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    Bulking meals

    Im sure maccaz will find some fault in this post and tell me to shut up and say I dont know what im talking about but heres a good one which is my go to at university bro. 750g mince 2 cans kidney beans 1 can diced tomato 2 packets el paso chilli seasoning or similar (can be burritto seasoning etc dosent matter) 2 diced onion tomato paste (optional) cheap salami / bratworst sticks chopped up (optional) frozen corn (optional) Price for this would be around 15$ depending on what is on special but I like this meal because it is cheap and versatile, you can put it on steamed rice, in some wraps for burittos, buy 1$ corn chips and make nachoes, put it on toast with cheese. Will last you 4 days or more. Buy a plastic box and keep in fridge. You can also put it in wraps with cheese and freeze them (makes a literal fucking mountain of burittoes), so when you are hungry and dont have time pop them in the microwave. I make this usually once a week and am sick of it but its cheap and works.
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    Bulking meals

    Sorry to hear that mate, my go toos Oats,whey and p/b Rice / Potatoe and beef / mince ( if you can get it under $10-$12/kg ) its seems to be more expensive then chicken these days!! Hope that helps a little
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    Critique my Physique

    I know you probably mean well but this information is rubbish. Pull overs work the chest and back. The pec is the primary mover and several muscles in the back assist with the movement. The only muscle which has anything to do with the ribcage in a pullover is the serratus which originates on the ribs and goes up to the shoulder blade. All it does is stabilize the scapula in a pull over. OP, you are going to get far more bang for your buck so to speak by just sticking to a basic programme with compound lifts and then making up the remainder of your session with some volume using good intensity on different exercises which you can switch out regularly to stop you getting bored. then of course eating a lot of good food and rest.
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    To cycle or not to?

    As a species we evolved for over 2 million years without grains, 12,000 years ago humans averaged over 6' in height with a brain size 15% bigger than today with perfect teeth.. With the advent of fixed settlement farming practices 10,000 years ago mainly incorporating grain crops, average height reduced to 4'-10", brain size shrunk 15% and our teeth started to rot.. Plants produce highly toxic proteins called lectins to deter animal predators from eating them, whole grains are particularly high in lectins.. Modern research might suggest whole grains might not be as healthy as previously thought..
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    getstrength nz

    Signed up just to review these guys. Bought a pair of shoes and a belt off them. "suede" on the shoes came apart after a few months of gym only use. Absolute garbage. Sent me the wrong size belt after waiting months. Sent it back at my expense, refused to refund the cost. Got the right size a couple weeks later. The real kicker was when the rivets that were used in construction rusted though after about 6 months, resulting in the belt coming apart during a sqaut set! I'm all for supporting NZ business, which is why I tried them. They're just marking up goods produced in China/Pakistan made as cheaply as possible.
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    Idle ramblings and observations.

    Job done, 3rd place NABBA Otago. f*ck TUMOURS!!!!
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    Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Very exciting news I JUST SQUATTED 80kg for 3 x 5 AFTER a YeAr oF bEiNg A pUsSy and not TrAinInG lEgS. Squats 80kg 3 x 5 Leg Curl 4 x 8 Leg Extension 3 x 12 Close Grip leg press 4 x 12 Also today wasnt even leg day for me but I trained legs anyway because I now enjoy it so much, and will untill I dont any longer.
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    Lame reason to lift...??

    Play nicely, guys. There's no reason why Intern's story can't be true. Let's see... - Man in troubled relationship joins bodybuilding forum in effort to impress his Mrs. Considers using steroids, but then decides that's not for him. ...or... - Cop proactively on the hunt for steroid dealers joins dead-quiet bodybuilding forum, concocts elaborate back-story about why he needs steroids in the hopes that someone will PM him, then inexplicably does an about-turn and says he doesn't want gear any more. I know which I think is more likely! Sounds like all that gear is making you guys paranoid! Oh, and @intern - I think PETN's comment was his suggestion on how to deal with a broken relationship, not a welcome to the forum. Not sure if that makes things better or worse!
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    Critique my Physique

