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    Hey guys, First of all thanks for the information! this is is such a good read, the information on here is what like 90% of new recruits would be looking for. Im currently waiting to be hopefully selected. I’ve completed interview and beep test etc. next will be full medical, security clearance. Im applying for fire fighting either in the Army or Air Force, was hoping to hear any insight into what the fire fighting trade is like from people who are actually working in or have worked in the NZDF, is it considered a good trade to go for? have you guys had any mates in the fire fighting trade? If so did they enjoy it? biggest pros and cons? Thanks so much!
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    New pome

    Double unders

    My wrist strength and speed always improves with twice a day masturbation. ( sorry mate, could not resist ) 😂
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    Hey! I'm also in the police application process, and take it you're also a female in your 20's? (as 11:50 is my required time too). A few questions: What is your best 2.4km time? Do you usually run outside or on the treadmill? Have you been along to a (compulsory) PAT rehearsal yet? Whereabouts are you in the selection process? Note: I'm not a runner, I ran twice before attempting the PAT rehearsal (whoops)- but I lift 6ish days a week & do some machine cardio/HIIT (and I'm not on the lighter side). However I have reduced my run time from 11:43 (a month ago at the PAT rehearsal) to 11:08 (a few days ago) . What I've been doing weekly: Still lifting 5-6x a week (my fav/#1 love), 1-2 HIIT sessions (sled pushes/pulls, tyre flips, battle ropes, skipping etc.), incorporating vertical jumps/jump squats + push ups 3-4 times a week, and running 3-4 x week. The running involves 1-2 sessions of 3-5km, 1 session of 2.4km and 1-2 sessions of sprints (100m-200m x 5-8). Lots of other responses have been really good (would say hill sprints, more anaerobic work and pushing yourself would be good starters) but I/we can offer more advice if we have more information :)
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    The plan...

    Damn, that wasn't ideal! Sorry guys, it should be fixed now.
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    Invest in some math tutoring. Take the example tests along and learn the methods to work out different math subjects and problems. Memorise the methods and apply them. Piece of piss. Pay a yr 13 student to teach you, they are doing it every day.
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    Nzifbb natural

    Look at Daniel Hibbs. Was within two points of MR NZ open bodybuilding title at nats last week. A week later he won the overall at that drug tested show.. so yea if you have the genetics, work ethic, patience etc etc then yeah it can be done.
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    OnlyHuman's ...

    Current goal >>>-----> to make some progress with my body composition. More on the lines of look good / feel good as opposed to worrying about performance at this stage (no powerlifting training), if that makes any sense... Current stats are: BW averaged out to be 78.5 over the last week with a t-shirt and shorts on (empty tummy, in the AM) According to the US Navy Calculator, based on my 39 cm neck and 85 cm waist I sit at roughly 17 % BF and i think it is a pretty solid estimate. 78 at 17% gives me a ~ Lean body mass of 65 kg and Fat mass of 13 kg. My maximum lean body mass calculates to be 75.2 kg at 12% BF so it seems I have some room for a bit more muscle and definitely some fat loss . However I be just happy to feel / look athletic once again. I calculated my maintenance calories to be approximately 2450 cals/day for the activity level. I will mostly do IF but may experiment with some extended fasts initially while my BF is in the high tens. Training wise I plan to get about 16 sets per muscle groups over the week. This could be a combination of either the following, whole body / upper - lower / Push - Pull - Legs. I just plan to get enough volume in and do the best I can with the amount of time I have available at the time. Not sure if i will consistently / directly) train ABBs, qualfs, forearms - undecided about these at this stage. I will apply a simple double progression to most of my lifts, with some movements I am starting out on the lighter end....
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    Abstract: FY2016/2017 was not a good year for me for a number of reasons as outlined briefly below: A) Contracted ross river virus B) Realised a circa 65k capital loss as well as a significant paper loss C) Stopped lifting often. Cancelled gym membership, OTP etc. D) GF proved she is a slut In saying that I couldn't really give a f*ck about any of that shit as I firmly believe that everything in our lives is "predetermined" (although it's far too complex to model) and as such those events were always going to be what happened. Anyway can't do f*ck all about A) above and already took care of D) so that just leaves points B) and C). It is my intention that this journal will become a chronicle of my attempted comeback with respect to these points and hopefully be in a better position physically and financially at the conclusion of FY2017/2018 (Aus I.E. July to June) than I was at the end of FY2015/2016. Anyway talk is cheap. Will update when I actually do something material.
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    Help required - Police PAT

    Hahaha! I imagine 16yo obese Maccaz probably had more incentive to run than the cop did!
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    Customes in NZ

