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    Everyone can mate!, problem is you need a goddamn degree to decipher what Daz is saying
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    Bruce Al

    260kg block pull w/straps @ 16

    Dang. Nice, wish i was that strong at 16.
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    Subjects were admitted to the Clinical Research Center in the evening. An intravenous cannula was inserted into an arm vein for subsequent blood sampling, and subjects spent the night in the Research Center. All overnight blood sampling was performed from outside the subject’s room through long tubing to minimize disturbance of the subjects. I have a mental image of researchers sitting up all night in the room next door sucking blood out of long tubes. Not sure whether to find this hilarious or disturbing.
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    Rolled Shoulders fix

    Hahaha! I do this. I get a few strange looks from people wondering if I've been pinned by a 8kg dumbbell. Haven't ever tried a posture corrector harness thing, but I suspect as Chemo says, it's more a problem of mind-muscle, and just training yourself into better habits. My guess is that as soon as you took the harness off, you'd find yourself slumping forward again - and probably worse than before.
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    Yeah it's entirely reversible as soon as, or soon after discontinuing the drug. I should correct myself here, and say its more an issue with glucose tolerance than insulin sensitivity, same real world effect though. Poor glucose control. I've heard that it is because of competition with IGF1, but I'm not entirely sure if that's scientifically accurate. This study shows that fasting glucose is normal, but tolerance, not so much. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9467542 Why this matters vs real hgh, is that mk677 causes multiple gh spikes throughout the day, meaning poor glucose tolerance throughout, where real gh, you get the impact of gh within a predictable window, evening from what I understand in the context of general health, not max gains. So you usually don't eat around those times and don't face this issue as much. That's what I was meaning by multiple spikes being bad, or troublesome. You can see the multiple spikes during the day here: https://academic.oup.com/jcem/article/82/10/3455/2823475 I don't know much about hgh for sports performance, so maybe someone more experienced can chime in on the use of hgh, and insulin. My intention for it was to see if I could get some benefits of increasing hgh for general health and joint health, tendon repair etc, any cosmetic effects after that were a bonus to me. But having uncontrollable and constant spikes in gh and the relationship with poor glucose control, its not exactly the best solution, or a total replacement for real hgh. It's cheap though team. So I mean, There is a use for it no doubt. But with the general advice I've seen for mk677 of "you should run it for 6 months to see benefits" isn't entirely benign info considering the time you would be exposing your body to high blood sugars. It's worth being aware of.
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    First GPC powerlifting meet at 16

    Hey im new to the forum, ill be competing at GPC Wellington Regional 3 Lift on april 15th. Ive been reading up on how to prepare for a first meet, so this is how ill be doing it: Arrive 14th for weigh in and seminar (competing in open mens under 82.5kg). Morning of 15th, medium breakfast. Bring lots of water, electrolytes and snacks. Squat attempts: 180kg 190kg 200kg-210kg depending on how im feeling Bench attempts: 120kg 130kg 135kg-140kg depending on how im feeling Deadlifts: 200kg 220kg 230kg-240kg depending on how im feeling Any help and/or tips would be appreciated Most of my training footage and prep will be on my instagram: @isaaclee_fitness
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    low test. and HRT

    You, and a bunch of others too! Just wanted to say thanks for all your help here, Daz. It's much appreciated by everyone.
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    First GPC powerlifting meet at 16

    Hey man, welcome to the forum! Those are good numbers! We've had a few members compete with GPC (and others), and I'm sure they'll share any tips they can. Why not start a training journal so we can see what you're up to? You can embed all your IG posts in there, and you might even pick up a few new followers.
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    Sun 12.3.18 GPC south islands Was a early start, Left town around 5.15 Weighed in at 99.5. Didn't really matter as we were all up against each other anyway Squats Warms ups were shit. Last warm up @200 was slowslow. There were pound plates and whippy bars which threw things off a bit Opener 220 slideshow 2nd 230 good 3rd 242.5 miss Bench this was were things went sour a little Opener 140 good. Grindy ugly 2nd 145 miss 3rd 145 miss Deadlifts. things were feeling better here Opener 220 butter 2nd 240 no worries 3rd 252.5 Absouloute grind of my life. Had to let my air go so I didn't pass out it took that long to lock out. Got the down command and whites. 622.5kg total 45kg total pb
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    low test. and HRT

