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    I have gone through many cycles of gain weight, loose weight ect ect and have gone as far to try the "legal" crazy bulk dbal. Can any1 here msg me helping find a source for the real deal. No hate cheers
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    Tapering compounds and libido

    Taper is prudent to avoid estrogen dominance as you end a cycle, that was its original purpose I believe.. Recovery of HPTA, is more to do with oncycle damage that has occured from oxidative metabolites from excess androgen conversion to estrogen, mainly in leydig and sertoli cells.. On-cycle protection might be of more relevance...
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    Game Changers

    Anyone see the documentary on Netflix's ? Rather biased towards plant based, but still interesting especially around inflammation from animal proteins and influence on blood properties. Anyone with medical background to challenge findings from the information they presented in the documentary ?
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    Game Changers

    Recently watched, the data I have doesn't seem to support plant based only..
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    First cycle

    Amen you’d be surprised what you can achieve if training, diet and sleep are in check
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    First cycle

    1/4 of the dose you’re planning is probably the best and safest way to go about it. Plenty of time later to take more things. Get the most out of the least...