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    Saturday 27/11/2021 Bench press 100kg*5 120kg*3 132kg*3 120kg*5 Seated cable rows 207lb*8,10,10,12 Squats 60kg*3 100kg*3 120kg*1 130kg*1 140kg*1 150kg*1 160kg*1 170kg*1 130kg*8
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    Anyone in Dunners or South Island?

    Yep, Dunners. Although this place isn't what it used to be.
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    Tuesday 23/11/2021 OHP 72.5kg*6*2 Pull up / chin ups bw*8,9,9,9,8,8 Deadlifts 60kg*3 110kg*3 160kg*3 200kg*2*1 160kg*3 Note: pull ups doing well, dropped the 2.5kg for them and did a few extra reps. I think 6 sets of 9 next time would be great. Deadlifts 200kg felt so heavy, have to do some more reps at the lighter weights and build up some strength. OHP going well, felt easy. 6*6 will be a real fight later this week, but I think I can do it.
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    Monday 15/11/2021 OHP 72.5kg*6*2 Pull ups / chin ups bw,2.5,2.5,2.5,bw,bw*8 Dead lifts (no chalk) 70kg*3 120kg*3 170kg*3*3 hyper ext *15 incline sit ups*15 Note: no chalk for deadlifts today, bar was a bit slippery. Pull ups a bit harder too. OHP feeling really strong though.
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    Test only haha what you using
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    Anyone still following>?

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