    Hiya Daz, im off everything now, trying to restore fertility, seeing a reproductive specialiast on high dose clomiphene only at present. Im predisposed to high estrogen value, bodyfat was 21% at last check. Estro was 427 about 8 weeks ago but has been increasing over prior 3 tests. Soon as the boys are back and a bubba on the way ill get back on trt etc... not taking anything for e2 as they wont give me anything for it. Not being a drain on the public system either im paying cash and at private specialists to avoid waiting times etc... reckon an aromasin eod would have me in a better place. Trying to drop bf% lethargy depression and anxiety to the max at moment takes courage to get out of bed in the am. Test was 6.7 end january then 4.8 at end feb. Diet is clean manage my caloric intake vs protein appropriately etc.. but them love handles and man boobs man lol. Will be back on the bus and on top of things again soon hopefully and regain some normality, then its just sorting test dose and frequency and some e2 management. OP- not hijacking your post mate,but all this stuff will give you insights to what youre in for. Also if planning on having kids try get some swimmers frozen for a later date just in case you fry those leydig and sertoli cells Daz is always warning us about. Loads of homework as it seems our endos arent as 'jacked' as wed like to think when it comes to this stuff. Id still be up the creek without a paddle if it werent for our resident gymnation forum specialist ;)
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    Bloody hell, you lost me at.. I'll try explaining...... I need a nap after reading all that 10+ times! Lets just all agree Proviron sucks balls!
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    Saturday 24/02/2018 BB OHP A1 40kg*8 50kg*8 60kg*5 70kg*2 75kg*1 80kg*1 (felt hard) 60kg*10 Pull ups and chin ups set for set bw*8*2 bw*10*2 bw*12*2 Front squats 60kg*5 80kg*5 90kg*5 80kg*10 DB shurgs + calf raise 35kg*10*3 Note: OHP felt really hard. Pull ups felt good, lots of volume. Front squats felt good, focusing on technique.
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    Urgent Diet Help Required

    get your parents to buy you a mini fridge, electric fry pan, microwave, to use in your room. chicken + any kind of meat and youre good to go. use paper/plastic cutlery and plates. for true peasant diet, just get 2min noodles and protein powder lol
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    Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Went to gym at uni, only 5 min walk from flat. Zero excuse not to go this year imo. Lat Pulldowns 3 x 8 Single Hand Hammerstrength lat pulldowns 3 x 12 Other hammer strength rows 3 x 8 Incline Dumbell Press 3 x 8 (24kg) Machine Flys / Rear delt superset 3 x 15 Tricep pushdowns 3 x 10
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    www.supplements.co.nz www.nzmuscle.co.nz www.paylesssupplements.co.nz You can also have a look at iherb and trade me. As for gyms itd be helpful if you stated an area and im sure the lovely folks on here will be able to help!
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    W6d4 last session of block. Deload week now then it’s gonna be v hard till comp. deadlift 120 x 4 170 x 3 200 x 1 220 3x3 squat 100 x 5 145 3x5 rdl 140 4x8
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    low test. and HRT

    Oh well, injection number two yesterday, seemed to go ok. Only things happening is my sleep seems a bit more disturbed with very vivid dreams and nightsweats, and seeming to have to pee a bit more frequently at night. Muscle twitches and jolts when falling asleep too, have experienced all those before when coming up and down off other meds interestingly. Still sweating like nothing else too at odd times. Had an interesting catch up with my GP too, she seems to think the endo. has started me on quite a low dose, but there's nothing wrong with that. Said in her experience people she has seen undertaking TRT nothing even starts working for a month or two, but generally has a good outcome once starts working. Also other issues could be side-effects of effexor, which I'm wondering if testesterone could be contributing to. Interesting times, will keep updating on progress Hope everyone else is doing ok
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    Mobility Megathread

    I've been looking at a lot of videos by Tom Merrick lately. He gives really good, clear explanations, and the video descriptions often have links with even more info. Here's a playlist of all his Flexibility & Mobility videos:
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    Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Some really good stuff happening today; got a PR on deadlifts (160), which was my estimate from last month. As I had posted then, I purposely overestimated my maxes in order to motivate myself, so I was realistically expecting to get something in the range of 150-155, so pretty pleased with 160. The rep itself was smooth, fast, and with good form (those "useless" speed days helped a lot actually imo). I reckon an easy 170 for next months PR, after which diminishing returns are to be expected so i'd settle for a sustainable 5kg gain per month. 200kg+ looks feasible by the end of the year. Week 1 day 2 Deadlifts 100 x 3 100 x 3 140 x 1 160 x 1 (PR) 145 - 4 singles RDL 80kg for 3 x 8 Lat Pulldowns 3 x 8 Leg Curl 4 x 10
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    Effects of AAS on reward pathways

