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half human/half machine - downloading training data...

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Android was surprisingly missing from the Nats. He was the main reason I dieted and cardioed like crazy the last 2 weeks to qualify for the 80-90kg, so I wouldnt have to face him, but he never showed. Should have kept my mass :doh:

Anyways where in the world is Android Sandiago???

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Am back into training and have family sort of in a routine so I will try and continue to maintain a record of my goals.

Looking at Page 1 the only thing that has changed is that I want a Mr NZ title, that's what I am training for. Not interested in a Pro card I want to be recognized as the best "for that year" in NZ BB.

Where am I right now?

Today was Legs day.

I supplement in the morning with a multi-vit.

Usual 200gms of oats with cold water added, and a protein shake.

I cooked up 4 chicken breasts for the day at work and a few cups of cooked white rice. I will get onto Basmati rice soon and do less calories from carbs but for now it's still Calrose white rice (the high GI stuff).

Pre-workout around 4:30pm I take 3 scoops of Jack3d, a double coffee, and 5 capsules of Arginine (5gms worth I guess).

Legs today. Focus for a while are my Hammies btw I really want them to be a stand-out body part, working my weakest points as if they are my favourite. This workout was done in just over 3/4 hr, 5 exercises.

I have been back in NZ for 2 weeks now and just getting back into the gym as I was in China for 2 weeks prior with no gym and no good eating.

Started off with Leg Curls, warmed up with 25 reps at half stack or less. Short break and then another 15 reps. I don't go until failure but I do go until it's "difficult" to warm up the muscles.

Then picked an average weight where I did 3 sets of 12-15 reps. I am not OCD like some that have to end on even numbers or have to do the same number each time. I think it was 15, 11, 12...whatever

Then I went outside and did 4 sets of 30 walking lunges. The walk is 15 steps long and I took a short break before turning around so it might be 8 sets of 15 lunges. No weights just a good stretch and rear knee almost to the ground.

Then it was the squat rack where I didn't break any records at all. Warmed up on a plate each side, or 60kg for 15 reps. Followed by 4 sets of 8-10 reps at 2 plates each side, 100kg. I go down below parallel into a kind of rest position I suppose where the belly and the quads meet, then force upwards. At the top I squeeze the quads.

Next up was Leg Extensions and my Legs were tired. Warm-up weight for 20 reps then a good weight for 12-15 reps. I had long rests between sets cause I was hot as and the fan wasn't blowing cold air my way today. I did 4 sets of the working weight.

Finally, I went back to the Leg Curl machine and increased the weight I did at the start of the workout. I did 4 sets at heavy weight where I had to swing a bit to get it up for the 10th - 15th reps. (The standing leg curl machine was taken else I would have used that instead of repeating an exercise but...the focus was Hammies).

Next Hammy-focused workout I will do stiff-legged and throw in calves as well but twice on the leg curl and calves got a good burn as well this time.

Post-workout is my standard double scoop WPC/WPI protein shake with 60gms Glucose.

Not a good meal tonight, pizza was delivered but I instead opted away from that and have had 2 tins of tuna and 150gms of Muesli and milk. This kind of meal is not the norm but I didn't want to eat the pizza.

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Cheers Rookie

Thursday was Shoulders.

My food during the day was same as before except I had a beef roast dinner after my post-workout shake and then another shake before bed, with milk.

My shakes are like this: morning and nighttime I add milk to a scoop and a half of powder to give me 40-45gms of protein. Post-workout shake is 2 scoops with water and Glucose.

So Protein for the day was:

130gms from shakes

180gms from meat (1.3kg chicken and beef estimated at 30gms per 200gm raw weight)

310gms for 220+lbs is 1.5gms per lb body weight or 3gms per kg body weight for someone off the gear and trying to build muscle


Started with the Smith machine press to the front. Took it easy and warmed up with 20kg each side for 20+ reps and then did 2 sets of that. Added 10kg each side and stayed with that for 4 working sets. I can't remember how many reps but they went down as the sets progressed.

Tried the behind-the-neck press while I was there and it reminded me of why I stopped doing them. I cannot believe you can work the entire shoulder with that exercise. Try this, as you move your arms backwards watch your shoulder tip backwards to allow that to happen. Your front delts start pointing upwards as you rotate your arms back, and then the movement of the press upwards feels like all front delt work. To me anyway.

Next up was bent-over lateral raises sitting onthe edge of a bench. Chest down to the quads and it was a massive 6kg warm-up! I have to consciously check my position with every rep cause I am inclined to lift chest of the legs when I get tired.

