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    Wednesday 21/10/2020 Bench press 132.5kg*4*4 PB volume Face pulls 40lb*8*4 Seated cable rows 180lb*15 200lb*12 Front squats 100*5*2 Thursday 22/10/2020 BB OHP 65kg*5*3 Face pulls 50lb*8*4 Pull ups 8kg*5*5 Dead lifts 160kg*2 180kg*2 200kg*2 160kg*2 Note: dead lifts felt pretty good, quite good form. Bench press was hard, must be 9.5 or 10 RPE.
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    Idle ramblings and observations.

    W11, D1 19/10/20 First day back after a 2 week break due to illness. Bodyweight is 89.5kg Deads 120kg x5 140kg x5 160kg x5 180kg 3x3 Dumbell row 3x10 Straight arm pulldowns 3x12 Back extension 3x12 Deads felt good, bit gassed by the 3rd set of 180 but still moved ok.
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    15/10/2020 Bench press 127.5kg*5*5 Face pulls 7 sets of 5-8 reps Dead lifts 160kg*5 170kg*5 note: didn't mention warm up sets, 5*5 was hard but felt good.
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    South Pacific Muscle

    Hi all, Been a long time since I've been here! Anyways I'm doing a shameless promo of our YouTube channel South Pacific Muscle, which hopefully is of use to some of you! We're aiming to profile up and coming bodybuilders from all federations, cover shows and interview athletes from NZ, Australia and the Pacific region...and talk about off topic shit from time to time! If you're into that kinda thing, check it out and subscribe to YouTube channel and/or follow on Instagram for regular rambling and competition results. Interview with Antony Morris up now. Hope all you fellas been keeping well in my absence! Nate
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    maccaz 2018 prep log

    slack on the updates, been training. got a diagnosis on my years old back injury and the nerve issues ive been having down my leg, doesn't really help much except now i know running smolov jr bench again
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    02/10/2020 Got a little bit fatter was 114.6kg at heaviest, now down to about 111kg Looking to hit a 160kg bench this year and get down to 105kg body weight Hit a new PB on bench a few weeks ago. Box Squats 40kg*5 70kg*5 90kg*5 110kg*5*5 Deadlift 120kg*2 140kg*2 160kg*1 180kg*1 190kg*1 160kg*1 Lunges 12kg each hand *14*3 Hyper ext s/s Leg curlz bw*12 + 50lb 4kg*12 + 50lb 8kg*12+ 50lb