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    Just another meathead

    I decided to make this in the hope that it may help a few people with their goals and/or people may find it interesting. I will log a few workouts a week and if it gets traffic/interest I’ll keep doing it and if not I will scrap it. a lot of bad advice going around these days and going by some of the comments in the steroid section a lot of people need to take a few steps back and get a firmer grasp on what’s actually important - nutrition and training. Photos attached are from my last show in October (weighing 101kg fasted BW) and then peak off season following that show, 133kg. Currently 125.7kg upon waking taking some fat off. today was back and I will log it later tonight
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    grade 2 calf tear

    Asshole lol
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    Paranoid much? Tell him to quit chasing the dragon.
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    maccaz 2018 prep log

    W7d1 last night deadlift to 250 x 1 262.5 x 1 Pb 270 x 1 pb deficit deadlift 235 3x2 good mornings back extensions pull downs
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    If you want to be lean and have good muscles year round but not be big just focus on nutrition and training you don’t need gear for that
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    Depends on the dose, strength increase, some extra aggression.. No you won't need PCT, it's pointless anyway..
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    steroids within new zealand

    DO NOT ASK FOR THEM ON THIS SITE ok so some of us want to use steroids. its beats using other illegal drugs and promotes a healthy lifestyle compared to using meth, drinking and other powerful illegal drugs.. Australia it was easy to find, though now living in a small town in new zealand the online sources were all there was , and now they've dried up i know steriods are illegal, though being an addict you have to find the safest option to get through life ???
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    Beaten Paths are For Beaten Men

    RIP, Old Bull.
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    So i am on my second clen cycle and it is working better than i expected. I started with typical 2 weeks on 2 weeks off but then read about Benadryl to extend the cycle. Benadryl has active ingredient called diphenhydramine which suppose to help with you Beta 2 receptor but we can't get Benadryl in NZ so i picked up some Unisom tablets from Pharmacy which has the same ingredient as Benadryl. After my first cycle i took Unisom for one week straight and then decided to go for my second cycle, There was a chance it might not work but IT SURE WORKED. Now i am doing 1 week on 1 week off with Unisom on the week off with amazing results. I am on low carb diet and macros adjusted to my body type. NOTE Please don't use clen if you are not willing to diet I am lost 5 kgs in total in 4 weeks and lost 4.5% of Body Fat which brings me to 14% currently Hope it helps someone who is about to jump on Clen and yes be careful with the doses please to make sure you measure it properly. start with low then find your comfortable dose.
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    Pull up form check

    Try slowing down and engaging the muscles. Think about what you’re doing as opposed to just pulling yourself up. Sounds silly I know because it’s called a pull up lol. To fix imbalances and weakness’ in movement you have to break it down and identify the weakest part and work forward from there (movement screening). Start doing pull ups with banded assistance for example, focus on what you’re doing. Id also probably go to a physio and get them to take a look. But likely it’s bad habits that have been trained in. See it all the time with people who don’t know how to lift then couple years later they can’t fix it because they have trained to move like that and they won’t drop the weight because they have ego and they never fix it.
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    If you are new to the forum

