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    New gym equipment

    I am looking for a power rack and about 150kg worth of weights with a 7ft bar. Everything I've found in NZ is very expensive or will take months to get here. I found this on trade me and it looks like a good deal but I know very little about these things and was hoping to get some advice. Power rack : https://www.trademe.co.nz/sports/exercise-equipment-weights/home-gyms-benches/listing-2474414174.htm?rsqid=cb8080be5d304464808b3eb772ca20c3-001 4x1.25kg 6x2.5kg 4x5kg 2x10kg 2x15kg 2x20kg total 130kg steel weight plates 1x 7ft 20kg bar 700LB 1x power cage total: $1280.00
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    PCT or no PCT

    think we already discussed this somewhere, but I would get on a longer halflife testosterone if you wanted to try again. test-d for example or half the testosterone and use half EQ... honestly EQ is underrated for HRT ... converts to estrogen at half the rate of testosterone and converts to DHB not DHT (better for hairline). Longer half-life, less water, more RBC is a testosterone derivative unlike deca.. stuff is money for moderate cycles
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    PCT or no PCT

    Get some Nolvadex and some Aramosin. Nolvadex can have a rebound so both will work well to reset estrogen issues. Diet is huge aswell. Eat clean whole foods and look into fasting 18hrs each day with a 6hr eating window. All this will help the body reset. Avoid alcohol and soy / processed foods.
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    Game Changers

    There seems to be a shift away from anything that induces a chronic release of insulin (insulinemia), high carbs and sugar are out as are some fruits, except berries.. (too many extreme athletes are presenting with metabolic syndrome due to high carb intake).. Fats are back in as the preferred energy source, and protein is lowered, as excess can produce glucose via gluconeogenesis.. Red meat is ok but lower dose advised due to TMAO.. Green leafy veggie intake is advise high for fiber (healthy gut microbiome)and nutritional content.. There is suggestion amino acid spectrum with plant based can be incomplete, or to derive at adequate daily protein allowance from plants increases daily calorie count too high.. The vegan lobby can be almost fanatical in their ideology, I don't doubt a mostly fresh, organic, plant based diet would be healthy, but with the inclusion of animal protein, but not high, just enough to get essential nutrients.. We are meat eaters, and have been for millions of years, meat determined our biology, we have a hydrochloric acid metabolism for digesting and breaking down meat.. I worked as an archaeologist for over 10 years, my soil samples from sites of habitation contained butchered animal bones, we ate meat.... The vegan lobby might argue we didn't or lie about our ancient history to suit their agenda, that in itself might explain a lot..
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    We have a BBQ for forum members every fortnight. gets posted in the invite only subforum. suprised you havent been invited yet considering youve been a standard member almost 2 months