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    Sunday 11/04/2021 OHP 77.5kg*3*4 77.5kg*5 PB(video) Pull ups and chin ups bw*3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Squats 180kg*1*5 (video) Dead lifts 200kg*6 PB (video) Note: A couple of PB's today, but I tweaked my back a bit on my last rep of DL. Maybe hurt it because I wasn't respecting the weight enough and not staying tight or maybe the weight was too far in front of me? I don't know but it pissed me off, I haven't hurt my back doing DL in quite some time. Its not too bad, but a warning for sure.
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    Tuesday 30/03/2021 OHP 70kg*2*6 Pull ups bw*4,5,6,5,3,4 Dead Lifts 210kg*1 rep for 5 sets. Note: back felt better today, dead lifts a bit taxing and difficult, but good form. I filmed them all. OHP and pull ups very easy, with quite short rest.
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    Idle ramblings and observations.

    Nice squats
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    Sunday 21/03/2021 BB BP 60kg*8 100kg*5 120kg*5 130kg*5 120kg*11 PB reps (previous PB 9 reps) DB chest supported rows 32kg*5 42kg*5*3 Squats 120kg*3 140kg*1 160kg*6 PB reps (previous PB 4 reps) Hyper ext 50kg*8*3 Note: trained with a girl I am dating today, got 2 PB's on squat and bench, first time two different lifts PB in one session.
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    Wednesday 17/03/2021 OHP 70kg*2reps*6sets Pull ups / chin ups bw*5*5 bw*8*2 Front squats 70kg*3 90kg*2 110kg*2*3 120kg*2*2 Note: Another good easier session.
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    Tuesday 16/03/2021 Paused squats 70kg*3 100kg*3 110kg*3 120kg*3 130kg*3 120kg*3 110kg*3 100kg*3 Bench press 100kg*8 110kg*8 120kg*8 (RPE 8 or 9) DB pendlay rows 34kg*8*4 T bar rows 80kg*5*3 Incline bench press 80kg*8,6,6 (last rep RPE 10 lol) Note: It felt good to have a lower intensity session, no RPE 10 on the main movements. More mature. I have done heaps of training sessions recently and I am enjoying it.