    Hi All I have been involved in the sport of body building for over 15 years - both as a trainer, competitor and sponsor. During this time I have been exposed to a significant amount of information relating to the use of AAS - much of which has been qualified by a few quality contributors to our forum. This is the reason I accepted the request from Pseu to become a moderator – it gives me the opportunity to get around like minded people and share what works, discuss ideas and just hang out in a safe environment. (Not just in the AAS forum - everywhere). My story; I was first introduced to weight training by my older brother when I was 14 years old. He was a regular competitor at local shows in Waitakere. I can remember going to his shows and seeing him on stage and feeling motivated to get there one day myself. I remember being introduced to Joseph Ulberg (then Mr Pan Pacific @ only 19 years of age) who used to train at the same gym and wanting to look like him. Also, remember seeing Jenny Chapman compete in the woman’s competitions and thinking she would have beat most of the guys on stage :pfft: A lot happened in my youth I care not to share – but at one point my brother had to bail me out of a particularly bad lifestyle. At 17 years, I was unemployed – spending all of my money on the piss, getting into some serious violent situations – and believe it or not, suffering from bulimia. I had left home at 16 a completely healthy teenager, only to have my brother pull me out of a pad I was staying at, weighing only 75kg (@ 6’3 tall). It took nearly 6 months to recover and get my head straight again – what saved me was his insistence that I train with him at the gym. Within 6 months I was a healthy 90kg in body weight, and able to bench 120kg for reps. (I remember my brother making a goal for me to bench Jonah Lomus’ body weight.) Once on my feet again I got back into work and slipped out of the routine of training – things went from good, to bad, to worse and back again having fallen into old circles. It wasn’t until I had moved into a flat in Glenfield with some mates, one of which had a bench press with 65kg on a lite bar, when I started to get the bug again. It took me 2 weeks to be able to press the weight for 4 or more sets for 20 reps @ approx 80kg of body weight. (Not really a big amount by any means) At the time I would mix it up with workouts I had seen in magazines and an old body building manual my brother had given me. After 3 months I had decided I was going to become a personal trainer and enrolled in a Netfit course over 3 weeks. I was soo passionate I got the first job I went for before even sitting the final exam! By 1997 I had already made a name for myself as a trainer and had started studies through AIT in Nutrition. My client list was the largest of any other at the club, largely due to having the most knowledge in nutrition, and through enrolling clients into the EAS transformation – (which was the rage at the time). That year I competed in the INBA South Pacific Naturals and finished 2nd in the Novice tall. My starting weight at 16 weeks out was 110kg and on the day I came in at 85kg (approx 4% b/fat). I was so lean you could see every muscle fibre in my forearm shimmer as I slowly rotated my wrist. Following that show I decided that I needed to get much bigger and decided to put the Nationals and competing the following year off until I had reach my peak natural weight. The first show had a profound impact on my body image and I found myself constantly second guessing my size. No matter how much I gained it wasn’t enough. 18 months later, and @ 130kg, I was finally one of the biggest mammals in the gym . I was comfortably benching 200kg+ every week – achieved a PB of 240kg RAW for 5 reps (minimally assisted on the last 2). At the time I was running the front door at a few bars in town and the size got me recognition that made me feel much better about my training. Even so, I had achieved an amazing weight and size, but I was still not satisfied. I would look in the mirror and would constantly second guess my size. I would think back to my brother when I was starting out, and how he would make me train legs in shorts with him and his training partner - so I would know how skinny my legs were and how hard I need to train to grow them. I remember getting to a point where at 130kg I was only adding on to my waistline … I had reached my peak. It took 6 months and a lot of ephedrine to drop me back to a competition weight of 90kg. As a result of such a great fluctuation I couldn’t achieve less than 8% bfat , and I came in 3rd in the same show against 2 guys that were slightly shorter, smaller and harder. I was disappointed, my brain was again telling me I was too small and needed to be bigger to compete with the shorter guys. Again, I went back to the drawing board – took another gap year to gain weight and peaked at 128kg – only this time I was much leaner and now had the experience of two shows under my wing. I had also gone on to train hundreds of people as a transformation specialist and many of whom went on to compete in shows with much success. (Some of them even went on to buy gyms of their own! God help them ). This time I had decided to compete in another weight graded fed. I stripped back to a comfortable 8% with a view to continue stripping for the National event to be held a few weeks later. I was 99kg and very full as a result of experimenting a little bit with my water. I remember Tom Terry coming up to me at the weigh in and commenting on how big I was and the weight I posted on my entry