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    Training with Cirque du Soleil

    Okay guys - it's been a while, but we've got another Cirque du Soleil video for you. This time it's with KOOZA, who are currently playing in Auckland (and they've just extended the season to March 23). I saw the show, and like every Cirque show, it's packed full of great acts, great costumes, and great music. Expect to see some amazing feats of fitness, agility and flexibility from the artists. Again, we've split this into two videos. In this first one, I'm talking to Straps aerialist Haley Viloria, who demonstrates some of her stretching and mobility work. Enjoy!
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    Example Of Gains From Low Dosage

    Here you go br0
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    Sup fuckers! Was here years ago. Had kids, had life, had bills. Forgot about gym (yeah *forgot*). Wanting to get back into it... who’s all still here? Where’s all the OGs at? cheers Daniel!
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    Example Of Gains From Low Dosage

    Soooo anyone with a good physique has superior genetics? ....I’d say people with shitty physiques are lazy :)
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    Example Of Gains From Low Dosage

    There is diverse information to be found on the net, but not everyone understands it.. From experience, I'd say most of the competitive bodybuilders that have reasonable physique have a personal trainer, that takes care of diet, exercise and hormones.. Some of the biggest "monsters" I've known are thick as pig shit..
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    Im still here
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    Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Bench 60 x 8 67.5kg x 5 67.5kg x 5 67.5kg x 5 Lat pull down Db Incline Rows Flies Rows Triceps
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    Do you REALLY love your mrs?? 🤔

    Ive been married for over 10yrs! yes my Mrs was/is hot but its like buying a new car the first 6mths im totally IN love with it thrashing it every second i get and then after a while the shine wears off !...sure i love my car BUT i was more IN love with it when i first bought it and now its like meh yeah its a cool car it runs well need to spend a lot of money on it to keep it running, but you know for me its better the devil you know then the devil you dont!...so i guess im stuck with the same 10yr old car!...i can afford to trade it in HA! Jesus sorry boys just read my twisted post! no more beersies for me! mods feel free to delete
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    This is awesome bro. i saw cirque in Vegas last year and it was amazing. Also saw them here this Friday just gone and 100% recommend it. Amazing performers although at times it’s hard to watch due to the stunts they pull lol
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    Do you REALLY love your mrs?? 🤔

    Hear ya mate. Some would say I'm punching also but f*ck sometimes I struggle... 13 years and I keep asking myself how are two people supposed to remain together forever when you are always changing, as we grow ( and we never stop growing) we change....
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    Lynx's Workout Journal

    I lied, and I didn’t do f*ck all... still been in the same industry for the last 10 years. So fairly physical job. And apparently I’m looking my best ever.. well that’s what my fiancé says, as she’s normally not nice to me..... hahaha! But I still do have a gym membership and going to start back tomorrow, as kids are getting older now, and work is actually steady and not fucken mental and taxing my brain!! What should I start with boys?
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    Do you REALLY love your mrs?? 🤔

    In most mammal species the male will f*ck multiple females. This is obviously a characteristic that would be selecred for in natural selection/ evolution of a species where the female is capable of looking after the offspring on her own. The feeling which you are calling "love" is just some shit that happens in your brain when you encounter and gain interest in a new potential mate with what appears to be suitable genetic marerial expressed as phenotypic traits. The social constructs and general expectations of monogamy and long term interest in a single mating partner held by most modern human societies (obvious exception being ragheads) are all a load of crap in terms of our psychology. They are contadictory to basic biological principles and the natural selection process which occurred from the recent past to likely at least tens of millions of years ago. Most of the advantages of long term relationships in our society are simply those associated with a financial partnership which you could just as easily (and probably more successfully) do with another male (no homo) or larger group e.g. a syndicate.
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    Yeah my suggestion or advice would be that you don’t need sarms to go from 20% body fat to 10% body fat. Someone qualified would probably give you an eating plan for the same cost of the sarms.
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    TFB - to Nationals and Beyond!

    October 20, 2018 - NZPF Equipped Nationals - held at Unbreakable Training Centre in Christchurch: BW 136, M2/ 120+ Squat: 250/ 265/ 272.5kg (600 lbs) - 20kg PB! Bench: 150/ 157.5kg / missed 162.5 but still a 5kg PB Deadlift: 200/ 225/ 240kg - done classic, haven’t mastered equipped deadlifting in a suit yet. Total: 670kg - 47.5kg PB Happy with that, went 8/9, missed 162.5kg bench cos I let the bar drift. Awesome day with the Central Districts Green Machine! Other observations: There were only 8 lifters - three women, five men. Only two provinces - Auckland and Central Districts, no lifters from Northland, Waikato, Canterbury or Southern There were only three Open lifters, and five Masters lifters - no juniors at all. Not sure why it was so small - are people scared of equipped lifting, was it the timing (or is a long weekend better for comps?). Ah well, their loss :)