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  3. First Test E cycle - questions

    Did you get it from someone local bro?? that sucks if the gear is fake, TBH i was little worries about that too. i am getting my blood work done next week so lets see what happens lol
  4. First Test E cycle - questions

    Well mine Def is real, on my 3rd week and start to get little puffy under my left nipple lol decided to up Airimidex to 0.50 Every other day to see how it goes. fingers crossed lol P.S i kinda always had little bit extra area around my left chest, probably from puberty but not quite noticeable. But with the estrogen from TEST E its surely changing a bit
  5. First Test E cycle - questions

    Doesn’t look good mate. 😔 400mg per week levels would be high. Sorry mate, it’s annoying to find out your gear is fake and always makes me think WTF has been injected into the body. 🤔😡
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  7. First Test E cycle - questions

    Just starting fourth week now and had bloods done test level show normal does this mean the gear must be fake?. No other sides, but up to 84.1kg. Increased calories madly though since starting. Thanks all @AKL and delts seem abit keen, I just went with glutes.
  8. Newbie

    Hi guys, recently moved to South Island from UK and keen to get stuck into another cycle and into more regular training now I’m settled. Does anybody know of any good gyms in Chch area where I might be able to find like minded people?
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  10. First Test E cycle - questions

    I can definitely feel my body changing and change in my workouts. I trained pretty hard regardless so looking forward to the results from extra test. I already bought the pct so will go with it anyway but prolly wait for AI if there are any sides. Shot bro
  11. First Test E cycle - questions

    Testosterone hits the bloodstream after about 2 hours, there is no such thing as waiting for ester to kick in, the compounded dose should take about 4.5 half lives to reach maximal blood concentrations.. Don't knock out estrogen, its essential for growth.., End of cycle just taper off, don't waste your money on pointless PCT drugs, that have potential to induce depression, and issues with your vision, maybe take AI 0.5mg twice per week in last couple of weeks when tapering off..
  12. First Test E cycle - questions

    Hey Bro I started my first cycle of Test E last week and happy to share my initial experience with you. I was super nervous about pinning myself and the potential Side Effects but to be honest pinning wasn't that much of a big deal. i went with Delts which makes it comfortable for the first cycle. I am currently on 400mg per week split into 2 shots of 200mg every Saturday and Tuesday. I do try keep it around the same time as possible for shots to keep the Blood level balanced. Going to wait for the ester to kick in then may be bump up the dose to 500mg per week. So far i don't have any sides but its too soon to say anything. My energy levels are Def up a bit and Libido is up (shouldn't of broken up with my GF last month haha). I have Airimidex in hand for gyno and bloating which is 0.25 every other day. For PCT i got HCG and Nolvadex. private message me if you want to link up and i will be happy to share my thoughts and experience with you.
  13. Myprotein impact whey

    Was taking MyProtein last year while in UK, for probably about 8 months or so - came back to NZ recently and overnight developed severe symptoms of colitis, which was confirmed and now in remission. Have been racking my brains about what brought that on, and told naturopath the only real new thing ive introduced into my diet is Protein powder.... little did I know... Can't obviously fully say for sure, but sounds like its what contributed to the decline. Thanks man.
  14. Hay guys, just a quick bit of news for you all. Went to path lab today for self request blood work and was told by the staff that if I self request blood work and want my doctor to receive copies I will have to personally give him the results. So in short, your doctor will no longer receive copies of any self request blood work. 🤗🤗 fee at last. 😂
  15. Hey there!

    Hello lads! Found this site when i was researching "juice" and bodybuilding culture in NZ before moving there to stay and work with a family member of mine in a few years. Hopefully, with the bodybuilding and "juice" knowledge that lies here, i would be able to find a way to get the "juice" and compete on a professional level at least once. stats: Age: 21 Height: 5'5 Weight: 77kg Days spent in the iron church: 4-5 times a week Years spent in the iron church: 4th year done, moving onto the 5th year now Diet: Top notch when serious, rock bottom when f*ck all. Cardio: 3-5 times a week fasted on the bike depending on goals
  16. Sarmz.co.nz - Anyone tried - Legit?

    What are prices like....
  17. sarmsnz.co.nz review??

    Just so everyone knows what I'm on about: WHAT’S IN BIOTECH NUTRA SAVAGE? Biotech Nutra Savage is an extremely powerful lean bulking TRIPLE stack! Per serving: 2 capsules, 30 Servings 20MG OSTA 20MG LGD-4033 10MG MK-677
  18. sarmsnz.co.nz review??

    Ostarine and LGD are a little harder to obtain legitimately so this seemed like a starting point to try them... 20mg lgd seems excessive though...if legit.
  19. sarmsnz.co.nz review??

    Hey guys has anyone had experience with "BIOTECH NUTRA" supplements from lipoguys? Especially the savage sarm stack?
  20. Hey all Been lifting for seven years naturally,(25)Currently thinking its time to hop on a cycle of just test e at 250mg - 300 mg a week for 12 weeks. Currently sitting at 81kg at 175cm relatively lean 10-11% bf. with this sort of dosage will I make a noticeable increase in lean muscle for a first cycle or should the dosages be higher? Also how many kg's increase would be the normal' for a first cycle? When pinning is it easy to feel the needle pierce the muscle after going through the subcutaneous fat or sometimes unnoticeable ?
  21. Captains of Crush Grippers

    Are people still interested in grip in Auckland? Got some CoC last year, closed the #2 first day, with either hand, working towards the #3 atm, anyone got any of the other ironmind stuff? Rolling thunder, pinch blocks etc? Super keen to try.
  22. Captains of Crush - Closing #3 - Akl NZ

    Hey all, i know this is old, got into grip recently, can close a CoC #2 with either hand anand working towards the 3... anyone in MZ still interested in grip?
  23. I am looking a starting a test 400 /deca cycle run it for 10 weeks from what I've read I've seen that 250mg of 400 is enough a week how much deca do I pin during the cycle and do I run it full cycle or just finish with test only ?? I will be pinning the test broken into 2 a week so 1/2ml mon 1/2 Thursday theres lots 9f info but different opinions
  24. Sarmz.co.nz - Anyone tried - Legit?

    Keep us updated
  25. Hello , anyone had any experience with GDA's while doing CKD's - carb depletion/carb ups etc? Thank you
  26. Sarmz.co.nz - Anyone tried - Legit?

    Received my order on Tuesday. Interested to see how the research goes.....
  27. Best power bar and maybe deadlift bar

    I've used this in a world powerlifting meet, was a decent bar and really affordable
  28. I have a prescription for Pregnyl 1500IU x 4 ............... Does anyone know where the most cost effective place to buy this from is in NZ?
  29. sarmsnz.co.nz review??

    Any lab report test is just for one sample. It proves nothing other than they sent a legitimate sample to the lab once for testing.
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