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  2. Running low dose test only all year round

    If that’s your mindset it ain’t gonna happen for you bro. In regards to health. Who knows.... all I know is you’ll be healthier off the gear (considering natty levels are within the normal range). I wouldn’t recommend it but that’s just me.
  3. Hey, my brother came over today and something he said to me was that lately he was finding himself anxious around others and even when driving into town he is finding himself worried about people looking at him while driving and stuff. I said that I can relate to that as I find I get like that when i haven't had a workout in a couple days or more. I do find that it happens to me but he describes it as quite extreme in his case. We both workout a few days each week. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about? Thanks for reading.
  4. Yeah but i kinda want to be a small step up from that but not worried about being big so was just wondering what it would do in regards to health.
  5. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    When i got in 17 was a 2.4k not beep
  6. Upper/Lower strength training Split

    It’ll work great if you know how to lift properly and progressively get stronger on those movements every week
  7. Hey guys, been talking to a trainer online, who reckons I should do this upper lower strength training routine. To me it looks like there’s not enough of each muscle group to be beneficial. The way I’m ment to do it is. Monday- Upper Tuesday-Lower Weds-Off Thursday-Upper (again) Thursday-Lower 2 and on weekend I can do optional day. What’s your thoughts on this. Upper 5x5 bench 3x8 close grip bench 3x8 overhead press 3x10 lat pulldowns 3x10 db rows 3x10 pullups (assisted, body weight, or weighted as needed) 3x10 incline curls Lower 1 5x5 squat 3x8 stiff leg dead 3x10 front squat 3x10 leg curls 3x10 hip thrusts 3x10 seated calf raises Lower 2 5x5 dead 3x8 front squat 3x10 stiff leg dead 3x10 leg extensions 3x10 hip thrusts 3x10 standing calf raises Optional accessory day 1 3x10 lat raises 3x10 incline curls 3x10 face pulls 3x10 standing calf raises 3x10 seated calf raises Optional day 2 3x10 lateral raises 3x10 cable tri pushdowns (wide grip) 3x10 cable tri pushdowns (close grip) 3x10 incline curls 3x10 hammer curls 3x10 face pulls 3x10 incline shrugs
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  9. maccaz 2018 prep log

    w6d4 saturday morning bench 107.5 4x8 spoto 102.5 3x6 row 4x10 db press incline 37.5 4x10 arms etc
  10. Probably been asked a million times before...so apologies in advance if it has. As the title suggests, does anyone use an online meal delivery service? I used to use muscle meals direct in Australia, found it fantastic. Who do you use? How much do you pay? Advice appreciated.
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  12. Running low dose test only all year round

    If you want to be lean and have good muscles year round but not be big just focus on nutrition and training you don’t need gear for that
  13. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Day 1 Squats 5x5 Stiff leg deads 3x8 superset box jump 3x10 Banded later walk 3x20m Landmine squat 3x10 superset swiss ball curls 3x10 Front squat 3x8-10 Squats = 3 mins rest Front squat = 2-3 mins rest Banded walk = 60 secs rest All the rest = 90 secs rest Day 2 Bench 5x5 Barbell row 3x8 superset dumbell flyes 3x12 Plyometric push ups 3x10 Chins (hammer grip) 3x10 superset dips 3x10 Landmine row 3x10 Bench = 3 mins rest Plyometric push ups = 60 secs rest Landmine row = 2 mins rest All the rest = 90 secs rest Day 3 Squat thrust/press 3x10 Chins 3x10 Kettlebell swing 3x10 Push ups (narrow stance) 3x10 Reverse pushdowns 3x12 superset hammer curl 3x12 Kick backs 3x10 superset dumbell preacher 3x10 Push ups = 60 secs rest All the rest = 90 secs - 2 mins rest Day 4 Box squats (with pause) 10x2 Snatch grip deads (deficit) 3x8-10 superset swiss ball leg curl 3x amrap Hip thrust 4x10 Standing leg curl 3x10 superset dumbell Romanians 3x10 Hex bar farmers carry (longways) 4x 20m approx Box squats = 1 min rest Hip thrust = 2 mins rest Farmers carry = 2 mins rest All the rest = 90 secs rest Day 5 Bench 8x3 Seated dumbell neutral press (unsupported) 3x10 superset around-the-world 3x12-15 Hang clean 4x10 Incline external shoulder rotation 4x12 superset incline flyes 3x10 Pushdowns (single arm) 100 reps Bench = 1 min rest Hang clean = 2 mins rest All others = 90 secs rest Week one of this has been completed, bit of feeling out and technique tweaking etc for week 2 then into full swing. Should make sense of the pictures now.
  14. I want to have a nice physique and be lean with nice muscles but not aiming to be bodybuilder big. Would running a low dosage cycle all year round to build and maintain gains be okay in regards to health. I think TRT is 100mg p/w, so I was thinking of starting at 150mg and moving up 50mg until 250mg/300mg p/w and stay on it all year round. Thoughts? Thanks.
  15. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Images haven't posted in order unfortunately, but you get the idea.
  16. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Haven't posted much but have been plugging away, right up until a knock at work forced a 2 week break😂. It was time for a rest anyway. Been playing around with a few things, here's my current program in pictures. Just finished the first week of it, a lot of sussing out techniques and rhythm next week will be the same, then in to it.
  17. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W6d3 squat 175 4x10 pause squat 100 3x6 rdl 4x10 leg ext 5x12 leg curls x lots
  18. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W6d2 bench 102.5 4x8 cg 100 3x8 db ohp 35 x8, 37.5 x 8, 40x8 Pb row 4x12 kb ohp 4x12
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  20. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    My approach is just get out there and run...easy
  21. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W6d1 deadlift 195 4x6 deficit deadlift 225 4x3 (210 is heaviest I’ve done before) good morning 110 3x8 back extension 4x20
  22. maccaz 2018 prep log

    w5d4 bench 110 4x6 CG 100 3x6 db ohp 27.5 4x12 row 4x12 kb ohp
  23. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    What were people's approach to the 2.4km run in terms of training ? I looked at the recommended plans online and for the results they indicate getting the plans looked simple. I think the advanced Male had you doing a 10min 2.4km in approx 5-6 weeks ?
  24. maccaz 2018 prep log

    w5d3 tonight squat 200 4x6 - wraps box squat 180 3x6 bare knees, was hard sumo rdl 150 3x8 leg press x lots leg ext x lots
  25. maccaz 2018 prep log

    wednesday was w5d2 bench 140x2 PB (missed the third, annoyed) spoto 100 3x6 db bench 35 4x12 seal row 4x12
  26. UG sustanon 350

    I was wondering if any of you guys ran 700 mg of sustanon a week for 16 weeks and what PCT would you guys recommend I only have Nolva on hand I'm on my second week off it I heard 60 first day then 40 for next 14 days and 20 for last 14 days
  27. Best courses for Personal trainer

    http://www.reps.org.nz/education-2/education/ or if still interested we do a correspondence course: https://exerciseacademy.co.nz/courses/new-zealand-certificate-in-exercise
  28. 2017...what PT courses are recommended?

    Here is our course https://exerciseacademy.co.nz/courses/new-zealand-certificate-in-exercise but a full list of REPs Qualifications can be accessed via: http://www.reps.org.nz/education-2/education/
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