    It's illegal so not very well.
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    Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Haven't posted most of the year because haven't lifted most of the year. Did a fair bit of boxing though. Managed to maintain most of my weight and strength through the year by eating properly and being reasonably healthy. Mature person now so just a no bs log of my training while im back up in Auckland. This week training is just going to be full body work at a medium weight. This is ideal obviously for building back up a base level of strength, mobility etc and avoiding injury. After that just a basic strength program I was given back in 2014, but actually going to do it properly since im over being a little immature shit lol. Week 1 Monday Dumbell flat bench press (4 x 8), 22kg T-bar rows (4 x 12), 35kg of plates Front raises with 10kg plate (4 x 12) Rear delt flies with 5kg dumbell (4 x 12) Tricep pushdowns 4 x 12 Dumbell lunges 4 x 12 Leg extension 4 x 15
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    OnlyHuman's ...

    I think my own sweet cravings have just been triggered.
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    Help required - Police PAT

    Off topic slightly, but I have always wondered why are there different time requirements for male and female and different time requirements for different ages brackets? Also if you need to be at that level to gain entry why don't you have to maintain that level whilst employed?
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    OnlyHuman's ...

    W1 D7 Safety bar squats BAR + 85(W) x 8(R) x 3(S) (DP)(DP = Double progression = I progressed either the weight, sets, or/and reps in this session.) Glute ham raises BW + 2.5 x 8 x 4 Bayesian pec deck flies 51 x 10 x 4 (DP) Hammer strength chest supported row 45 x 10 x 4 (DP) Close grip bench press 80 x 10 x 3 (DP) Dumbbell alternating curls 15 x 10 x 3 (DP) Once again I really enjoyed my training session. I am more than happy to spend time at the gym and workout at the moment. My weakly average of body weight (over 4 weigh-ins) turned out to be 77.6 This represents a 0.9kg drop over a week with an average calorie intake of 2214 cals/day. I think I will increase my calories o 2300 / day over the next week and see what sort of weight change (if any will take place). A near full kg of drop over the week is a bit to high IMO when my main goal is to RECOMPOSITION (gain muscle and loose some fat .... at the same time/concurently). Today's eats are planned to be at: 2200 cals
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    My Log August to December 2017

    Lots of mobility, activation. Squat 60x1x5 80x1x5 Belt n sleeves wrist wraps 100x1x5 120x1x3 130x1x3 140x5x5 Leg extensions 5x12 48kg Ham curls 5x12 48kg.
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    2017 log

    Im not preparing for any comp bro. I had joined gpc and entered the push pull. But not doing anymore got a Xmas party to go to that day so doing that. Anyway... i'm just gonna do weekly updates in here until I have something to log for i.e a comp. Weekly is just is a better read especially since I'm pretty new to this now so will hopefully be able to fill a post with good content 1xpw as opposed to every day rambling and super short posts. so I started a 3 day pw strength program that I got off wookie a while back it's a really good template and means I can do wods 4xweek if I'm training everyday and then has a deloaf every 4 weeks. I think the deload is going to be really important with the lifting and then the crossfit too. I don't think people who do crossfit realise quite how much volume they are doing each week I think that's where the injuries are happening rather than the movements themselves. Something to observe as time passes in the gym with myself and others. So anyway I started it on Friday deadlift went to 270x1 then 210x8. Felt real good considering I havnt deadlifted more than 200 kg in like 6 months. 300 again by end of the year!
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    Help required - Police PAT

    I found running the 2.4km test for the army was mostly mental. Even while it's hurting and you're breathing hard you just had to keep pushing the pace. Never allowing the thoughts of "I'll just slow down a little bit here" to creep in. Having a course where you had a halfway point was helpful to see if your pace is correct. Also picking up the pace for the last few hundred meters and pushing through the pain can cut a bit of time. Just have to bite the bullet and keep practicing 2.4km each run trying to better your time. I had to get under 10mins 30secs and I knew if I was at the halfway point at about 5mins I could scrape under.
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    Help required - Police PAT

    Chur, SR crew checking in
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    Help required - Police PAT

