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Physical Fitness and Exercise During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought this fast-moving world to a standstill. The impact of this pandemic is massive, and the only strategy to curb the rapid spread of the disease is to follow social distancing. Although imposing lockdown or quarantine for the population has been one of the widely used measures across the world to stop the rapid spread of COVID-19, it has severe consequences too.

Investigations have shown the negative effect of COVID-19 restrictions on social participation, life satisfaction, mental well-being, psychosocial and emotional disorders as well as on sleep quality, and employment status. The sudden changes in people’s lifestyle include, but are not limited to, physical activities and exercise have reported that COVID-19 home confinement has resulted in a decrease in all levels of physical activities and about 28% increase in daily sitting time as well as an increase in an unhealthy pattern of food consumption. However, effective coping strategies, psychological resources, and regular physical exercise can be helpful in dealing with such health-related problems during the COVID-19 pandemic


What are the ways in which alternate exercises and fitness activities at home helped you deal with psychological issues and physical health consequences?

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