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    Most chemists offer a needle exchange.. 23G (blue) to fill, 25G (orange) to inject.. PCT is pointless, if you've induced primary or secondary hypogonadism on your cycle then it's too late to do anything about it.. The latest research suggests protecting the testes ON-CYCLE from damage via R.O.S to sertoli and leydig cells is the best option, as a SERM cannot address dead cells in the testes once they are dead.. Frontloading is retarded, and works against the bodies homeostasis mechanisms, read my post on: "Why you should not frontload"..!!
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    ACL Reconstruction Recovery

    With all injuries, surgeries and rehabs the most important thing is getting the full range of motion back. That’s the first thing you should be aiming to do before you even think about strengthening it or building muscle around it. With an acl injury you should able to fully straighten out your leg after the rehab has been done right. If you can’t then you aren’t using or working your quad muscle to it’s full capacity and that’s why people have trouble building muscle and strength after such injuries - they haven’t rehabbed properly and have lost rom in the leg. If you can’t move through full rom then you can’t build muscle and strength as good as you can using full rom. no reason why it can’t be as good as it were before. If you don’t do things properly you can end up favouring the other knee without even knowing you’re doing it. This is why people often do their acl on other leg after they have had other fixed. so get your rom back then build strength and muscle will come. my brother tore his acl about 18 months ago in a ncaa soccer game. It’s a long road to a full and proper recovery.
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    So i am on my second clen cycle and it is working better than i expected. I started with typical 2 weeks on 2 weeks off but then read about Benadryl to extend the cycle. Benadryl has active ingredient called diphenhydramine which suppose to help with you Beta 2 receptor but we can't get Benadryl in NZ so i picked up some Unisom tablets from Pharmacy which has the same ingredient as Benadryl. After my first cycle i took Unisom for one week straight and then decided to go for my second cycle, There was a chance it might not work but IT SURE WORKED. Now i am doing 1 week on 1 week off with Unisom on the week off with amazing results. I am on low carb diet and macros adjusted to my body type. NOTE Please don't use clen if you are not willing to diet I am lost 5 kgs in total in 4 weeks and lost 4.5% of Body Fat which brings me to 14% currently Hope it helps someone who is about to jump on Clen and yes be careful with the doses please to make sure you measure it properly. start with low then find your comfortable dose.