form. But, at the last minute my class was merged with the lower weight division and I took 2nd to a guy almost 1 foot shorter than me and 15kg lighter. He was in better condition so he deserved to win, but at the time it was the merger that did my head in. I was pissed off and never got over it – I decided that day I wouldn’t compete again and decided to become a supporter of body builders instead. I decided that I would prefer to focus on my own personal developent in getting as big as I could. …………………………. Conclusion …………………….. By now, if you have persevered with my story you are probably wondering why I have posted this in the Steroid and Pro hormone forum. You’ll note that I haven’t once made comment of any AAS use at all. This is because I didn’t use any up until this point. When people ask me about when I started bodybuilding I tell them I was 21 years of age. I also competed naturally (and only naturally) over a period of 6 years. It was after this length of time, taking in all of my combined years of study, in both strength-training and nutrition, my personal and client competition experience and of course life experience - that I first had the inclination to consider using AAS. And my decision to trial was made out of knowing I had explored every natural avenue and diet I could have done to gain the maximum size and strength I could naturally through my genetics. The reason I have chosen to share this is not to look for recognition or to glorify my experience, and not to bag anyone that made their decision of a different set of personal values/experiences. But to point out to many young/novice weight trainers, that the use of AAS needs to be carefully considered - as I fear on reading some of the topics in this forum you could incorrectly assume that using this medicine is in any way as simple as making a contact and arranging to have a mate pin your delts twice per week. My physique changed considerably within 4 weeks of going on my first cycle. Natural guys have roundness about their muscle that is lost - forever. If you go to enough shows you can easily identify the guys who are “on” and the guys who “got on” without building a good natural base. Their physiques have disproportionate features – overdeveloped delts and/or chest - as they have grown so quickly they haven’t had time to adjust their training to balance weaker areas. (Guys with incredible biceps and very little tricep development). Those “Jonny Bravo” look a likes that are all upper body and no legs. When I first started out there wasn’t much on hand so we experimented with some vet, but for the most part we kept the levels low and were careful how we did it. After my 2nd cycle I had made the personal decision not to use anything that was animal and where possible, not packaged as it would be in a pharmacy. This is the second point I would like to make – if it comes in a screw top bottle you have got to be fucken kidding. I’m not going to be a hypocrite and say I haven’t tried UG product. But the product I have used has all been sealed professionally so it can be used as sterilized as possible. It’s not meant to be exposed to open air which is why genuine product is sealed in a specifically designed glass vial. I am not naive to think that it potentially came into peoples hands outside of this state, but it at least reduces the opportunity for it to become contaminated which poses a good risk of infection and complications. I believe this minimum standard I have set myself has helped me to avoid any adverse problems over the years. I guess ultimately I am trying to say do your research, and then do some more. Most uneducated people think body building is just eating heaps and lifting weights every day – when you decide to use AAS you are taking it to a level normally set for elite and pro athletes in most sports (cycling for one :pfft: ) - I have been around for a long time and even today find things out that I had wished I knew 10 years ago. Set yourself some boundaries, decide what is acceptable before you start out so you don’t make compromises that will cost you later in life. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying not to do it – just be informed in your decision – and respect that AAS is a medicine and therefore needs to be respected as such. My experience in competition has taught me that my genetics are not ideal for this sport. (And that going on the gear hasn't changed this). My experience in life has taught me to accept it and focus on things that matter more. Kids and career are now a priority and they have helped to temper my need to be large. You may have other circumstances now and may come to a similar junction. Deep down I still have the urge to compete one last time and on my own terms – once you have done it once I don’t think you will ever lose it. Again, this isn’t a look at me post – nothing I have entered here is intended to offend. I am not saying I know it all and I am not inferring that there are people actively on the forum that are being irresponsible. There is a wealth of knowledge here and some great lessons to be found. Just be safe in your choices – be safe on the forum. O
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    How did you find this site?

    I was wondering if pro-hormones were officially banned in NZ..so I typed in ''prohormones banned in nz'' in google ..to search for nz pages only. Then I saw a post by Pseudonym on the topic..after reading the thread I saved his avatar on my comp...cos I thought it was pretty cool :shifty: Before that I didnt even know there was an NZ bbuilding forum.