    Waist of time lol. Physios prescribe it for people with back injuries but it’s quite hard to do properly and worthless imo. Most stuff that activates your core is using your transverse abdominal muscles anyway. It’s not some secret muscle that needs a special exercise to unlock it. Hell when you do a squat ohp or a deadlift you’re using your entire core to stabilise that transverse included. Whats the point of a vacuum pose in bodybuilding anyway? I think it just looks stupid. A solid set of deep cut abdominals is far more impressive imo. when I hear vacuum pose these days I just automatically think of chest 4x a week and skipping leg days then sucking in your stomach and puffing up your chest. Just sfw.
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    Hello team, I have signed up today, after finding you all several times, in my google searching's for 'making some gains as a senior' I guess I am a senior, in the bodybuilding world at 47 years? I have trained on and off throughout my life, however just went serious this year, I had a weigh in this morning and still on track: 175 cm's 93.7 kgs 14.7 % My goal........100 kgs @ 12% .........OK you can stop laughing now, I know that is a big ask at my age with lowering test levels etc etc but aim high right? Eat, eat, eat, train and sleep..... Looking forward to reading through the knowledge available, hello again.
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    My brothers & sisters!

    Hey thanks my man. Yea good to be here. Honestly i I think the equipoise May have had a major role to play when it came to the amount of anxiety I was experiencing during this cycle. But there were a number of factors aside from just the EQ. I was having serious trouble sleeping, (would lay awake unable to sleep right up until the crack of dawn and would the sleep all day) so my circadian rhythm was all messed up, making it hard to stay on top of diet and training. I was in an unhealthy living environment - a shared home with myself, my partner and our two kids sharing one large loft bedroom and living under rule and thumb of a batshit crazy feminazi woman and her two kids. As well as back packers coming and going throughout the week as she also ran a BNB from this house - had a feeling of always walking on eggshells and trying to keep the peace even though I hated this woman and her oldest kid was a bullying little c*nt to my boys. Also so I had realised that my intention behind beginning this second cycle was coming from a standpoint of insecurity rather than experimentation like my first cycle was. - I had a confrontation with an asshole in a parking lot after he cut me off, and when he rolled down the window and asked me what my problem was, instead of telling him what I thought like a man, I cowered, and drove away. - this triggered me as I felt like I had let myself and my family down, I felt like in that moment (and many before this) I had been treated like a lesser man. Whereas during my first cycle people treated me with more respect, so I told myself I was gonna jump back on ASAP and no mother f*cker will treat me with disrespect like that again. (Lol) I know.. I was hasty and didn’t treat the compounds with the same amount of respect as I should have this time, and jumped back on as I thought this would help me feel better about myself. Then while I was on (about 4-5 weeks in) I had realised that my relationship with the drugs this time round was more unhealthy than the experimental approach I had taken with my prior cycle. So after realising the drugs arent serving me this time round, this began playing back and forth on my conscience. “Do I get off immediately and focus on becoming my best version naturally?.. But I’ve come this far, the damage had been done to my HPTA, do I ride it out, complete the cycle, make the most of the gains and then come off and work on my insecurities?.. but the longer I’m on the worse the risk of permanent damage!.. Yea but your 5 weeks in, the damage has been done, pct now will be just as rough as pct in another 6 weeks!... goddammit what do I do!?” my inner dialogue played out like this for another couple weeks and I decided to come off at week 7 and gave my gear to a friend in the gym. Im on week 3 of my PCT now and feeling a lot more myself. We have also managed to move into a house of our own which is really nice. A huge load off my shoulders given we finally have space to be ourselves as a family. Still going to the gym. Sleeping heaps better -though I still have the odd sleepless night occasionally, usually when shit is playing on my mind. Kept all my gains. But have learned an important lesson about myself and respecting these compounds. And how important it is to be prepared not just by having everything you need on hand before starting your cycle. But more so it’s important to be in a good set and setting before beginning a cycle, or it will wreak havoc on your mind in many, many ways (well for me anyway). To say the least it was a very interesting experience. And I have learned a lot from it. 😅🤙
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    To cycle or not to?

    Not to be rude, but Why the f*ck would you eat those noodles? They are full of absolute shite and have fuckall nutritional value. You'd be better off adding 150grams wholegrain oats a day? No ones metabolism is that high that it's hard to eat enough to gain weight. That myth in metabolism disparity between people is talked up so much. Unless you have one of those disorders which i highly doubt you don't, you just don't eat enough (and proper food) to gain enough mass. Ditch those shitty noodles and eat some real food. 100g oats is like 300cals. Just do it.
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    Idle ramblings and observations.