    Hey, I've had experience with something similar, I hated running and entered myself in a 12km obstacle course run. Before that I had never run any distance since cross country back in primary school. The following year I entered 11 of these runs my average placing was in the mid 20s (of about150+ competitors) and came 6th in one of them 10+ km a day is overkill for a 2.4km run Although 10km runs will help your aerobic threshold, you would be better off to run a 3km distance of hill running anerobically 3 times a week. This will give you time to recover. This is the method that worked for me Find a good hill, run up hard for as long as you can, and when you need to stop turn around and jog back down don't worry about the time it takes you will see improvement each time by how far you get up the hill, but do use a GPS tracker to measure the 3km distance. Running up will increase your anerobic threshold whilst strengthening your legs and jogging back down will help you recover ready for the next run up. Also learn how to run, when I learnt how to run properly it made a huge difference to my endurance, if your running mechanics are shit you will be wasting a tonne of energy. High soled running shoes ,(pretty much every running shoe that is not a minimal shoe) can f*ck with your footstrike, causing your heel to hit the the ground first acting like a brake. To get out of this habit I started running in bare feet for a while, because when running in bare feet it forces you to land fore footed and eliminates heel strike. In short, run up hills try it for atleast 3 weeks and then try a 2.4 on the flat. you should see a noticable difference in your running time , learn the mechanics of how to run properly, minimise training for better recovery. My 2 cents
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    Old School thoughts on Estradiol

    Quite a long read, but in my opinion worth it: Estradiol: The lower amounts of both visceral (intra-abdominal) and subcutaneous fat levels one has determines to a large degree the side effects brought on by estrogen. For example one very serious misunderstanding of estrogen and its effects on adiposity are that estrogen increases fat gain or retards fat loss, when in effect the opposite is true. This is especially true when TESTOSTERONE is present. When testosterone is low or not present, estrogen can then under those circumstances create problems. Estradiol (E2), is probably a more effective fat loss aid than is testosterone. Estradiol can also prevent muscle loss, only in the presence of testosterone, by blocking the low affinity glucocorticoid receptors protecting against the effects of cortisol. This is why the top dogs ALWAYS have testosterone in the stack at high levels especially when dieting. I will go into more details of estrogen and its key rolls on a future date. I'll enlighten some very interesting information on how estrogen works as the anabolic. 2: Some people advocate low test to control estrogen, and other such as myself recommend higher test amounts. What is the role of testosterone, estrogen and diet. How do then influence each other. Do they work differently in a calorie rich vs a low calorie, higher stress environment. Does low test work better then high test at removing body fat? There is a CONSTANT and CONTINUAL run of high amount of test through most or all bodybuilding competitors regimes. This high base is run up all the way until the last few weeks. The only changes to test are the esters. Faster ones are brought in closer to show time. Why, and what does it have to do with estrogen? Both muscle and fat tissue metabolize free estrogen, estrone and estradiol. Through the aromatase enzyme, estrogen is actually produced in BOTH your fat and muscle cells via testosterone. That conversion to estrogen could happen in either your fat cells or muscle cells which plays a big role in the production of good or bad estrogen metabolites. This is the reason we pound the table to grow from a lean stage. The leaner the better. We want more E2 produced via muscle tissue vs fat. Every single hormone plays an ever important role all by itself and yet the production of each subsequent specific hormone is dependent on the other hormones. I mentioned earlier estrogen, specifically estradiol (E2), is probably a more effective fat loss aid than is testosterone. But with one very important caveat. An increase in estradiol must be accompanied by an equal or larger increase in testosterone if we are reap the positive effects on both fat loss and muscle retention. Testosterone increases IGF-1, while estradiol prolongs the half-life and effect of the hormone by increasing IGFBP-3 and IGF1-receptor density. One key to understand, estrogen is not present to promote skeletal muscle hypertrophy, but rather to prevent atrophy especially in calorie restricted environments. Also excessive estrogen can and will work against you in different ways especially in a calorie surplus environment with high body fat levels. In a second mechanism estradiol prevent muscle loss, once again only in the presence of test by blocking glucocorticoid receptors protecting against the effects of cortisol. Estrogen also plays another role in the promotion of an anabolic state by affecting glucose utilization in muscle tissue. This occurs via an altering of the level of available glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase, an enzyme directly tied to the use of glucose for muscle tissue growth and recuperation. More specifically, G6PD is a vital part of the pentose phosphate pathway, which is integral in determining the rate nucleic acids and lipids are to be synthesized in cells for tissue repair. During the period of regeneration after skeletal muscle damage levels of G6PD are shown to rise dramatically, which is believed to represent a mechanism for the body to enhance recovery when needed. Estrogen is directly tied to the level of G6PD that is to be made available to cells in this recovery window. Besides muscle tissue, estrogen also stabilizes muscle membranes and diminishes sarcolemmal disruption. In other words estrogen acts to reduce exercise-induced muscle damage and inflammatory responses by acting as both as an strong antioxidant against exercise-induced membrane phospholipid peroxidation and also acts as a cholesterol-like influence on membrane fluidity and stability. So what is the bottom line. Higher test levels produce E2 which helps the bodybuilder remain fuller and RETAIN more structural tissue especially when dieting. E2 also keeps the muscle's structural membrane intact, which keeps the cells better hydrated and anabolic. And as you can see it also plays a big role in muscle energy recovery too. So now that we know this, I will ask these few questions. What is your goal when dieting? Further more, what is the goal of those giving advise on low test while dieting. They may be VERY different. Those running lower test FIRST PRIORITY is not the maximum retention of muscle and strength, but the extreme removal of body fat. When I diet down, my FIRST AND PRIMARY goal is muscle retention, followed by fat loss. For others it may be backwards. What most forget, and I'll say it again, those bodybuilders from the past who ran low test, made up the loss of estrogen with running high aromatizing orals. Remember that!!!!! Its has been said over and over again, running 100mg plus a day of Dbol in the 70's was the norm for the top echelon. And that is just the orals...... You may have also importantly noticed in the Pro's steroid cycle link, deca and eq, were also run concurrently, not the tren/mast combination, most are use to hearing about in final 12 or so weeks leading into a show. This goes completely against what many are preaching here. Again, why run deca as far into competition mode as possible. We will once again revisit the top goal of the competitor, the retention of lean tissue during calorie restriction mode. We can take a history lesson as to why deca is used in this phase. The main reason for Nandrolone?s widespread use and popularity is owed in large part to the fact that it was essentially the second officially created and marketed anabolic steroid to ever be made (1957) after dianabol (1955). NPP was created first, but due to the short half live and too frequent of injections for patients, deca the longer version was brought to market. Nandrolone Decanoate, saw a vast and wide range of medical uses ranging from the promotion of weight and lean mass in patients with wasting diseases to the treatment of burn victims, geriatric patients, anemia, and even for the treatment of child growth and development disorders. It is extremely effective and safe bringing up the lean body-weight of patients but is also has benefits for their impaired immune systems too. Think about it this way, say you have a patient with severe burns whose metabolic and calorie needs are not only through the roof, but at the same time they are unable to eat. Calorie consumption is completely impaired and the body begins to eat itself alive. How do you stabilize the body-weight without adding additional stress to an already compromised and failing body systems (heart, liver and kidneys). Yes, this is what deca was designed for. For those of you with a general understanding of this situation, do you think you could put the same patient on tren? What would be the outcome of that same deathly ill patient on tren? Even some of the latest HIV studies show deca therapy, even in the absence of an exercise program in borderline hypo-gonadal men caused substantial nitrogen retention compared with placebo, similar in extent to the nitrogen retention previously achieved with GH. So deca is ALSO a POWERFUL anti-catabolic especially when calories are restricted. Furthermore, the second reason deca is run as far into prep as possible is the fluid it brings into the joints during this critical stage. Remember the astronaut example, where regardless of hormones, vitamins, and minerals provided, bone mass diminishes as the loads lighten in space due to zero gravity. The same premise works here too. If your joints hurt and you are now moving lighter weight due to the pain, the body WILL also make adjustments to lean tissue reserves. You want the same loads placed on the system for as long as possible. Deca makes this possible!!!!!!!!!!!! I will leave you with this thought. Imagine you have a very dirty car full of mud and dirt. You have soap, water, towels and wax to clean detail the paint. Why could you not just leave out the soap and water out and just wax the car straight? The car in the end would look the same. Why yes, waxing a dirty car would clean the car but damage the paint. You would want the surface to be clean FIRST prior to the addition of wax. Many bodybuilders, including myself consider tren, halo, winstrol the wax, and only use it when they are "clean" or devoid of fat to prevent additional stress and damage it creates. They are used as a final tool to bring out those extreme details, like the wax. Test and deca are the dieting lifeblood, just like the soap and water is to that dirty "fat" car...... DrX...
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    joint pain

