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    Ladies, do we "gymtimidate" you?

    I think the gym is intimidating to people who haven't been before. They walk in thinking everyone is watching them and women seem to be more sensitive to this. Once they realize no one cares what they're doing they usually get comfortable. If they never get to that stage then there's always the women's only gyms. Speaking for myself I'll notice someone who's working hard male or female but I never talk to anyone or say anything. I just make a mental note that if that person wants a bench or dbs or something I'm using I'll be a little more polite than I might otherwise be.
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    Ladies, do we "gymtimidate" you?

    But it only takes one asshole to say it.
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    awesome journey bro very very impressive!
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    Stealth Juice

    ladies, ladies. who cares. if he don't wanna give advice that's cool, I can understand with the amount of fucking retards I see roll up these days, fuckin side hates and baggy 'fitwear' trackys. im appalled by the gym scene these days.
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    Soundsgood Lifting heavy sh*t

    Here is my GPC Lifter Profile video
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    Newbie - Female

    We all have that challenge from time to time I'll be at the comp, either spotting, reffing or on the PA, it should be a good day. Did you make it to CrossFit Horowhenua for the seminar?
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    Ladies, do we "gymtimidate" you?

    The women at Juggernaut barbell intimidate me. And by women I mean my Mrs :yes:
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    Ladies, do we "gymtimidate" you?

    Not intimidated at big guys doing their thing. Thats probably why I bother showing up in the first place lol Then there are those scrawny creeps who have been there forever, lifting half as much as me. Imo their the real creeps, always staring at me and my training partner all the time
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    Get the fat ones first!

    I've just removed most of the posts relating to Gyzzbrah's latest racial tirade. Gyzzbrah, you've been warned before - this forum is not the place for pushing your neo-nazi views. It is directly offensive to several members (including, bizarrely, yourself), and the rest of us don't want to read such garbage either. I'm suspending your account for 4 days. :evil: