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Top 10 Logo Design Tips & Tricks

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There are many logo design tips and techniques floating on the net, but you should only adopt those that fit better with your business requirements. Otherwise, it might affect your business adversely. So, let’s look at some practical logo designing services offered be the top logo designing agency in Noida, India


Logo Designing Tips For Your Online Platform

These tips are practical and adopted by many renowned businesses and startups:


1. If you are looking to hire professional logo designers in Noida, India; prefer expertise and specialization over their portfolio. As many agencies display fake portfolios and case studies. Thus, ensure you consult them about all aspects related to your business logo design requirements. Ask your hired agency to show you multiple designs in both black & white format and colored designs.


2. You can also design your company's professional logo by hiring freelancers. For hiring, you can use Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, LinkedIn, and Social Media platforms. Moreover, you should check their social handles as they maintain them to get high-paying clients. Thus, connecting with them will help you know their expertise & specialization. 


Here are some sub-key points to consider about professional logo designing services:-


3. Prefer Research

Research in logo designing is a crucial aspect. By doing so, you get to know what logo color psychology your competitors adopt, and what your audience loves. 

Therefore, once you identify this gap, your final outcome (logo) would be top-notch, eye-catchy, impressive, memorable, and appealing. 


4. Prefer Uniqueness

A unique logo is always memorable and long-lasting for the audience. Moreover, it helps you stand out from the rest of the market players. 

Moreover, uniqueness does not always mean that you should follow only designs that your industry follows. You can create your own brand identity. 

Explore brand identity meaning and consider what companies are investing millions in the company logo design in India.


5. Know Your Requirements

One more additional factor that you must consider is logo design types. You need to explore “Word Mark, Brand Mark, Combination Mark, Abstract Logo, Mark Letter, Mark Mascot, & Emblems”.

Each logo design is unique and gives different vibes, therefore, experiment and further finalize the design. 


6. Timeless But Modify Whenever Required

You can see many companies with the same logos from decades and centuries like Tata’s. However, companies like Britannia & CocaCola, Apple and many renowned organizations have modified their logo designs according to requirements & time. 

Therefore, if you believe you must change or modify it, do it without hesitation. But, marketing should never be compromised because the audience must know your current professional company logo design. 


7. Follow Logo Design Principles but never compromise with creativity

Logo design principles are vital to understand as they help you know what should be followed and what not. But, it is not mentioned anywhere that applying your own methods is wrong or will not be accepted. 

For instance, you can see Cred & OrangePay (Same Niche Companies) or Zomato & Swiggy having different formats of logos with different color backgrounds. 


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