    I have same thing man and mines basically polyarthritus from having Ross River virus. Doubt yours is the same thing but some blood tests probably wouldn't hurt. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyarthritis
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    The plan...

    Yeah fixed for me
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    2017 log

    It's just the most functional way to hold the bar bro. So the front squat is one part of lots of movements meaning you need to transition the bar from a front squat to whatever for example an overhead press then back down again and repeat. Those are called barbell thrusters. Different types of barbell cleans require that position to catch the bar in a strong position. Crossfit aside, if you can get into that front squat position then it's a much tighter position than folding your arms at shoulder height. So it's a beneficial thing for almost everyone who front squats.
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    Hey mate, welcome to Gymnation. Bodybuilding is a sport that takes time, regardless of how old you are. So 42 is not necessarily as big a barrier as you think. The most important thing is your diet, and making sure that you get enough food in order to grow. What do you eat in an average day?
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    had good holiday, got engaged, buzzed out on some remote af islands, etc. was good fun. now time to knuckle down after 12 days of straight buffet meals multiple times a day. Came home at 114.5, back to 111.8 now after a day of normal eating.. Goal is to be under 100kg in 12 weeks, then I have 12 weeks from there to prep for GPC nsw states. 100 would be the leanest and lightest ive been in 2 years
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    2017 log