    Something I've put together that might be of interest here: Effects of AAS on reward pathways: Dopamine is the main transmitter in the mesolimbic pathway, also known as the reward pathway, and numerous animal studies have shown that AAS affect the dopamine system in the brain. Long-term administration of nandrolone increased dopamine transporter density in the rat caudate putamen.. (Kindlundh et al., 2002; Kindlundh et al., 2004). In addition, the density of dopamine receptors was affected by AAS administration; D1 receptors were down-regulated in the striatum and nucleus accumbens, and D2 receptors were down-regulated in the nucleus accumbens, but up regulated in the caudate putamen (Kindlundh et al., 2001). In a recent study, nandrolone administration decreased the expression of the D1 dopamine receptor in the nucleus accumbens of adult mice (Martinez-Rivera et al., 2015). Furthermore, studies have reported decreased activity of the dopamine-metabolizing enzymes monoamine oxidase A and B and a decrease in the levels of the dopamine metabolites 3,4-dihydroxyphenylacetic acid and homovanillic acid after repeated nandrolone administration (Birgner et al., 2007; Birgner et al., 200. Another signalling system highly associated with reward and dopamine signalling is the endogenous Opioid system (Herz, 1997; Spanagel et al., 1992). Several studies have reported AAS-induced changes in the levels of opioid peptides and their receptors in the CNS (for review (Nyberg and Hallberg, 2012)). For example, administration of nandrolone for two weeks in male rats has been shown to affect endogenous opioid peptides in the caudate putamen, nucleus accumbens, and periaqueductal grey (Johansson et al., 2000). Increased gene expression of PDYN, encoding the opioid peptide precursor prodynorphin, was found in the hippocampus of male rats after two weeks of nandrolone administration (Magnusson et al., 2009a). In addition to dopamine and opioids, the neurotransmitter Serotonin plays an important role in the context of reward (Kranz et al., 2010), and AAS administration induces alterations in the serotonergic system (Ambar and Chiavegatto, 2009; de Souza Silva et al., 2009; Rainer et al., 2014). For example, long-term and irreversible effects on the serotonergic system following AAS administration in hamsters have been reported (Grimes and Melloni, 2006). A recent study demonstrated that chronic administration (4 weeks, 5 mg/kg) of nandrolone caused a decrease in dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline concentrations in the nucleus accumbens (Zotti et al., 2014). From the studies described in this section, it is clear that AAS has significant effects on monoaminergic activity in brain regions associated with reward. Effects of AAS on other signaling systems in the brain, for example the Glutamatergic, and various neuropeptidergic systems, have also been demonstrated (Hallberg, 2011; Le Greves et al., 1997; Rossbach et al., 2007). Glutamate is known to bind with high affinity to N-methyl-D aspartate (NMDA) receptors, which are important for neuronal plasticity, including learning and memory. A study examining the effects of two week administration of nandrolone on the NMDA receptor subunits found a decrease in the mRNA expression of GluN2A and GluN2B in certain brain regions. The expression of GluN2B subunits was attenuated by steroid treatment in the hypothalamus, whereas GluN1 subunit expression was decreased in the nucleus accumbens (Le Greves et al., 1997). In addition, even a single injection of nandrolone was shown to affect NMDA receptor subunit expression in the rat hippocampus (Rossbach et al., 2010; Rossbach et al., 2007). To summarize, although AAS do not induce acute rewarding affects at the same magnitude as other drugs of abuse, animal studies provide evidence that AAS have rewarding properties and affect the reward pathways in the brain. Several studies also suggest that non-genomic actions of AAS could play an important role in mediating these effects?
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    Former Waikato steroid dealer

    Got to keep those stats up..!! Reducing crime, in real terms.. Breaking the law is breaking the law, if left unchecked this gateway offending can lead to further more serious crime, where do you think serial killers start..!! Serial killers don't just wake up one morning and think, let's kill lots of people, it starts from not wearing seatbelts, driving whilst talking on your phone, and driving at 55 in a 50 zone, in the school f*ucking holidays..!! I'm joking kids...
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    Lifting in the House

