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    First Test E cycle - questions

    Hey Bro I started my first cycle of Test E last week and happy to share my initial experience with you. I was super nervous about pinning myself and the potential Side Effects but to be honest pinning wasn't that much of a big deal. i went with Delts which makes it comfortable for the first cycle. I am currently on 400mg per week split into 2 shots of 200mg every Saturday and Tuesday. I do try keep it around the same time as possible for shots to keep the Blood level balanced. Going to wait for the ester to kick in then may be bump up the dose to 500mg per week. So far i don't have any sides but its too soon to say anything. My energy levels are Def up a bit and Libido is up (shouldn't of broken up with my GF last month haha). I have Airimidex in hand for gyno and bloating which is 0.25 every other day. For PCT i got HCG and Nolvadex. private message me if you want to link up and i will be happy to share my thoughts and experience with you.