    Better take some before photos so you can compare them when all that conditioning work leaves you shredded, mate.
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    Tbol TRT

    About 350 bro
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    Intermittent Fasting and Autophagy When you lose body fat, the body literally eats itself, a process called autophagy. By definition and function, autophagy destroys tissue, making it purely catabolic. As damaged and unused material builds up within a cell, it gets sick and can die. So it needs to get cleaned up: autophagy to the rescue. Several authors give an excellent review of the basics—which aren’t so basic [1]. Relevant to our discussion there are two types, macroautophagy (Macro) and chaperon mediated autophagy (CMA). (There is a third type, microautophagy, but it’s poorly studied and, therefore, poorly understood [2,3].) To be brief, autophagy is a reaction to either starvation or internal cellular damage; fasting triggers both on different time scales. Macro is fast-acting and short-lived whereas CMA takes a little time to kick in. Each type cleans detritus from the innards of the cells, removing the junk for healthier cell function or recycling components for tissue repair when you’re starving—literally. Who Cares? Autophagy, keeps cells healthy by keeping them cleaned out. Nowhere is this clearer than in skeletal muscle tissue. When autophagy is chronically suppressed (or knocked-out), chunks of non-functional protein accumulate, mitochondria (the cell’s power plant) develop bad mutations, and oxidative stress runs rampant. If autophagy fails, these conditions cause muscle fiber breakdown [4]—your muscles fall apart from the inside out and there’s really not much you can do about it. Also, in times of nutritional deficit, like starvation, fasting or even rapid energy depletion such as happens with sustained exhaustive activity like CrossFit, autophagy actually helps to slow and protect against muscle loss [5, 6]. Take note: autophagy is also part of the destructive process. In most tissues, Macro activates within a few hours of nutrient deprivation and only lasts a few hours. In fast-twitch muscle, however, the process can just keep going [7]. When this happens, the body is recycling chunks of protein in the muscle for use in repairing larger structures as they suffer damage [5, 6]. Autophagy helps preserve lean tissue by destroying fast-twitch muscle for spare parts. When you withhold food for a few hours or more, your muscles become a salvage yard. Obviously, muscular autophagy can only sustain muscle mass for so long until it runs out of junk material and starts destroying the entire muscle fiber. Autophagy is one of the main pathways of skeletal muscle breakdown [28]. Skeletal muscle is not the only tissue whose cells get filled with junk and could use a bit of spring cleaning from time to time. The cells of the nervous system, particularly brain neurons, become healthier, more robust and able to form new connections better, a process called neuroplasticity [8-10], when autophagy is routinely stimulated. Autophagy, literally, makes you smarter. There’s also mounting evidence that the benefits of calorie restriction on muscle quality later in life and the benefits of exercise depend on properly activated autophagic pathways [31-33]. Autophagy is pretty damn important for skeletal muscle health, but so is how we regulate it. Triggering the Hunger We can trigger the first type of autophagy, Macro, with simple fasting. As mentioned before, fasting triggers Macro within a few hours. Key point: macroautophagy is transient in nearly all tissues except fast twitch muscle [7, 11]. The body stops autophagic tissue destruction after only a few hours of initiation except in fast-twitch muscle. Bursts of Macro never last very long and need to be continually re-stimulated by eating, then fasting. CMA, the other type of interesting autophagy, isn’t triggered directly by starvation. It’s regulated by ketone build up [1, 12]. If you’re in ketogenesis, autophagy is keeping your cells healthy and happy by cleaning out the gunk. Any type of ketogenic diet – Anabolic Diet, Atkins Prep Phase, Carb Nite, Carb Back-Loading, South Beach Induction Phase, various IF protocols, low-carb Paleo plans – all activate the chaperon mediated autophagy. Spiking free fatty acid levels—which can be done with MCT or coconut oil—also cause a strong increase in ketone production [23-25]. Don’t be ravenous Autophagy is pure catabolism. We don’t want to it run unchecked. It’s not that tough and we can actually throttle autophagy or shut it off. mTOR connects almost every muscular growth and degradation process. In this case, mTOR activation isn’t a direct regulator of autophagy, but it does, in most instances correlate with autophagy activation [13-15]. If mTOR is being stimulated, Macro activity is low; if not, Macro is high. Macro is always off when mTOR is getting a strong growth signal. This isn’t the same as mTOR being shut-off which allows for degradation by autophagy [39-42]. It only means that unless a nutrient or system directly activates mTOR then Macro can function. For instance, mTOR can allow growth at night, but Macro can still clean cells. This is why the 12 hour window of fasting is the critical period—at this point, Processes can inhibit the mTOR pathway and allow Macro to destroy our muscles. Chaperon mediated autophagy (CMA) is different. Ketone-activated autophagy (CMA) functions independent of mTOR activation [34-38]. In other words, we can keep CMA going without sacrificing muscle. The nice thing here is that with energy influx (i.e. we eat something), we get the health benefits of autophagy and avoid the signals that trigger tissue breakdown. We also gain protection from skeletal muscle breakdown through ketone buildup [26]. Shut It Down Sometimes, we absolutely want to shut autophagy down to the fullest extent possible in fast twitch muscle, like after resistance training. Autophagy is suppressed during resistance training, but the buildup of reactive oxygen species (ROS, also known as free radicals), if left too long, triggers a strong autophagic response that can tear down muscle [16, 17]. The ROS buildup is hormetic: a