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    Hey that looks good as man, good on ya for getting some leg work in. So just to clarify you'd be doing this, a full body 3x a week? If so, be sure to track the fatigue levels and adjust amount of sets as needed. Full body splits are great, they can be a solution to greater overall weekly volume, but you gotta be disciplined with it. You're most likely not wanting to go to failure, otherwise the next session, which is only 2 days away can suffer. I find them hard for this reason, sometimes you're just feeling it and go hard, and then you simply cant perform well, or at all by the next session. One last thing I would personally suggest is some medial delt work, and reducing the sets on those isolation exercises. You'd be getting good indirect bi and tri work from those big compounds, so you could prob just do with 2 sets of curls and tri ext. Like i mentioned above this just keeps the fatigue manageable, but over the week, you'll still be getting good iso work in. And get in something like upright rows or side lateral raises for those side shoulders. Next thing to do is just try it man and see how it goes, that's a hell of a lot more complete than the original idea. Maybe something like the following will help you pick the amount of sets and frequency for the time you've got. https://renaissanceperiodization.com/hypertrophy-training-guide-central-hub/
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    How flexible are your workout days? Having heavy pulls on sunday and monday could be rough, and you may not get the performance/recovery you're after. If you're 100% committed to that, it maybe wise shuffling the program to something like a upper body push, upper body pull, and sunday arms. Bicep isolation, medial delt, tricep isolation, abs, traps. and I'd say at least do some leg press or lunges, nothing hectic but something to keep those muscles mobile, maybe some romanian deadlifts to swap out with another big pull exercise.
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    Flick me an email champ. I'll sort something out for you. I'm after a training partner as well so I'll teach you some good stuff
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    You need to understand each muscle you are trying to hit. Don’t just pick say 4 random exercises for your back or chest and do them cause you think they’re good. for example - when I am training my chest I’ll start with movements focussing on the top part of my chest and work down. Same goes for back, I might start with my Lats and slowly work into my middle traps etc. if you want a program email me jordan@jordanearlfitness.com but otherwise use this info to improve on what you’re alrwady doing.
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    Few things I’d change. less sets per movement, more angles. So more exercises per large muscle group. forget percentages... couple sets at 100% within your rep range will give you better results IF your intensity is right. just train hard.
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    Not in any way trying to be rude mate but i wouldn't call those legs tank haha. Calves decent sure though. Why don't you train legs? Just not into it?
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    Snap Fitness costs

    If I was researching this information I'd probably try looking on their website, stopping in at your local branch or contacting them via a brief telephone call.