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    2017 log

    I did 290 last week when I retested after the 5 week block. Got an easy 250 squat in sleeves and I'm doing ohp movements now. Moved away from benching but doing it occasionally as an assistance lift to my ohp day. Just focusing on the gymnastics and fitness now though. Whether you deadlift 260 or 300 won't really make a difference to crossfit. Most things will be a small enough % of that, that a bigger max really won't add any benefit. Have been running my trainings as below I think this format will work best for me but my weaknesses are different to everyone else's, fitness comes quick but gymnastics and oly lifting takes lots of practise so I think putting more time into them is more valuable. My sessions are running for a good 2 hours most days. With mobility stuff done at home when I have spare time. Monday: lifting (snatch) ,gymnastics, strength (DL) (example day - Snatch, Snatch pulls, Snatch balance etc, then a deadlift variation and some assistance so strict pull ups and rows or something, then big emom of gymnastics to finish) Tuesday: long conditioning / aerobic work Wednesday: lifting (cleans) / gymnastics / strength (squat) Thursday: rest Friday: lifting (jerks) / gymnastics / strength (ohp) Saturday: Crossfit Sunday: rest I also think I perform and feel a lot better with 2 rest days, if I train 6 days in a row I feel fucked and can’t get good intensity. The gymnastics I add other skills in there and make a wod out of them like an emom type thing. Im thinking of expanding my split out to a ten day cycle rather than a 7 day as listed above. Maybe compressing the 3 strength sessions into 2 and allowing for a bit more fitness and skill work. At least until I master more of the skill/movements. as I get better I will update more.
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    Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Always preferred this version
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    low test. and HRT

    Daz knows his stuff! Helped me heaps, educated a few endo's along the way too@
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    Thought I'd start a new log. I find it's good to have a log even though insta etc. Early December I hit a 625kg gym total at about 103 bw. Happy with gains made in 2017. It was a light year competing. I did 570 in march and then a 145 bench only mid yearish. I have packed in a decent amount of bw and some of it is power belly I'll take that for the numbers I'm putting up. It's interesting that even though I've had a massive life stress this year if buying a business, I have still made great gains. I put this down to the less stress of competing. 2018 I've made the call to compete with gpc and ipl if a comp slots in with them. End if the day I compete for fun and I'm not world class at this point so I might as well lift where it's the most fun. Regardless I'll battle with whoever I'm up against. Weighing up jumping in wraps or sticking with sleeves. I guess if I want to maximize my total and be more competitive I'll go with wraps. I've used them a few times and are starting to get used to them a little. Goals for 2018 Squat Sleeves. 235 Wraps 240-250 Bench 160 Deadlift 272.5 (600lbs) Total 650 These numbers are reasonably conservative. I got 270 well past my knees and just couldn't lock out. Time to get it done in 2018
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    I satirised the phenomena of a business setting up multiple user accounts, or paying 3rd parties, on a forum for the purpose of promoting their product/brand. The joke is funnier now that I've explained it.
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    Also fiancé wanted to compare quads in mirror lol, on tape about the same, I’m 111kg she’s 79kg feels bad team, mine are leaner at least
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    Low testosterone

    No.. don’t do that. If you are mentally unstable then steroids is going to make that a whole lot worse. If mental illness is what you think is causing the issues, why not talk to your doctor about ways to manage whatever is going on?? Stress etc can be a huge factor and if whatever is bothering you can be made to bother you less, it may be problem solved. I’m not saying this is the black and white answer, but it could be. i would definitely look into this before looking into testosterone boosting medicine, especially due to your age.
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    Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Big leg workout today. One thing I need to improve is bracing myself throught the lift, because I keep tipping forward, which is ok when your lifting 80kg's but will be problematic when I start adding weight so deal with it now. Made sure at the start of each rep to pause, big breath, brace core tight, and maintain till I got back up. Took over a minute to do each set as a result of this but worth as I only leaned on like the second set towards the end. Abs sore as f*ck. Squats 60 x 5 60 x 5 80 x 8 (RPE 10) 80 x 8 (RPE 10 i.e very difficult) Pullups 3 x 6 Leg extension 3 x 15 Leg Curls 3 x 10 Goblet Squat This is a really underrated excercise tbh for improving form, core strength, etc. Had a "heavy" dumbell 2-3 inches away from chest and did slow and controlled. 30kg for 3 x 8 Leg Press Decided to do these towards the end of leg training as it saves effort loading plates since I wouldnt need as many. 4 x 10 (210kg + rack) Deadbug lots till couldnt do more
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    maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    Yup I have a coach, I did my own thing for off season but using coach for comp prep. I’m a bit off top3 for vic states because it’s a big comp. I came third in 110s at wrpf states in nsw because that was a small competition, but this I’ll be stoked to come in the top half of my weight class + always having battles with my friends who are around same numbers as me. Don’t take it too seriously
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    HCG on cycle?