little bit triggers growth factors, too much triggers destruction [18]. We can combat this destruction on several fronts. Amino acids can be highly suppressive to autophagy and in muscle, it requires both leucine and phenylalanine to shut autophagy down completely [2]. It turns out that autophagy is the only catabolic trigger that we can shut off with nutrients after resistance training [19]. What About IF? IF now claims magical autophagic properties, playing on the ignorance of the health and fitness community, and even some of the less informed experts. IF does trigger autophagy [12], but, none of the them from LeanGains to Eat-Stop-Eat do so optimally and anything recommending 24 hour fasts or longer is triggering catabolic processes specifically in fast-twitch muscle fiber. You may not notice this effect immediately, or at all, if you carry only a minimum of muscle, but if you’re pushing the envelope or shooting for maximum hypertrophy, fasting is not doing you any favors. Macroautophagy stays on for 24 hours or longer only in fast-twitch muscle if we don’t eat. Autophagy stimulated by prolonged fasting is destructive; it’s passed the point of beneficial. Prolonged fasting triggers autophagy to deteriorate muscle tissue faster than severing the nerve to the muscle [29, 30]. Unacceptable after all the hard work we put into building it. The only thing IF does for autophagy is to drive it into destructive ranges for fast-twitch muscle. I know that people say these things work, but they’re usually sitting at 22% body fat or higher and dropping to 16% or so for men. That’s not tough and it’s established that body fat levels dictate muscle loss during weight loss-via calorie reduction—the fatter you are, the less muscle you’ll lose [20, 21]. And as was shown previously in this series, IF protocols perform identically to standard calorie reduction when it comes to body composition changes [22]. Ideal Autophagy for Muscle Growth The ideal way to manipulate autophagy would be to allow fasts long enough to trigger macroautophagy without down-regulating the mTOR pathway, which can occur within 12 hours of fasting. At this point, eat something. If we spike free fatty-acid levels, or keeps them sustained, then the body continues producing ketones, which are the sole regulator of chaperon-mediated autophagy. This procedure has several cerebral benefits and not only will it avoid the atrophy of fast twitch muscle, but ketones protect muscle tissue from degradation. Then, when it comes time to train, your sympathetic nervous system—the one that controls fight-or-flight response, such as adrenaline —is primed for action with bigger adrenaline pulses, faster response and stronger action. The heightened burst of adrenaline also fights proteolysis [27], or muscle tissue breakdown. This can only occur if insulin levels have been kept low all day and you’ve been eating something—otherwise, the long-lived fast can trigger adrenaline release before the workout and destroy the advantage. At this point in the day, we’ve optimized performance, preserved muscle mass and allowed beneficial autophagy to run its course. Train. After the session, spark growth as rapidly and potently as possible by spiking insulin levels, providing raw materials for growth and shutting down the one catabolic component we have control over: destructive autophagy. Once the frenzy is over, it’s time for bed where we’ve made sure our food choice cleared as quickly as possible to allow macroautophagy to work through the night. IF and Nutrition With no real challengers, IF has emerged as a champion, and in its own right, IF is a champion of diet—against average diets. It is a little better, if only because it triggers a therapeutic clean-up process at the cellular level and for most people it’s easy. The research consistently shows that the only thing IF brings to the table for athletes is detriment. IF shuts off the very anabolic processes on which we rely for improving performance. IF manages to drive beneficial metabolic processes into destructive cellular chaos. In the research, IF consistently demonstrates that is no better than an average for fat loss or muscle gain and it decreases athletic performance.. 1. Finn PF, Dice JF. Proteolytic and lipolytic responses to starvation. Nutrition. 2006 Jul-Aug;22(7-:830-44. Review. 2. Dice JF. Lysosomal pathways of protein degradation. Georgetown, TX: Landes Bioscience; 2000. 3. Roberts P, Moshitch-Moshkovitz S, Kvam E, O’Toole E, Winey M, Goldfarb DS. Piecemeal microautophagy of nucleus in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Mol Biol Cell. 2003;14:129–41. 4. Raben N, Hill V, Shea L, Takikita S, Baum R, Mizushima N, Ralston E, Plotz P. Suppression of autophagy in skeletal muscle uncovers the accumulation of ubiquitinated proteins and their potential role in muscle damage in Pompe disease. Hum Mol Genet. 2008;17:3897–3908. 5. Moscat J, Diaz-Meco MT. Feedback on fat: p62-mTORC1-autophagy connections. Cell. 2011 Nov 11;147(4):724-7. Review. 6. Masiero E, Agatea L, Mammucari C, Blaauw B, Loro E, Komatsu M, Metzger D, Reggiani C, Schiaffino S, Sandri M. Autophagy is required to maintain muscle mass. Cell Metab. 2009 Dec;10(6):507-15. 7. Mizushima N, Yamamoto A, Matsui M, Yoshimori T, Ohsumi Y. In vivo analysis of autophagy in response to nutrient starvation using transgenic mice expressing a fluorescent autophagosome marker. Mol Biol Cell 2004;15:1101–11. 8. Alirezaei M, Kemball CC, Flynn CT, Wood MR, Whitton JL, Kiosses WB. Short-term fasting induces profound neuronal autophagy. Autophagy. 2010 Aug;6(6):702-10. 9. Boland B, Kumar A, Lee S, Platt FM, Wegiel J, Yu WH, Nixon RA. Autophagy induction and autophagosome clearance in neurons: relationship to autophagic pathology in Alzheimer’s disease. J Neurosci. 2008 Jul 2;227):6926-37. 10. Young JE, Martinez RA, La Spada AR. Nutrient deprivation induces neuronal autophagy and implicates reduced insulin signaling in neuroprotective autophagy activation. 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    if you like books and stuff then an ncea level 2 math book would be the one to go for to quickly brush up on above. or ya, pay a high school student :P
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    New pome

