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    Just protein code

    waiting on 2kg for $56 bucks, Queens25 code and a free shaker .
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    New Here

    Hey so thought I'd make one of these because why not. So I'm Sam from Nelson, 19 years old and flatting in Wellington since August and you'll very rarely (just kidding) see me at city fitness on Willis. When I'm not a gymrat im a maintenance assistant at Boulcott Suites most likely changing another toilet seat. After a long day of work and making gains, the bae Mary is always waiting for me....Mary Jane that is, but I never cheat with Nikki 🚭🍁 Doesn't mean to say I dont make up for it in the gym 😤 💪 Goal wise I'm inspired by gaining mass but maintaining physique. Diet is very important to me too (Fun fact: I devoured a whole chicken in under a minute once) At this stage iv only just started working out for the winter. But would be keen to join the keyboard warriors of Gymnation. Please be a legend and give us a follow or even a message (idk how this works yet) Anyway cheers guys 💪 Go hard or go home 💪