    Powerlifting - for some of us it's more than just lifting - it's one of the best things in life and we are proud to be a part of it. If you lift in any comp and support any federation I salute you. Powerlifters - Unity - Respect OPTIMASS fuckn true brother!!!Sum people put down the BB and sum the powerlifters.its all the same motherfuckers its all lifting ,all seting goals,all eating,same shit good fun!!If anyone on here hates a certain person for the tpye of lifting they do.Organize it come to my garage and use can both sort it out there,and what happens in my shed stays in my shed.Many of good times in the garage.Best place to train.I love both type of lifting,but sum cunts wanna talk fucken shit they get it.So nex time you see somone you hate,nod your head at him and say hey bro chur bro.Or theres my garage,i could take them to sum places that woukd make them poo there pants and wish they had a nappy on hahah.End of story RESPECT your fellow man in the gym.And to the beautiful girls out there please leave gym a bit before your boy freinds and get your sexy little ass home and cook your man a feast,hahah nah jokes girls.Allbout repect for each other
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    Best courses for Personal trainer

    There are a few answers to this, alot will depend on what you want to achieve and who you want to work with/which market you wish to service. For example a top body builder working in a body building gym can make a good living working with Bodybuilder and Fat Loss Clients whilst not having to learn the latest ACL recovery techniques. Whilst the "Industry" might frown at their lack of qualifications, they are just hitting their market and using their knowledge base to make an income. If you are looking to get into rehab and sports specific training or working with special populations then a qualification is more essential so you prescribe the correct programming and dont harm your client! PT wise, Personality also comes into play, if you are an outgoing person and can easily converse with people, getting clients is alot easier. If you are the strong silent type, even if you know training and programming inside out, getting clients and imparting your knowledge onto them will be more difficult. Qualification wise, if you have years of practical lifting experiences perhaps in Power Lifting, Oly Lifting or just have tight technique and have been taught well as a Body builder, some of the short or block courses will help with the theory and basic principles of exercise and touch on periodisation, small business management, marketing etc. Richard Dryden (Former NZ Olympic Lifting Coach) was like this, he was a great observer of human movement and was coaching the NZ team without a paper qualification behind his name, he went and got these later on in his career. Another thing to consider is whether you want to be part or full time. If you want PT'ing to be your sole source of income it is bloody hard work and takes a massive amount of effort in marketing, retaining and councilling clients and following up payments , diets etc. It can really suck the life out of you if you dont qualify your clients carefully! Also, People tend to forget, you can be the best exercise coach in the business and still be broke unless you put equal effort into the business side of things, an old quote: Your pile of Books on Small Running a small business should be as high or higher than your pile on exercise. I agree with Jordan in that A Sports Science Degree (if time isnt a barrier) is the gold standard is you want to coach athletes at a high level and/or get into sports research etc however there are always exceptions as their are some excellent course providers out there who can give you all the tools to do this as a profession as they focus mainly on Personal Training and small business management. Some of the most successful (Financially successful) PT's aren't the most knowledgable PT's but they know marketing, time management and running a business and can spot opportunity at a glance. Whether purists agree with this approach or not these trainers are business people first and trainers second. I think what Jordan was referring about PT certificates being devalued these days is that their are too many PT course providers in the market now and many have questionable content with some requiring no hands on practical assessments which I disagree with. These leads to a poor product and brings the industry standard down. Personally I went through NETFIT whihc I found excellent, this was run by Tina Ball (NZ Oly Lifter) and with PT coaching from Tamara Middlenton-Eschave who I found to have a very in depth knowledge of the industry, At the time I believe she was the only PT to be on a direct Government Referral basis with ACC. NETFIT also bring in Tony Boutagy from Aus for their Strength and Conditioning Module. Motivation plays a big key as well, Those who arent motivated but think doing a course will be the magic bullet will invariably fail in the industry, personally I was really motivated to do the course and pass well as it was an industry change for me ( I HAD TO SUCCEED) and I studied very hard, enjoyed every minute of it and got everything I could out of it, The tools I gained from NETFIT plus heaps of my own study and research allowed me to become the busiest PT they had ever had in the 2 Gyms I worked at. One thing I almost forgot to mention, Just as you mentioned about viewing yourself as an apprentice, thats a good analogy as no matter how hard you study or how much you know going into your qualificiation, there is always more to learn so reading a massive amount of the latest research, going to conventions with like minded people, PAYING for some sessions with other trainers from differnent backgrounds who you would like to learn from, these aspects are all very important to your growth and development. That said not every latest trend or study works out to be correct and many are discounted almost as soon as they are published so my philoposphy was to take on board and assimilate what you agree with and disgard what you dont agree with. Just my 2 Cents.
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    Mk677 gave my lab rat extremely tired and fatigued had to stop because couldn’t function