Warm-up was 20 reps...they warmed up :-)

8kg was the working weight so I don't have to swing the weight. nothing eventful happens during these it's a quiet exercise where you can almost close your eyes and just feel your rear delts doing the work, squeezing them at the top.

Next up was side lateral raises. Warm up on 12kg and for the first time in ages I decided not to do strict. Normally I do ultra-strict where I stand rigid and with zero swaying, and dumbbells to the side, never going to my front.

This time I did them like you see most others in the gym do them.

Worked up to 16kg this way and drop-setted on the last 2 sets.

Finally did cable raises where you stand side on and bring the cable up and outwards from behind your back. I like this one and again it;'s a quiet meditative kind of exercise. Requires self-correction at times to not want to sway when it gets difficult.

We did 15 rep sets working down the first 3 plates on the stack, no records set here today.

That was Shoulders, one pressing movement, rest lateral raises. Next time will do seated dumbbell press and a machine press to compensate. Was in my other gym this time, Anytime Fitness in Penrose/ Ellerslie

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thanks Calvin, good to be back have the time now to contribute again.

Yesterday was Arms.

My Legs were hurting uncomfortably all day yesterday and I hobbled a bit around work, they're still aching today but not quite as bad.

I don't do Arms every week, probably once every 1 and 1/2 weeks and I do a Tricep workout as well somewhere in between. For no other reason than balance and symmetry. I feel the larger tricep muscle needs more work than the bicep, I get more inches more easily out of making them bigger than I do with the bicep, and just like rear delts, they're the lagging part on the non-competitive bodybuilder and this sets me apart from the crowd.

Pre-workout was 3 scoops of Jack3d and a bottle of V.

I just did 2 exercises for bicep and 2 for tricep, but did high number of sets.

Started off with close-grip curls using those straight barbells in most gyms all set out in a row from 15kg up to 50kg. I warmed up with 20kg for 20 reps, then another 15 reps at 25kg.

Then working sets at 30kg doing 10 -12 reps each. After 2 sets I felt the straight bar and close-grip was uncomfortable on my wrist so I changed to an e-z-curl bar with 30kg on it so total was 35kg with bar.

I did 4 sets with this bar. I didn't go to fully straight arms at the start of the movement. After so many years on Preacher curls my bicep muscle already goes all the way down to the joint. I've also done so many years of wide-grip curls that my inner bicep is fine, now is the time to work on the peak and outer bicep.

So when I make the decision to not go straight-armed it's not because I don't need to, it is because if I did straighten my arms I would tire earlier and do less reps hitting the part I want to grow the most.

Okay, next exercise was seated alternate dumbbell curls.

Warmed up with 12.5kg dumbbells and got 15 reps out each side quite easily. Next set was with 17.5kg, again not difficult.

Got the 22.5kg dumbbells and did 3 working sets of between 10 and 12 reps, strict to a point, and on the last set when I can't lift anymore I drop a dumbbell on the floor, curl with the other one, drop that one on the floor, pick up the other one and curl that...drop that one pick up the other one, ad infinitum. The 3-4 second rest just from not holding a weight in an already tired arm is enough to do another curl. I think rest-pause gives the ATP reserves time to replenish...but if it isn't that I don't care, all I care is that I can go past failure.

My biceps were pumped up and surprised me a little. It felt like I had taken a dbol but I haven't had one now for 6 weeks. There was no lactic acid burn and it was enjoyable to push them past failure with rest-pauses.

That was biceps.

Moved to the seated tricep pushdown machine and the first set was an easy 24 reps. Lowered the weight abit and got another 20 out before lactic acid made me stop. I put the weight down to just above the stack and did a couple of sets of 12 reps each. Went down to the stack and did another 3 sets and my triceps pumped up. I must have enough carbs in me to get and keep a pump this good.

Some guys next to me were doing preacher curls and although I am not easily distracted I noticed they were trying to do extremely slow reps up and down. It reminded me that I have never ever used that principle in my body building, ever ever. And I never will but it was just that thought that popped into my head. Maybe my physique is missing something because of not doing it...? I have tried on occasion but my muscle just feels tired and not the same kind of tired that a good hard set gives me....I can't describe it, it just feels wrong for muscle hypertrophy, the same wrong feeling I get when I see people doing squats on a swiss ball or using stretchy bands :-|

I know I don't know what the guys goals were they could be strength athletes for all I know, but I can't help what my mind thinks sometimes.

Final exercise is cable pushdowns. This one I used to do strict with elbows in for soo many years. Now I do it with elbows out and getting good results from that. With the old way I built strong triceps until I was dipping with x3 20kg plates around my waist for 6-8 reps. But the size wasn't coming with the strength so I have changed and it's taken me over the 20" arm mark.

