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In New Zealand, steroids and many other performance enhancing drugs are classed as medicines that can only be obtained with a doctor's prescription. Despite this, they are used by many sportspeople and gym members. We believe it is important to provide a forum for these people to discuss use of these compounds with a view to minimising the users' risk. However, we do not encourage or condone the practice.

By participating here, you acknowledge you have read and accepted the following rules, and the associated penalties you may face should you break them:


We do not allow members to offer or request illegal sources of drugs.

Advertising a source (in the forum or PM) - immediate ban.

Requesting a source (in the forum or PM) - 1 week suspension for the first offence, followed by an immediate ban.

Requesting a source in multiple PMs (spamming requests) - immediate ban.


In order to ensure that this site does not become a marketplace for underground drug suppliers, we do not allow members to discuss non-pharmaceutical brand names.

Identifying an underground lab brand by name (or other methods, eg, posting a brand-identifiable product photo) - 1 week suspension for the first offence, followed by an immediate ban.


Whether true or not, an allegation of drug use has the potential to ruin a career. Therefore unless an individual has publicly confirmed such use, anyone suggesting this (even jokingly) may be disciplined.

Alleging drug use - penalties range up to a permanent ban, depending on severity.

These penalties are guides only, and the mods reserve the right to adjust them however the situation demands it.

Nine times out of ten, a lack of progress in the gym is due to problems in the diet or workout routine. These should be perfected long before drugs are even contemplated, and this only comes with years of training experience. Most, if not all, drugs have side effects and many of these are irreversible. Do your research thoroughly. Get your information from a wide range of sources. Spend as long as you can finding out as much as you can - a year spent researching should be an absolute minimum.

This forum is intended for information use only. Do not rely on it to make decisions about your health. Always consult a suitable health professional for personal medical advice.

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