) if you dont want to do that, start a journal on this website, write down everything you eat each day, including the amount, and I will work it out for you each day and tell you where to adjust simple as that
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    I was made aware of this yesterday and today and tbh find it pretty dissapointing. I'm just going to post what I posted on Facebook about it this morning. Marvens reply has been "what a hater! You're always going to get kids like that". So because I'm awaring people of your lack of integrity that makes me immature? He let a whole lot of people down, lied and used the comp to advertise his bussiness without any intention of doing his part of the deal. The habits he is known for in the underworld are creeping into legitimate avenues now and affecting good people trying to grow a sport. This shit needs to be stamped out which is why I'm posting this on here. It's unacceptable. I see these kinds of 'success memes' or call them what you like plastered all over social media. Usually posted by bodybuilders or meatheads into lifting weights, personally I don't really understand it. But I suppose it makes some people feel good, I'm really not sure? Majority of the time these posts with the stupid quotes on them couldn't paint a more different representation of the persons character who post them. Which is why when I saw this one it pissed me off abit. Last weekend a friend of mine ran a push/pull powerlifting competition in ellerslie. He invested a lot of time and effort into the organising of it. One aspect of organising a successful competition is sponsorship and supplement prizes. A sponsorship is a two way street. The promoter provides a platform for promotion of the business and advertising for the business in this case via social media and posters along with word of mouth and just generally promoting it to the powerlifting community. In return product is provided for prizes (which is promotion in itself as well). We all knew Marven of Payless supplements was the sponsor of the event. Even I did and I live over 250km away from where the event was being held. So to say there was a lack of advertising of Payless supplements is bullshit. Unfortunatley but not to my surprise, Marven didn't stick to his end of the deal. He took the free advertising and promotion for his business and didn't show on the day or provide prizes as he promised. Essentially scamming the organiser into giving him and his business free publicity for a number of weeks. He was contacted multiple times in the lead up to the competition and confirmed he would be there or if he couldn't he would drop the prizes off for the competition. None of this happened. This is a let down, not only for the organiser who is my friend but also to the people who competed that day, put in 100% effort and had to leave empty handed as far as supplements go. No apology has been made by Marven which isn't really a surprise. So I just wanted to say we as the powerlifting community don't endorse Payless supplements as the competition posters suggested. We endorse and support honest, stand up individuals and businesses who honour their words and stand by their agreements.
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    ali g

    The "Bench Your Bodyweight" challenge

    ok, heres my attempt at this challenge benched 16 reps at my bodyweight of 50kg