I can't discount the past exercise as helpful, but change is inevitable when results slow down.

That was arms. Usual post-workout shake, came home had dinner, had a heap of watermelon, and then tuna in water before bed.

Today is rest day after 3 days in a row doing Legs, Shoulders, Arms

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Good workouts mate, looking forward to watching your progress, in regards to slow reps yeah I agree with you especialy with the all the pushing muscles, its just not natural to go slow, they're made to be explosive, but i find biceps respond well to slow lifting from time to time

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True Bobsta, I had forgotten that I too sometimes enjoy slowing down the lowering of a bicep curl and feeling it fill with blood.

Legs are still sore, shoulders don't feel like they've been worked at all, and biceps are slightly sore.

Diet for a Saturday was okay, breakfast never changes so it was oats, shake and I had a coffee. (during the week I have been having ginseng and chinese green tea in the morning...nothing to do with bodybuilding just a refreshing change and it's still caffeine)

2 meals of chicken during the day and 2 at night, I had another bowl of oats for lunch (that's nearly 1/2kg of dry oats for the day LOL - talk about fibre), plus snacks in-between like a strawberry ice-cream in the arvo.

Been reading the Extra Calories forum RE: Oil vs Tom and not getting into it except to say that I don't take any oil. I have in the past brought Flaxseed oil with all good intentions but a day after buying it and gagging on a tablespoon I never continue it. Every time I read about Oil I wonder if I am missing out on something but I am reminded of the gagging taste and the thought goes away. Am sure it's healthy and all that, but it's not for me.

Oh alcohol...had a vodka martini in the early evening.

I drink Hennessy these days, about 3-4 times a week I have a shot over ice that's all so it's hardly worth mentioning except to know that you don't have to give up everything entirely but you can't go drinking loads that's for sure.

Anyway I have some Russian vodka and decided to try 2 shots of vodka with a little vermouth, lemon slice, ice, and a stuffed olive (not sure its supposed to be a stuffed one tbh).

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Welcome back Android!! wow only just realised it after a search for 'anytime fitness auckland' led to your workout journal :pfft: looking forward to your progress towards a Mr NZ title,and all the best!! :clap: ,nick

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oh, btw, what are your thoughts on anytime fitness in greenlane?equipment, free weights,cardio,SQUAT RACK? i am considering signing up as a backup gym. its mainly for late work days when i can't make it to my usual gym in puke on time.cheers

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oh, btw, what are your thoughts on anytime fitness in greenlane?equipment, free weights,cardio,SQUAT RACK? i am considering signing up as a backup gym. its mainly for late work days when i can't make it to my usual gym in puke on time.cheers

Hey thanks Nick :-)

Anytime Fitness in Greenlane is as good as you want to make it. I find it a good back-up gym close to home.

Has 3 squat racks, 1 is a smith machine but only one faces the mirror and I'm, used to looking at my stance, posture, knees etc as I squat so for me there's really only 1 squat rack.

Its missing leg curls, calf machine and a few other essentials but overall the atmosphere is good. Steve the manager is a great guy.

It's a small gym but it's never full so there's plenty of machines and free weights for everyone. They are expanding end of year through to next building so it should double in size and they just recently added air-conditioning units to help during summertime.

I like the 24/7 availability, like a said a great back-up gym :-)

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Today was Back workout and I went to Wolfs gym in Henderson as a casual with my mate.

Wolfs gym is like a mini Golds gym but with less air-conditioning and not much room to move between machines. Lots of machines though so good for bodybuilders. I was impressed by things like ezy-curl pre-loaded barbells as well as straight bar ones...until my mate pointed out that there's no room to use them really.

With machines you can pack more exercises into a small space cause you don't need anymore room around you and this is what Wolfs gym does very well, but I'm not sure where you swing the barbells...is it in front of the mirrors in front of the guys doing seated dumbbell curls?

Today wasn't that hot but it was sweaty inside with no air conditioning, no fans, just open doors. So walking outside between exercises was a huge relief, they need to move the air around, one time the only breeze I got was a guy walking past me but at least it was something.

Okay back to the workout.

We went at 11 which is early for me I only got a muesli, shake and tuna in me for breakfast.

We took Jack3d plus The Curse, and I added a V-quick shot just before the session.

Started out with pull-downs and today. Nothing special in how I do them but got down to 2 working sets of 8 reps at 250lbs on the wide-grip pull-down, it maxes out at more than 300. The previous sets at 160, 205 from memory. The wide-grip pulldown bar was the kind with handles facing inwards. Except this one the handles were able to rotate. It was totally weird and uncomfortable to use I had to keep my thumb outside the handle and on the bar to make sure it didn't spin on me. With a heavy weight the last thing I want to do is use a sub-optimal grip on the bar just to hold it in place.

