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    Intro / NZ Needle Exchange Online Shop

    Hi Everyone, My name is Jason, I'm the Harm Reduction Lead for the New Zealand Needle Exchange Programme. I joined the site because I thought it might be a good place to learn some more about steroid / PIEDs use in New Zealand. I would like to see our staff around NZ have more knowledge in this area so we can provide better service to clients who use steroids / PIEDs. I also wanted to let you know that the New Zealand Needle Exchange Programme has just launched an online shop. You can purchase injecting equipment from our online store and it will be delivered by courier in discreet packaging with no mention of the needle exchange visible on the outside. You can access the store via our website https://www.nznep.org.nz or directly at https://bit.ly/nznep-shop If there is anyone who would be interested in helping us improve the service to better serve people who use steroids / PIEDs feel free to get in touch!
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    In my opinion females thinking about using aas need to have done a lot more research than males. You really need to know your stuff. Some of side effects aren’t reversible and just think hard about it. I don’t know how old you are but in 5 or 10 years time you might not be interested in what you’re interested in now. If you have changed your body, voice and other things for what you want to now you may regret it later on.
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    Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    Well after all this time I've finally been selected
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    Wellington Amateur

    *Remove if not allowed* Hey Weekend Warriors, Ive been training for 5 years naturally (24 Years old now) and have taken my health and fitness serious but now am looking to move onto the next level (Test etc.) *after thinking long and hard about it* Ive done my own research day in and day out and am stumped at where do i actually start ... like is my GP the person to go to? recommendations for certain Doctors whose expertise work around TRT, HRT etc. Just wanting to know if anyone in Wellington has gone through the process and could advise of where to start in terms of who to talk to? Sorry if this sounds stupid, just feel like this forum is the only thing in NZ that talks about it freely with thought and experience behind it.
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    Testosterone boosters

    I'm going to go against the grain here, 😁 in my experience, Test Freak works to raise test levels after coming off cycle. I've used it for over 1 year now and have a high drive. As well as bloods done 3 or 4 times in that time. Each to their own though, So many peeps say they don't work ? (would love to see how they come to that conclusion) 🤔 Best research is to do it. It's gooòd to be natty 💯%
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    Females and SARMs

    Hey guys, I'm just your average girl who enjoys a good gym session and mowing down food after. Never been a supplements person, my genetics and growth is overall pretty good considering.. my question is, what SARMs can females take with good gains? Sides of different SARMs eg ligandrol/mk/rad etc (real cases would be awesome, not just speculation Effect on anxiety and depression? Should I just take the pill and experiment via hormone level adjustment? Nice answers & good manners only please 😊
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    To cycle or not to?

    Bro i sooooo love the "plan is for 1 cycle only". once you go to the dark side theres no turning back! Your young stay away from the gear, eat more, train more, it will all come together in good time.