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    steroids within new zealand

    Not sure where your going with this pal? but i think you need to lay off whatever your taking mate WOW!
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    Test cycle

    Have you considered an Anavar cycle or a SARM such as ostarine. If it’s not a long term vision to use AAS and it’s not for a sporting purpose they are options worthy of consideration. 1ml/250mg a week will do the trick. Your training just has to be hard and consistent as well as your food intake. On 500mg/week you can afford to skip some training days and not eat as much and yield the same results. Which of course is not advised but it’s just a fact of the matter when you’re taking double the amount of testosterone. If I knew you and you asked me which, if you were lazy and inconsistent I would first say nothing then I would say 500. If you were motivated and knew your stuff I would say 250. As for pct, yes you want to do a pct.
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    Training with Cirque du Soleil

    Nicely put together Andrew. But did you get her number ?
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    New pome

    Blood tests

    Oh I see. Do you have to wear a tin foil hat while you do it? 😂 no just kidding mate, I’ve never heard of it before. If it works for you then go for it. If I have trouble sleeping I usually just have a wank sends me off to sleep like a cartoon sheriff. Il google it, I never say things don’t work because what’s good for one person isn’t always the same for the next.
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