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Are thermal binoculars or cameras a necessity in night-time hunting?

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This depends on two factors:

  • How you intend to use them
  • Your budget

You need very different binoculars for astronomy and birdwatching, for example.

You can pay a thousand GBP, EUR or USD, or more, for a really good pair; but you can get a serviceable pair for a tenth of that, or if you’re lucky much less.

Binoculars have two measurements; you’ll see them expressed as “7x35” or “10x40”.

The first number is the magnification. You might think higher is always better, but if you are hand-holding them, they will magnify every shake you make. For hand holding, 7x or 8x is best. For astronomy, say, you might want 10x or 20x, on a tripod. Avoid “zoom” binoculars, with adjustable magnification, that gimmick is traded against quality.

The second number is the diameter, in millimetres, of the “big” end. The bigger the number, the more light they let in, and so the brighter the image - but the heavier they are, and that’s significant if you have shakes, or will be using them all day. Big lenses also mean narrower field of view. For birdwatching 30-42 is usual.

A third factor is whether or not they are “gas sealed” (or “nitrogen filled”). Better pairs are, and will not let in water. You can even wash them. After using a pair that are not, in the rain, they can mist up internally, and that can leave a permanent residue on the inside of the lenses. Obviously, your need for this depends on where you live!




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A thermal imager is a very useful thing, especially when hunting! When my friends invited me to hunt, I decided to purchase a thermal imager on this site https://www.agmglobalvision.com/thermal-imaging/thermal-binoculars. There is a large selection of similar devices and I was able to choose the most suitable one for me! I have a lot of positive emotions left from this trip! I recommend it!

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