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DHEA & Cortisol

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I have been informed that DHEA supplementation protects from cortisol overconcentration over long time scales..

I cannot find reference to obtaining DHEA either by legal means or other..

Is it available via prescription from a doctor or mens health clinic..?

Is DHEA supplimentation a viable option for reducing catabolic hormone build up on cycle, or can the bodys natural production be boosted somehow..?


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DHEA was a grey area product in NZL for a long time, dirt cheap retailing at about $20 a bottle. A year or two back it became a prescription only item in NZL and from my understanding production went from supplement companies to a single pharmaceutical company.

I'm unsure if GP's would be willing to write scripts for it as I don't know how well it is understood. Seems to be a reasonable following in the anti-aging market.

Note: DHEA is banned under the WADA code so is not an option for those in tested sports. I think there was a pre conception that it couldn't be tested for (as it has a very short half life), however a number of positives have occurred over the last year.

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So what's new with DHEA.  I've read a couple of very interesting books on this subject lately - most recently Tomorrowland by Steven Kotler. 


Has anyone any knowledge or experience of supplementing with DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)?  I'm talking from an anti ageing / well being perspective in particular.


If you're not familiar here are a couple of additional articles


-  https://www.youronlinepharmacy.co.nz/information-library/12-DHEA


Unfortunately it is available through prescription only in NZ still - of course I can speak to my GP about this.  Alternatively though (and quicker & easier), it can be purchased from overseas supplement stores and shipped here.  I'm not sure however if this is legal, or whether the order will actually be allowed through customs.  What is the situation here?


Any thoughts, suggestions or comments gratefully received.


I've been reading/researching about this hormone recently and would like to experiment.

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I have the 7-keto DHEA supplement from iherb, oral bioavailability is poor, so tried sublingual dosing but didn't seem to feel anything special..

Apparently pregnenolone works better, that's why it's banned here in NZ..

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