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Do they set up the server for you or was it a complete DIY job on a fresh install? Are you running Linux or Windows?

I might could help you track down the bug if it's running on a basic LAMP setup through Debian or Ubuntu.

EDIT: nm, just checked. CentOS I've never used, but terminal's a terminal.

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On 03/03/2011 at 1:24 PM, haakuturi said:

on the topic of secure passwords; I totally recommend giving http://www.lastpass.com a go! I know I soubd like spam, but lastpass totally opened my eyes to how insecure my passwords were.

give it a go.

Hey, I used Lastpass on my site and also on mobile it's a very secure trusted Website I use LastPass Promo Codes which Helps me to save my money and get a good discount.

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