    Blood test NZ

    Real talk is right all blood work done in your name and date of birth get forwarded to your doc and go on your record. Use a fake name, a few options are Ivor hardy Russell sprout Dwane pipe Dick short Hew mongous
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    Nzifbb natural

    nah you could get around it if you really wanted to.. like if you wanted to load up on fast acting esters and drop them all in time so that you could go beat a bunch of naturals.. I don't see any benefit in doing this and it would make you a bit of a dick but you could definitely do it lol.
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    Whats up guys? Hope everyone is well an smashing goals. I'm here to introduce a new pre workout and I want some members to review it for me. I will send a tub to 5 reviewers next month from Australia. About the THE HUNTER THIS IS A MODERATE STIMULANT WITH AN EXCEPTIONAL FOCUS. We have used an ingredient called "lupins" which is the star ingredient in this profile. It provides a nice energy with a fantastic focus. Anyway, I really want you guys to just try it and provide a review. The proof is in the pudding. Message me if your keen, I'll get back in contact with the reviewers Mathew Jones
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    Is $100 a lot to pay for fuel? You know, irrespective of whether you're fuelling a motor scooter or filling up an oil tanker or a nuclear reactor or a woodburner because price is usually totally independent of quantity or any other detail.
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    The plan...

    Think this is the least shit/disruptive upgrade so far. Didn't like it at first but to be fair that was when it was still cooked and using it now I'd say it's actually an improvement.
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    Are you saying that a bunch of 70 and 80 something kg virgins who barely look like they lift and who spend most of their time on their computers typing complete shit and convincing each other that they actually lift and aren't socially awkward/bipolar/aspergers etc are unlikely to be a legit source of gear?
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    The plan...

    Wellington based but would be keen to help out in some way shape or form.
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    The Daily Grind

    That's my competitive year done I think. Pecs no good for max work, and felt a little funny on super light machine work. Went in and started warming up on the pec machine, straight away I knew there would be no benching today.. The worst thing about it is thst I've never had this injury before so have no idea how to manage it or how much I can work through it. Not real gutted but things were moving really well and 152.5 second attempt was likely. I completed 2 bench comps this year 147.5 and 150kg. I really wanted the third competition to close in closer to 160. Oh well. Time to get over it, find new goals and work towards that huge pump in the gym today push/pull super light weights
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    W6d4 bench 70 x 5 100 x 2 120 x 1 cg bench 80 6x8 viking press 50 x 10 90 x 4 50 4x10 cable row 4x10 big dogs tomorrow, then holiday from Tuesday. Gonna be on a cruise ship so will just muck around in the ship gym when I feel like it. Sounds like it has heaps of accessory gear/machines so will be good
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    Bodybuilding “peak week”

