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    sarmsnz.co.nz review??

    I'm a bit late to the party here, but... Yeah, I checked it out when this topic first started. As far as I can tell, everyone looks relatively legit - ie, different posters have different IP addresses from different NZ-based ISPs. Of course, that's still no guarantee they're completely unrelated. But for now, I think we can give everyone the benefit of the doubt. So welcome, all you new people!
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    Homemade mass gainer shakes

    Making is cheaper and you get what you want. Yay. Good recipe and good total volume. You'll see change in weight from that breakfast rather than whatever you did have. I would add around two scoops of unflavoured whey protein concentrate. Getting 50+g of protein at breakfast simply makes the rest of the day easier, in terms of hitting your targets. Shop around for a WPC with protein close to 78% protein, so 78 grams of protein per 100 grams. Garbage products near 60% protein are not even cheap - read your labels.
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    sarmsnz.co.nz review??

    same question here really. maybe its not such a big risk in nz/aus as it is shown to be on US forums, who knows.. probably just paranoid lol, getting an outright fake product doesn't concern me nearly as much as something that has other crap with side effects i'm not equipped to manage and didn't sign up for. wish we could go straight to docs for prescription on research drugs like this, sadly it seems like they pulled the pin on ostarin all together because certain aspects of continuing the study were unable to be funded. no ones saying you're misleading anyone mate and thanks for sharing your experienece so far. same goes for @Sheepdog. plenty of aas logs on this site, would be keen to see more sarms logs too. keep posting / contributing, all the questions being asked are with a healthy layer of speculation that every normal human being should have, too dangerous to believe everything you read online without questioning lol. or maybe i've just become too cynical, idk :)
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    back to the grind

    kinda glad i take regular progress pics and keep them aside regardless of if i feel im making much progress or not lol. i eat total less calories than when i was at my craziest bulk but funny enough due to the braces situation there is no more snacks, no more junk food at all (apart from ice cream desserts when i feel like im gonna crash). seem to be making the most progress and generally feeling better than ever, i finally get the hype about clean eating lol. introduced tuna in to diet lately also and just further mash it down with fork before i swallow it. looking for further meat ideas but haven't yet researched enough about what is and isn't highly bioavailable when there is lack of chewing/enzymes from saliva etc. here is 1 yr comparison from last year and now. that vascularity / abs popping out a bit seems to have really come in strong from after a week of arginine. i highly recommend anyone who hasn't tried that supp to give it a go, pretty crazy but i guess you may have to be already slightly lean before it shows like that? 30 may 2017 62.5kg 25 april 2018 60.5kg back 28 april 62kg. lot any traces of the ol thickness but width coming back in quick got deadlifts / abs session coming up later today. my 'porta bars' arrived couple days ago not sure how i'll incorporate those in to my training routine now that i think about it.
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    sarmsnz.co.nz review??

    i don't want to come out as accusatory , just questioning the legitimacy of those claims. all but one of the accounts that have posted here are new, which is not necessarily anything against someones credibility but given it's a new company, expensive products with potential to not be as legit as claimed i kinda feel it necessary to not take anything mentioned here at face value. would be interested to compare IPs of some of the posters here but don't have access to that side of things ofcourse. @Pseudonym is this potential shill thread? in terms of legitimacy of actual sarms, the research seems to all be quite limited and claims of 'no sides' are made based on the research, but for example research says ostarin (mk-2866) at 3mg/day did cause some shutdown yet recommended dosage for recreational purposes is stated to be 25mg/day (which has no clinical trials or other supporting evidence backing up side effects) and claimed that this apparently has no shutdown? it's a higher dose so i'm not sure how that works, unless my maths / logic is off. also even though it's not strictly illegal (unregulated research drugs), this does not mean it's professionally produced and that you're getting some pharma quality product. there is much info out there showing other companies overseas have spiked their sarms with prohormones and users experienced all kinds of unexpected side effects (few of the big names in US are getting sued for this right now). i'm not saying that is the case here nor am i trying to slander the company in question but if you're looking at taking sarms because you think they might be safer than anabolic steroids, you should go in to it knowing that you're still taking on significant risk especially because the long term side effects are as yet completely unknown. not saying this to put you off , as with anything you gotta go in to it knowing what you're getting yourself in to. @gazza is someone whose word is more trustworthy among the posters so far on this thread and sounds like he has either personal knowledge of this or knows people who have really used sarms, care to share?
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    Bodybuilder or not, lock the piece of trash up and throw away the keys!......pure scum of the earth.
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    Bodybuilder..??? Have you seen the size of the skinny runt..!!
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    my first time taking test e,i just took 250mg a week just one shot on a monday.i took only 250 coz it was my first time and i wanted to see how my body reacted to it.f*ck it was good brothas! mean results!Everone at the gym where saying i looked jacked hahaha and i told them f*ck its the tuna shakes that i drink hahahaha.Just stick the needle in ya ass bro hahaha it wont hurt or maybe a little,just pinch the skin on the part you are going to put the needle in,coz it numbs it so when you stick that needle in you dont feel it.The needle dont hurt anyway bro,its all in ya head lol just like when you lose virginity lol i sit there and go ummm i hope i f*ck this bitch right hahaha and once i stuck it in it was all good hahaha and smash that shit,hahah of topic but yeah bro you do it its over.but still ill fucking a bitch is better lol but the whole needle thing its all in ya head, for me anyway.But ive and a few shots that hurt,f*ck i put it in my quad once and f*ck it was fucken sore bro,soon as i put it in my leg twitched and the fucken needle came out lol so i had to put it back in,fucks sake aye it was pretty sore.anyways bro thats my needle experience,once you do it its all sweet, not as sweet as pussy brothas hahaha just a little pin prick homie.