We did seated cable rows next and I have to say something kicked in strength-wise. Have had 2 days off so probably helped, or the stack at Wolfs doesn't go heavy enough...or my form is bad. Take your pick.

Worked my way down the stack from 160, 205, 250, then max.

I did 3 sets of 8 reps at stack weight and the last set drop-setted two times, gut wrenching stuff tbh even for me, I used a weight belt and straps of course.

Next up was a seated row, the kind with plates. We warmed up on 2 plates each side. I like the old-fashioned 20kg plates the sound they make as you throw them on the machine is gratifying.

We put another plate on each side and repped out 3 sets 10-12 each time.

That was all the over-heating I could take in the place and we left.

Good way to spend a late morning with my training partner. Nice gym, nice machines, won't be back.

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We must have just missed each other by a couple of hours, mate!

You should copy your review of Wolf's into the Gym forum. I've been meaning to do a review myself but I haven't got around to it yet. (Although in my defence, I want to test a few more machines first, and I don't train there a lot.)

Totally agree with you on the heat, though. Wow. :shock:

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wolfs gym has great equipment... all new. was a member there for 6 months. cant use chalk tho and the owner mike is abit of a fussy prick. i like my current gym better even though its older.

Andrioid do u live out east? we should have a train sometime.

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wolfs gym has great equipment... all new. was a member there for 6 months. cant use chalk tho and the owner mike is abit of a fussy prick. i like my current gym better even though its older.

Andrioid do u live out east? we should have a train sometime.

I live near the city, training at Les Mills and Anytime Fitness.

Sure let's train. I'm moving house in 2 weeks so give me a few weeks ay, where do u train Tom?

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Today was Legs day.

I was motivated to try harder today after watching Tom Platz on YouTube. It was a kind of advert for some hypnotism thing and Tom Platz was using it. He was doing Leg Extensions and screaming at his Legs to kill him - fun to watch and a little weird at the same time.

I'm not as extroverted in the gym as Tom P but I wanted to give a little extra that's for sure, and I achieved that today leaving the gym satisfied.

I warmed up with lying Leg Curls. Usual 25 reps at little under half the stack and then another set a bit heavier. Then 4 working sets at 2.3 stack weight. I know it was a good weight when the first set is 15, 2nd is 12, 3rd is hard to get 10 out and last one just 8, swinging up another 2 for 10.

Went outside taking with me a 35kg punching bag with handles. Flipped it up on my back and proceeded to do lunges up and down the area. Last time I did 120 reps total but they were with no weight at all. This time was way different. Each set was 12 paces down and 12 back. Then a long rest to catch my breath back the extra 35kg was the killer. Did that 4 times and the last set I didn't get the last 12 paces out I failed to get up again at 8. Legs were pumped and I was thinking of what to do next.

Leg Press! Skipping the Squats today and promised myself I would go heavy on this exercise before I started the first set. It's easier to make a promise to yourself when you aren't tired :-)

I did 2 plates each side, pumped out 44 reps!

Then 2 more plates each side, 15 reps

2 more each side and the weight belt goes on, for another 15 reps

2 more plates each side and got out 10 reps

I paused, thought about it, then added 2 more plates each side (actually had to add 4 plates to the middle stalk, 8 each side was wide enough).

I got a spotter just in case but I repped out 8 on my own and then placed my hands on my knees to push out another 2 reps using my arms as well. No need for a spotter after all.

Stripped off 4 plates each side and pushed out another 10 reps with 6 each side and they still felt heavy as.

Not finished yet :-)

Leg Extensions were next and I think I did a warm-up set of 15 and then 3 working sets. The last set I got to 10 before failure. Rest-pause, got another rep out, and repeated that 5 more times before giving it all up for Leg Extensions.

Finally, standing calf machine. Not a heavy weight probably 1/4 stack for every set, but after first set of 20 they were pumped right up and I was only able to get out 12-15 reps each set after.

Phew done! Walked out of gym feeling totally satisfied with my work ethic today. Noticed that when I was stretching my entire Back was sore. That doesn't happen often I can do a good Back workout but only Lats or lower back or traps will hurt. Today the entire Back felt sore in a good way.

Stopped into Moe's shop and brought some Nutrigenix Revive. This has everything in it I need in terms of good fats, vitamins, minerals etc. I take 2 twice a day.

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Great highly detailed updates. Love reading your journal!

Keep it up mate :clap:

Ditto :nod:

And here's another vid that can be great for some motivation. Gut wrenching stuff, literally :lol:

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