    Can you explain this a bit more, @trainlikeafreak? My understanding was that carbs replenish the glycogen stores in the muscles, which then brings water into the muscle, giving them that fuller, "pumped" look. To do that, your body may draw water from wherever else it's being held - eg, under the skin - and removing that subcutaneous water is what simultaneously gives you a dry appearance. But I don't understand how that redistribution of water could affect your weight?
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    Why dont you go ask the gym or pack and save for her name for a start.I have a sister with 3 kids whos single if you dont find her.
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    Hey everyone, just thought I would share this you as I think it is a really good price for pure NZ whey. Kiwi Nutrition is a new online nutrition company that doesn't have stores, so has low overheads and amazing prices - I haven't found better than $25 per kg. They even donate 10% of their profit to NZ Cancer Society, which I think is pretty cool and worth supporting. I have been using their whey for a few weeks now and absolutely love it. It mixes really well without lumps in a shaker or blender. Because it is 100% whey, it doesn't have any sickly sweet flavours so it I can add fruit or chocolate powder to it, depending on the flavour I want at the time. Nutrition wise, it is 80% protein so pretty standard, giving 24g of protein per 30g serve. Their website is www.kiwinutrition.co.nz, and they have a facebook page too at https://www.facebook.com/kiwinutrition.co.nz/ Hope that helps a few of you out! Cheers Martin
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    You're doing a sports degree bro, you don't need a shitty poverty bus ticket of a pt qualification. I wouldn't waste my time and money if I were you. Shouldn't have a problem getting a job with that.
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    Nzifbb Nationals

    Seen the guy who won the men's overall??? Really? He's the best? Dude was ok but for a national champ he's dissapointing. And his gyno was pretty bad.
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    Transgenders in strength sports

    The difference between this shit and being gay is that being gay is just a preference whereas saying you are a man when you're a woman and vice versa is a load of delusional shit and a mental illness. Sure you can say you 'identify' with the opposite sex and the stuff that society associates with that sex and even play dress up with your body and try look like that sex. That makes you a fucking weirdo but ok whatever. Plenty of weirdos out there. It doesn't actually mean you're that sex though. Caitlyn Jenner is definitely a man etc. DNA doesn't lie. There are other sex linked genes beside those responsible for testosterone and estrogen that differentiate the sexes too.
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    Doctor shred

    Not sure what the f*ck your problem is maccaz! But you seem to hate on every post that Rebele puts up. I don't know if its jealously (that a 57 year old grandmother has a better body than you'll ever have) or what it is......for the record Ive travelled times numerous times with clients competing over seas over the last 15 years (not just bodybuilders) as as Pseudonym stated above I always try to accompany clients to sporting events. But if you'd bothered to research anything about me you would know this. But you obviously would rather spend your time putting down others (such as Rebele) whom have achieved more in last two years than you will achieve in your life time.
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    Selective androgen receptor modulator, YK11, regulates myogenic differentiation of C2C12 myoblasts by follistatin expression. Kanno Y1, Ota R, Someya K, Kusakabe T, Kato K, Inouye Y. Author information AbstractThe myogenic differentiation of C2C12 myoblast cells is induced by the novel androgen receptor (AR) partial agonist, (17α,20E)-17,20-[(1-methoxyethylidene)bis-(oxy)]-3-oxo-19-norpregna-4,20-diene-21-carboxylic acid methyl ester (YK11), as well as by dihydrotestosterone (DHT). YK11 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM), which activates AR without the N/C interaction. In this study, we further investigated the mechanism by which YK11 induces myogenic differentiation of C2C12 cells. The induction of key myogenic regulatory factors (MRFs), such as myogenic differentiation factor (MyoD), myogenic factor 5 (Myf5) and myogenin, was more significant in the presence of YK11 than in the presence of DHT. YK11 treatment of C2C12 cells, but not DHT, induced the expression of follistatin (Fst), and the YK11-mediated myogenic differentiation was reversed by anti-Fst antibody. These results suggest that the induction of Fst is important for the anabolic effect of YK11.
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    Gyzzbrah mentoring thread

    Awwww that is sooooo cute, will you tuck him in at night when read him a bed time story when he's scared? Haha nah this is actually pretty cool of you, I was going to do the same thing for some troubled kids/mentor thing with MIT but due to work I didn't have enough spare hours teach him how to do this plz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKfFWcLCLJw
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    what am i eating wrong?

    change to a cheat meal not a cheat day :nod: