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Did some shoulders today. Haven't been doing much shoulder work at all so decided to have a go at some seated db press. Did 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 for 10 each. Though that was easy and would try the 60s.. got exactly 0 reps ??? so back to 50 for 10 then 40 for 12 and a bunch of other shoulder stuff. Oh well next week. 



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Taking the week off. Just foam roller and stretching and active rest. 


Have dropped my bw from around 122 to about 115. Managed to keep my strength and even get a little stronger on some things. 


I'll take this week easy then push to get down to 110. 

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12 hours ago, PETN said:

What's the reason for dropping the weight?


Mobility primarily. I've started to do a lot more pt so it's just exhausting when I'm extra fat. That and my 14 year old son has gotten right into boxing and wrestling training and primarily does that with me so I'm losing weight just from the extra activity. I'm also working with some fighters doing more explosive type movements which are just hard to demonstrate when my mobility sucks. 110 will be good. Slender..

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