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Hypertrophy Specific Training (HST)

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damn it i just lost the lot.. here we go again..

if anyones familiar with this kind of training can you help me understand this..:

according to HST you find your 5 10 and 15RM's then you subtract 5% so say your 15RM is 100kg

workout 1:77.38

workout 2:81.45

workout 3:85.74

workout 4:90.25

workout 5:95

workout 6:100

so you start with 77.38kg 15RM and finish with 100kg and at the end of the 2 week 15RM mesocycle youre still no stronger...?

I dont get it.

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hmm thats an old school program for sure, not discounting it though. what it does have in common is the full body workout 3 x a week, maybe in this way the body is forced to adapt. could do with a weeks rest after 6 weeks of it though ("strategic deconditioning")

and instead of working up to your 5, 10, 15RM's I guess you could just add an extra rep to your RM's each time.

I guess just choose a whole bunch of compound exercises.

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