    Awesome job, man! Haha! That must have been satisfying. Bet you didn't think you'd be up on a bodybuilding stage a couple of years ago!
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    New pome

    Idle ramblings and observations.

    Looking good mate, very well done. 👍 i would like to do a comp before it’s to late, I’m already 45 so pretty past it lol what class were you in and what weight group did you end up in? Thanks.
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    Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Yesterday legs Squats 82.5 for 2 x 5 80 x 5 Leg curl "74" for 4 x 8 Single leg extension "45" for 4 x 8 Close grip leg press 2.5 plates per side 4 x 8
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    You could do worse than talk with Warren at Powerhouse up Taranaki St. He has a pretty good Oly set-up, with proper bumper plates, great bars and so on - yes, they have boxes. There's a few Oly lifters train there. He even has rings for ring-muscle-ups, about the only thing I don't know he's got would be that bar for bar muscle-ups, toes-to-bar and the like. It's absolutely no-frills - but the equipment's first-rate - nothing bent or cheap.
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    Powerlifting Gym in Christchurch

    You could try: Atlas Gymnasium Canterbury Sports Performance Center or 64 Fitness - they're more of a CrossFit box, but they have some strong members
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    Fun n Games

    Got Sick and hadn't trained for two and a half weeks, lost 5kg while sick but got 3kg back. So basically just 13/14kg down from starting back at the gym in April. Have got an asthma type cough as a bi product of being sick which is frustrating - but slowly on the mend Trained yesterday morning full body row 6imns deadlifts up to 2x140kg squats up to 1.5 at 100kg - first rep felt great, then just didn't have anything at the bottom of the second, a bit like I ran out of air lat pull downs bench press up to 1.5 at 100kg same deal at the bottom of the second rep - had to roll it down and off - finished with 10x60kg tri push downs db curls db flys shrugs 20min on treadmill I have nice DOM's today, and am hoping to get back into it properly although slowly next week
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    Critique my Physique

    Looks great man, esp. if you are under 20 which it seems like it. Honestly more built than a lot of 25 year olds. Good proportions, symmetry. Don't forget to do shit-loads of vacuums and dumbbell pullovers. It's true that you can't really grow your rib bones that much, but the bones on the side are actually connected to the sternum by long cartilage structures. These can be stretched with certain exercises and then repaired to be bigger and stronger and alter your chest shape. Just look at Arnold Schwarzenegger. His chest muscle development was great, but it would have been much, much worse if he hadn't incorporated the ribcage expansion, postural practices and inner abdominal muscle diaphragm strengthening.
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    UG lab good or bad

    Buy from a recommended home source..
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    maccaz 2018 prep log

    W9d3 was feeling a bit flat but got it done. Calories still low. Bench 105 7x3 Incline db bench 37. 5 x 8 32.5 4x10 22.5x12 db fly 17.5 2x12 15 2x12 machine press 40/side x 10 30/side 3x10 20/side x 14 tricep prwss down 40kg 4x20 rest tomorrow. Got an amrap on dead’s on Wednesday can’t wait
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    Lame reason to lift...??

    Pack your shit up and f*ck off or steal a plane and fly it into your house. This thread still stinks of bullshit.
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    Cycle after a break

    Here m8z
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    AAS and depression

    I suffer from bouts of depression regardless being ON or OFF more so when I’m off! Post cycle anxiety and depression can become overwhelming maybe it’s because in my head I feel smaller and weaker then when I’m ON? all I know is I must stay physically active keep up the cardio etc and keep my meals clean this does help me... eitherwise it’s down hill fast
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    Lame reason to lift...??

    This smells like bacon. Besides that, I don’t think steroids are the answer. What if it turns your dick limp then what will your mrs do. Eat.
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    None of us manly weight lifters want to say we have small nuts, but truthfully my nuts have never returned to there normal size. ( pre using gear) even when I'm off for long periods of time they don't come back to what they once were. Not a big problem for me anyway, and the misses says there cute. 😂😂😂😂 I never have to worry about squashing one when I sit down quickly, and I can wear really short shorts without them hanging out the bottom of the leg hole. 😂😂 it's a win win situation. Dont stress it mate. 👍