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Your One-Stop HGH Guide

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I'm not going to take credit for this as i came across it on the net and there's a few things i disagree with but all-in-all it provides a sound base for those considering GH - enjoy

There is no one single place that HGH should be injected. Those who choose this kind of treatment can inject the HGH at any point in the body where there is a subcutaneous layer. To begin your HGH cycle simply pinch the skin up and then inject the HGH liquid directly into the pocket that has been created. This is the best way to have the treatment absorbed as an adequate rate.

Studies have shown that the place where the HGH injection is made is the place where the most fat will be burned. If a person was interested in losing belly fat then they may want to do their injections in this area of their body. They can easily start their HGH cycle here and then switch to a different area at a latter date. This is not harmful in any way.

HGH vials should always be kept cool, the fridge is the best place to store this hormone. And while many kits list a “use by” date that is very short, this is only important for those who are doing their own HGH cycle for AIDS related treatment.

Mixing the HGH from the kit can be done in one of two ways. One can use sterile water or bacteriostatic water though bacteriostatic water is the best option. Once mixed the HGH cycle should commence within two weeks at most.

When working with HGH that must be reconstituted be gentle with it. The wafer should be treated with care. For example, let the water you are adding drip over the wafer, do not spray towards it with any great force. And once all of the water you are using has been added, swirl it in the vial, do not shake. This will keep you from damaging the HGH.

Those who are interested in starting their own HGH cycle must have a firm grip on conversions:

HGH unit Conversions:

1 ml = 1 cc -/+

100 units per 1 cc

6 mg = 18iu

1 ml = 18iu

.50 ml = 9iu

.25 ml = 4.5iu

If a person was to use a insulin type syringe they must make not of the following:

5.5 = 1iu, so 2iu = 11 on a insulin syringe

Not all kits are the same

It is vital to note that there is a significant difference between kits in some cases, especially once they have been reconstituted. They do not generally contain the same number of iu’s. You should know these numbers before you make your purchase as it could save money in the long run, these are expensive treatments.

HGH cycle dosages:

Those who are not ill and have not been prescribed a different amount by their doctor should take between 4 and 6 iu during their HGH cycle. It is common for people to not take the injections every single day but rather 5 days of the week. This is primarily due to the cost of the HGH cycle. This is an expensive hormone and those two days off should not have a negative effect on your cycle.

HGH itself does not cause you to gain muscle, rather it give you the energy to do it yourself. This is especially true when HGH is taken along wit insulin as well as some small amounts of steroids.

Those who wish to see a marked improvement in their bodies will want to purchase more than one single kit. This hormone does not work instantly, it will take some weeks for it to make a big difference in the way that you feel. For this reason those wishing to start a HGH cycle should purchase more than one kit. In approximately 6 to 8 weeks after beginning the cycle you will begin to feel better and look better as well. This will be true whether you choose GH on an ED or 5/2 split.

When one is serious about improving their bodily functions with the help of HGH it is also important to note that it is more effective to take small doses for a longer period of time than it is to take large doses for a short one.

HGH Stacking:

HGH cycles have been proven to be more effective when the HGH is combined with other things such as anabolic steroids as well as insulin and even t3.

Insulin is an important addition due to the fact that taking HGH will lower your insulin sensitivity. By adding it to your cycle you will be working towards making up for this lowering. And those who wish to take HGH treatments in order to gain muscle weight will want to combine with steroids for the best effect.

Bodybuilders looking to bulk up can start with a HGH cycle of 5 iu and then add 1 iu per day as the body adjusts. They can then begin to take 7 to 10 iu each morning and another 7 to 10 iu each afternoon. These split doses seem to have a greater effect on the body than single doses.

There are some options that do not include taking extra insulin. You can simply add testosterone and Glucophage to your cycle. The latter will make it easier for the muscles of the body to absorb both glucose as well as amino acids.

Your doses of HGH should always be spread out and never taken at bedtime. The human body does the most HGH secretion—natural HGH secretion—during the first couple of hours of sleep. There is no need to take your injections then. It is also true that the half life of HGH is only two hours. To take this at bedtime would be to waste the injection.

It is also wise to begin taking the testosterone a couple of weeks before the actual HGH cycle is to begin. This gives the testosterone the time it needs to begin working inside of the body, then by the time the HGH cycle begins they will be able to work together for optimum results.

The way one cycles the steroids will depend on their ultimate goals. If looking for a massive increase in muscle mass then a person should take insulin for the majority of the cycle and also use some high androgens. Once you get nearer to the end of the cycle the androgen usage can stop and the amount of HGH can increase, this is a good way to become even leaner.

HGH has been known to lower thyroid hormones, that is why many doctors suggest taking T3 during your HGH cycle. This should not be taken in large doses for very long however as it can have a serious and permanent affect on your endocrine system.

The reason that HGH cycles are such a powerful alternative is because they allow one to gain lean muscle mass without putting on fat. When a person stacks properly with both the steroids and the insulin lean muscle mass can be improved easily and greatly. But there are also other benefits that many users see during their cycles. For example smoother and younger looking skin as well as gives a leaner more cut look to bodybuilders. And even more importantly these treatments will make one feel stronger, more energized and an overall feeling of wellness is often noted.

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I will be 50 at the end of the year and aging and poor life style habbits have taken their toll.Injuries from training have put a damper on working out.I would like to start on HGH but am new to this.Any recommendation of where to get it from and how to administer would be great.

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24 minutes ago, Zero said:

I will be 50 at the end of the year and aging and poor life style habbits have taken their toll.Injuries from training have put a damper on working out.I would like to start on HGH but am new to this.Any recommendation of where to get it from and how to administer would be great.


Don't waste your money... Look into improving mitochondrial function, reducing oxidative stress, cut out refined fructose,  cut out whole grains, plus alcohol, tobacco, supplement with CoQ10, Nicotinamide riboside,  magnesium, vit D, NAC..

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