    Some people report hCG can throw Oestradiol out of whack on cycle, estrogen conversion can also cause problems mentioned below.. Testicular atrophy isn't that much of a deal, it's only cosmetic, but if that's your thing then no harm using for that purpose if you feel it's really necessary.. The problem on-cycle that hCG does not address is Oestradiol conversion in the testes, can (dose dependant) cause oxidative metabolites (R.O.S) to damage leydig and sertoli cells.. This damage can be permanent, once damaged restart becomes an issue, the hypothalamus seems to stimulate GnRH pretty quickly post cycle which in turn results in downstream LH, and FSH production, the problem then is stimulating testosterone production and spermatogenesis from damaged cells... This is where protection from oxidative stress is essential with the supplementation previously discussed, hCG doesn't protect leydig or sertoli cells from oxidative free radicals, if anything the extra testosterone production and subsequent conversion to oestradiol could make matters worse..
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    1955 Mr Universe - NABBA?

    hey there, this might be a long shot as you probably don't use this account but if you do I wanted to tell you that John penman was my Grandad and that me and my dad have a tone of photos of him and family, we would also really like a copy of those photos you posted as we have never seen some of them! also I have the special formula for the drink and boy oh boy is I a protine buzz, the drink is the same as 6 large steaks or near that hahah us penmans do it the right way
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    maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    W4d3 deadlift 60 x 5 100 x 5 140 x 5 180 5x6 leg press 300 4x12 split squat 3x10 ham curl x heaps
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    Great natty strength gains!
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    Getting close in terms of price, but that stuff isn't even 60g of protein per 100g. Too much nonsense added to the whey. The Just Protein above in the 5kg bag with 15% off is looking pretty sharp. Product looks good.
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    Tap, snap or nap

    Well, I've been pretty lousy at keeping this updated. I've been super busy studying and training plus working so hopefully you can cut me some slack. My first year at uni went well, I ended up with a 96% average with a 100th percentile UMAT and got accepted into medicine for next year which was my goal so I'm very happy with that. I've also been training about 10 to 15 times a week. I'll train BJJ 4 to 6 times per week and also gym 6 days a week as well, plus random cardio/striking sessions when I feel like it. Gym wise, I do a 3 day rotation where I do chest and tris, back and bis, then squat/deadlift and arms. I'll go thru 2 rotations a week. I've gotten a lot of muscle back and strength and fitness is at a good level. I got some more ink done last week. I got my chest done and also started on a sleeve on my left arm. I've attached some photos of the work. I'm spending the uni holidays up in Mangawhai caddying at Tara Iti golf course which is a pretty sweet gig. I'm pretty lousy at saving money and all this ink is gonna cost me a few grand so I won't be saving anything this summer but I'm having a good time :D
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    15 year old body builder

    Especially with 15% off 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    TFB - to Nationals and Beyond!

    Nice way of putting it... cheers Maccaz!
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    Ah yep, I removed most of the bodybuilding crap I had liked on my Facebook a few years ago as I imagined it would be a bit embarrassing being on FB at work on the computer and having the boss or whatever come talk to me about something and see a picture of some muscly guy in a speedo on my screen. Then probably go off and talk shit to people about about how I'm a weird c*nt looking at gay soft porn or something. Another reason was that I was sick of all the advertising crap. Also I think most of the nz guys that have social media presences in the fitness industry are fucking losers. While some of their drama was amusing I didn't really give a shit about what they were up to or what their opinions were. Another thing that fucked me off was seeing a bunch of faggots that don't even look like they lift posting pics of themselves wearing "fitwear" branded clothing or talking about how sick the new "raptors" are. If I was talking to someone about raptors I'd either be talking about birds of prey or the F-22 fighter aircraft named after then. Definitely not some shoe that looks like something a homosexual would dress up in for a mardi gras parade that also looks like it would be shithouse to lift in. Anyway I deleted pretty much it all off my Facebook and definitely don't regret it. Just scrolled through 200 items on my fb newsfeed and didn't see anything portraying any type of body image aside from a few sluts I know trying to look hotter than they are IRL on their fb profile pics which is pretty much standard practice now, especially with all the easy to use image filters that these borderline whores now have access to.