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Graeme’s advice- no pct necessary being on T for 5 years

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I’ve been told that Graeme washer is knowledgeable about these issues but i was shocked when he said he would not be prescribing anything after being on Trt self administered for five years. I’m trying to come off as I’m wanting international travel and I never needed it in the first place. 

his words were:

I’m 31 so I should recover but don’t know when I will recover but it will happen. (Well of course, but my aim is to not prolong the suffering and recover ASAP, which means hcg clomid nolvadex and ai. )

Serms and pct will just give you the numbers like raised LH FSH etc but once you’re off it, he says it would not change anything. 

he does not believe in PCT or HPTA reset at all. For someone supposedly one of the most knowledgeable in the country, he seems to defy everything that I’ve ever known and what everybody everywhere says. 

I was shopping around different people but my endocrinologist prescribed clomid and when I told him that, he said he’d like to talk to my endocrinologist about that lmao. 


even my endocrinologist, a well established one at that, said hcg doesn’t increase my testicular size back to normal. Once it’s raisins that’s it. Did not know how much hcg costs and only gave me clomid instead of nolva hcg and ai.


Anybody with experiences with this guy Graeme, please feel free to chime in and also your thoughts on what he’s done for you. 

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I'd probably agree with Graham, the body will recover just fine.

If you've damaged your testes it won't simple as that..

Once leydig and sertoli cells are dead there's nothing you can do about it..

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